Wednesday May 27, 2015

Oracle PSRM java SDK recordings now available on the PSRM Training YouTube channel

We are pleased to announce that a new PSRM java SDK overview series is now available on the PSRM YouTube channel.  This includes 20 videos, each about 10 minutes long (on average), covering many of a number of key concepts for working with the PSRM SDK.  The SDK is used to make java extensions to Oracle PSRM that are easily upgraded to each new version of PSRM.  This provides a nice introduction and overview to the PSRM SDK, including what's used for (and not used for), as well as overviews of the wizards and tools provided, and several examples.  

I'm sure you will find this useful, enjoy!

Friday Nov 21, 2014

Oracle PSRM Self Service v1.1 Service Pack 1 demonstration database is now available

We are pleased to announce that the Oracle PSRM Self Service demonstration database for PSRMSS v1.1 Service Pack 1 is now available. You may download it from MyOracleSupport using patch ID 18978475.  The download is password protected, please contact Oracle Support if you need to download it.  

 This release of PSRM Self Service demo data includes configuration data for the new PSRMSS v1.1 and PSRM v2.4 features.  The demo data for PSRMSS and PSRM are now combined, to simplify playpen and demo usage of PSRM together with Self Service.   

Thursday Oct 09, 2014

Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management Analytics v2.1 is now Generally Available!!!

We are pleased to announce the General Availability release of Oracle PSRM Analytics v2.1.  The release is now available for download on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.  

The Oracle PSRM Analytics v2.1 release contains following new features:

  • Payment Analytics, with tons of new KPIs, operational dashaboards, and compliance dashboards
  • Financial Balance Sheet Analytics, using XBRL corporate balance sheet data
  • Predictive Analytics, including support for
    • Beneish M-Score, which predicts the propensity for fraud by scoring the likelihood that a business is manipulating their corporate balance sheet reporting
    • Altman Z-score, which predicts the likelihood that a business will be bankrupt soon based on the corporate balance sheet reportings
  • Re-branding form Oracle Tax Analytics (OTA) to the Public Sector Revenue Management brand

Please refer to the PSRM documentation library on the Oracle Technical Network for the product documentation associated with this release. The Release Notes document includes more details.  

Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management Analytics is pre-built enterprise data warehouse solution for public sector authorities.  The solution includes pre-built data model, pre-built analytical models, operational reports, KPIs, dashbaords, and metrics.  PSRM Analytics includes everything you need to quickly stand up a data warehouse, just load the data it it works from day 1.  The solution is flexible, extensible, and upgradeable, and built on world class Oracle BI technology.  .  

Friday Sep 19, 2014

Oracle PSRM Forms Configuration training now available on YouTube

We are pleased to announce that a new series of Oracle PSRM training and recordings have been posted on our PSRM YouTube channel. 

This is intended as a freely accessible, self paced tutorial to PSRM Forms Configuration, from a hands on perspective.  These recordings are somewhat technical in nature, and intended for Oracle PSRM configurers.  These videos are intended as a supplement, not a substitute, for Oracle PSRM classroom training.

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Thursday Jan 02, 2014

Oracle Tax Analytics v2.0.0.1 Portuguese UI - AVAILABLE NOW

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Tax Analytics v2.0.0.1 UI Portuguese.

Language Patch Download:

To download the Portuguese language pack please log in to My Oracle Support

Select the 'Patches and Updates' tab

Type in the Patch number: 17968649

Click the Patch number

Download using the yellow download button on the right hand side


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