Tuesday Mar 12, 2013

Recording Available: Oracle ETPM Self Service Foundation Demo

We've recorded a short overview and demo of the Oracle ETPM Self Service Foundation.  You can view the demo here:


Thursday Feb 28, 2013

ETPM Training Information

There are a variety of training opportunities available for Oracle ETPM.  The following datasheet provides a detailed description of the available workshops and online courses.

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Wednesday Jan 23, 2013

Tax and Revenue Management User Group

New and prospective customers frequently ask if we have a user group where they can discuss topics related to tax and revenue management, and to related Oracle products.[Read More]

Monday Sep 17, 2012

ETPM/OUAF 2.3.1 Framework Overview - Session 2

A number of sessions are planned to review the ETPM (OUAF) 2.3.1 Framework.  These sessions will include an overview of the Navigation, Portals, Zones, Business Objects, Business Services, Algorithms, Scripts, etc..

Session 2 includes a more in depth discusion of Business Objects (BO).  Session 2 specifically covers BO Schema, BO Options, and BO inheritance in more depth.  Click on the link below for Session 2 (52 minutes).

To stream the recording:  


Thursday Jun 21, 2012

Accessibility Update: The Oracle ETPM v2.3 VPAT is now available on oracle.com

Oracle Tax is committed to building accessible applications.  Oracle uses a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) to document the accessibility status of each product.  The VPAT was created by a partnership of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to create a simple document that could be used by US Federal contracting and procurement officials to evaluate a product with respect to the provisions contained in Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Oracle ETPM v2.3 VPAT is now available on oracle.com:  http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/accessibility/templates/t2455.html 

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Thursday May 10, 2012

Now Available: Oracle Application Management Pack for Enterprise Taxation

Oracle Tax is pleased to announce the general availability of the Oracle Application Management Pack for Enterprise Taxation V12.   This pack allows Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c the ability to manage the Software Lifecycle Management activities of Oracle ETPM.  The management packs are ready for customers and partners to download and install via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud as well as Oracle Enterprise Manager Self Update.  The management packs must be licensed for production use.  These packs work with the same Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c that DBAs and system administrators use today to manage environments for Oracle Database, WebLogic, and other Oracle applications and technology. 

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Friday Apr 13, 2012

Oracle Tax ETPM V2.3.0 Spanish documentation is Now Available

Oracle Tax is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle ETPM v2.3.0 Latin American Spanish UA (user assistenance).

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Oracle Tax ETPM V2.3.1 Portuguese documentation is Now Available

Oracle Tax is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle ETPM v2.3.1 Portuguese UA (user assistenance).

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Recording Available: Oracle ETPM Performance Forum: "Scalability", Wednesday March 21st, at 1pm EST - 4:30pm EST

Attached is the recording URL last months Oracle ETPM Performance forum meeting, from Wednesday, March 21st, at 1pm EST to 2:30pm EST. 

The topic was “Scalability".  The topic focuses on an overview of important Scalability concetps, scalability testing and troubleshooting, and ETPM scalability characteristics we have seen in our benchmark testing.  

Meeting Recording Playback URL:  https://oracletalk.webex.com/oracletalk/ldr.php?RCID=6047893f2716904ae91d0a09f852e946

Wednesday Mar 07, 2012

How to find the End of Support dates for your version of ETPM

It's important to know the End of Support date for your version of ETPM, so you can plan upgrades in a timely manner.   The following will explain how to find the end of support dates for all Generally available versions of ETPM.  [Read More]

Monday Feb 27, 2012

Recording Available: ETPM - OPA Integration Connector

Oracle Policy Modeling and Automation is a robust and powerful tool for user friendly approach to rule maintenance, allowing the user to write policies in a natural language (MS Word, MS Excel).  A restircted use license of Oracle Policy Modeling (OPM) and Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) is included with the ETPM license.  A web services adaptor feature was added to ETPM v2.3.0 that allows you to import files form rules modeled in OPM, and ETPM automatically generates a Business Service, Data Areas, and the integration components needed to use the rule from any process in ETPM.  

A new recording is available that walks thru the ETPM - OPA Connector. 



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Wednesday Feb 15, 2012

Installing the Help and AppViewer locally on your desktop

I'm posting this as a helpful hint for those how do not already know.  You can install the ETPM Help and the Application Viewer (i.e. the AppViewer) locally on your laptop or desktop machine.  This is very useful for ETPM implementers in a design, development, or configuration role.   This means you can access the Help or AppViewer without the need to first access an ETPM environment, or you can access the Help or AppViewer while you are traveling (i.e. on an airplane). 

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Tuesday Feb 07, 2012

Recording and Slides: Oracle ETPM Performance Forum: "Prevention", Tuesday Feb 7th at 3pm EST - 4:30pm EST

Attached are the recording URL and slides for this week’s Oracle ETPM Performance forum meeting, from Tuesday, Feb 7th, at 3pm EST to 4:30pm EST. 

The topic was “Prevention”.  The topic focuses on things you can do during the development phases to design configuration and plug-ins/extensions for your performance requirements.  This includes tips and tools you can use to identify performance bottlenecks.  

Meeting Recording Playback URL:  https://oracletalk.webex.com/oracletalk/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=66608422&rKey=bac94f261c0e4864

Copy of Slides used:  http://blogs.oracle.com/tax/resource/SDLC-Performance.pdf

Monday Jan 30, 2012

Oracle Tax ETPM V2.3.1 Portuguese UI Now Available

Oracle Tax is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle ETPM v2.3.1 Portuguese UI (user interface).

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Oracle Tax ETPM V2.3.0 German UI Now Available!

Oracle Tax is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle ETPM v2.3.0 German UI (user interface).

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