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    August 23, 2011

Flash Archive with MPXIO

It was necessary to exchange one SPARC Enterprise M4000 Server running Solaris 10 Update 9 with a replacement server.  I thought, "no problem"

Ran "flar create -n ben06 -S /S7420/ben06-`date '+%m-%d-%y'`.flar" on the original server to create a flash archive on NAS storage.

Upon restoring the flar onto the replacement SPARC Enterprise M4000 Server, problems appeared:

Rebooting with command: boot

Boot device: disk  File and args:

SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_144488-17 64-bit

Copyright (c) 1983, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Hostname: ben06

The / file system (/dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0) is being checked.

WARNING - Unable to repair the / filesystem. Run fsck

manually (fsck -F ufs /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0).

Aug 22 10:25:31 svc.startd[7]: svc:/system/filesystem/usr:default:
Method "/lib/svc/method/fs-usr" failed with exit status 95.

Aug 22 10:25:31 svc.startd[7]: system/filesystem/usr:default failed
fatally: transitioned to maintenance (see 'svcs -xv' for details)

Requesting System Maintenance Mode

(See /lib/svc/share/README for more information.)

 It got fairly ugly from there: 

  • When I tried to run the fsck command, above, it reported "No such device"
  • Although "mount" reported that / was mounted read/write, other commands, such as "vi", reported that everything was read-only
  • "format" reported that I didn't have any devices at all!!
Eventually I realized that there seems to be a bug with Flash Archives + MPXIO

After I installed with the flar, I rebooted into single user mode
from alternate media (bootp or cdrom), mounted the internal drive, and modified some files,
changing "no" to "yes":






Then, after a "reboot -- -r", everything was fine.

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