NOW AVAILABLE: Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management v2.3.1 !!!

Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management v2.3.1

The Oracle Tax & Utilities Global Business Unit is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management v2.3.1 (ETPM).  It is ready for customers and partners to download and install via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

Key Features & Benefits:

Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management v2.3.1 (ETPM) adds common business rules, fields, and features across the critical business process areas for tax authorities, to simplify and accelerate implementation.  This release includes more than 45 enhancements, including:

·         360 Degree Search and View 

A robust and flexible search portal, with an integrated Fuzzy Search capability.  360 Degree Search replaces Control Central as the primary home for taxpayer, account, and tax role search.  360 Degree View provides complete overview tabs for Person, Account, Tax Role, and Financial Information views .  The 360 Degree Search and View portals were designed specifically for tax authority needs. 

·      Enhanced Tax Role features

A number of new fields and features were added to Tax Role, which controls the registration of tax types in an account.  This includes native support for effective dated Tax Role relationships, External Tax Role ID and Business Name, contact details, and multiple Industry Codes.  This also includes sophisticated controls to automatically create or cancel Obligation records, based on new Tax Role registrations, changes how frequently a taxpayer is required to file, or when a taxpayer is no longer required to file.  

·         On-Demand Validation for Forms

This provides business users the ability to execute math and validation rules for forms while the form is being entered or updated, without needing to first save the form and log intermittent issues.  This improves usability.  On-Demand validation can also be exposed as a web service, to provide web self service or other external applications the ability to validate forms, on-demand and in real time, as they are completed by a taxpayer. 

·      Expanded Forms Rules library

Oracle ETPM has a comprehensive Forms Rule inventory that continues to grow with each release.  Oracle ETPM v2.3.1 adds eight new and enhanced form rules, including native rules for forms with payments, taxpayer existence matching with Fuzzy Search, automatic P&I Update for forms received date changes, filing type validation, filing period validation, tax role and obligation creation for auto-registration, and validation for pre-registered tax types. 

·      Improved support for Approvals

Oracle ETPM v2.3.1 provides configurable controls for approvals to support separation of duties.  This approach reduces internal fraud by requiring separate people to create and approve adjustments, refunds, and credits.  This enhancement also improves productivity by providing single line approvals, where a user with sufficient authority can approve multiple tiers in approval hierarchy. 

·      Support for SEPA payments

This enhancement extends Oracle ETPM support for SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) banking standards.  ETPM v2.3.0 provided BIC and IBAHN validation, and ETPM v2.3.1. provides support for SEPA Mandate and SEPA Direct Debit processing. 

·         Oracle Documaker certification

This enhancement provides support for integration between Oracle ETPM and Oracle Documaker.  Oracle Documaker is the market leading solution for document automation, with integrated letter archives using Oracle UCM.  This enhancement includes an out-of-the-box collections letter for ETPM debt collection processes. 

·         Improved Performance and Scalability

Enhancements to Oracle ETPM processing have resulted in improved performance and scalability.  Benchmark testing has shown that Oracle ETPM v2.3.X can process twice as many tax forms against a seed database twice as large, in half of the time, as compared to Oracle ETPM v2.2.X processing.  

Software Download:

1.     Navigate to the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud 

2.     Select the Oracle Tax Applications product pack

3.     Select the platform

4.     Download the required components

Software Installation and Product Documentation:

Refer to the Quick Install Guide for instructions. The complete set of installation and product documentation for Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management Release 2.3.1 is available with the product download.  


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