Tuesday Mar 12, 2013

Recording Available: Oracle ETPM Self Service Foundation Demo

We've recorded a short overview and demo of the Oracle ETPM Self Service Foundation.  You can view the demo here:


Monday Mar 04, 2013

Sample Accelerated To Do Assignment Zone

We have created a sample Accelerated To Do Assignment zone.  In this zone a user is able to assign multiple To Do Entries to a user based on To Do Type and To Do Role filter values.  This functionality was created using the configuration tools available in ETPM so that implementation or demo teams can extend the zone as needed.  We created a bundle of the configuration that is available upon request. 

Below are links to updated documentation about the configuration created and a recording demoing this new zone.



ETPM Training Exam Preparation

The Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management 2 Essentials exam is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation and expertise in implementing and/or developing Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management 2 solutions.

This certification exam covers topics such as: Processing Registration Data, Processing Forms and Payments, Managing Overpayments and Collections, Managing Appeals, Audits and Bankruptcy Cases, Configuring ETPM Objects, Using OPA Rules.

Here is a link to a recording that will help you prepare for the exam:


Thursday Feb 28, 2013

ETPM Training Information

There are a variety of training opportunities available for Oracle ETPM.  The following datasheet provides a detailed description of the available workshops and online courses.

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Friday Feb 08, 2013

Oracle Policy Automation Performance White Papers Available

By now customers and partners that are interested in ETPM performance metrics have probably referenced the ETPM 2.3.1 benchmark we posted here. Those implementations also using Oracle Policy Automation may also find the following 2 OPA performance white papers interesting.

The first discusses how a well designed enterprise policy automation solution maximizes throughput, scalability and availability. The second provides sample results recorded while running Oracle Policy Automation on Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic engineered systems.




Friday Feb 01, 2013

Planned Deprecation of Account Activity History Zone in ETPM v2.4.0

Support for the Control Central ‘Account Activity History’ zone was removed as part of the ETPM v2.3.1 release. Customers upgrading to ETPM v2.3.1 had an option to update the owner flag for this zone to mark it as a custom modification if they were already using the zone. Database changes planned in the next release of ETPM (ETPM v2.4.0) will cause the zone to not function correctly.

The product team is recommending that any implementation teams currently using this zone should discontinue using it before upgrading to ETPM v2.4.0. Implementations may consider configuring a new zone to replace the Account Activity History zone if a similar view of ETPM data is still required. Contact the ETPM Product Management team at etm_pm_ww_grp@oracle.com for guidance on removing this zone from your ETPM v2.3.1 environments. These directions will be available in the Release Notes for ETPM v2.4.0.

Wednesday Jan 23, 2013

Tax and Revenue Management User Group

New and prospective customers frequently ask if we have a user group where they can discuss topics related to tax and revenue management, and to related Oracle products.[Read More]

Thursday Jan 03, 2013

Database Configuration Guidelines

We have created a checklist to help implementers and customers ensure their database is properly set up.  This will help prevent performance and other issues.

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Friday Dec 21, 2012

Information Center for Oracle ETPM

Access the Oracle ETPM Information Center by logging in to Oracle Support and serch for Document ID 1478736.2.[Read More]

Tuesday Dec 11, 2012

ETPM Environment Health Monitoring Tools

This post is to provide some useful information about the tools typically used by Oracle ETPM implementations for performance tuning and analysis.   This includes tools to monitor and gather performance information and statistics on the Database, Application Server, and Client (browser). [Read More]

Friday Nov 30, 2012

An Approach to Incremental Conversion

It is common for Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management (ETPM) customers to implement in multiple phases.  This results in a need for incremental conversion, where part of the data in is production and they are now adding new data.  Some of the new data can be new persons, accounts and their children, but some may be new tax types for existing taxpayers. 

This document addresses a methodology for adding incremental data into ETPM.  It does not address every possible data scenario, but offers a path to achieving incremental conversion without the need for code changes.

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Oracle ETPM is supported on Oracle Enterprise Linux in the Client Tier.

Oracle Enterprise Taxation Management v2.3.1.0 is now supported with Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.8.   [Read More]

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management Self Service v1.0 is Now Available

New tax product - Oracle Enterprise Taxation Policy Management Self Service is now available. The solution provides tax and revenue authorities with a single citizen portal – powered by Oracle Policy Automation for Public Sector, Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Application Development Framework and Oracle SOA Suite – that can integrate across multiple tax types and tax processing systems.

Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management Self Service enables tax and revenue authorities to quickly provide more taxpayer services online – such as the ability to make payments, contact the tax agency with questions and requests or receive self-guided automated assistance with policies and tax law.  Tax and revenue authorities can implement Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management Self Service – an out-of-the-box solution – quickly and easily, and lower the cost of taxpayer service operations by promoting a broader set of taxpayer self service features


·         Datasheet: http://www.oracle.com/us/industries/public-sector/ent-taxation-policy-service-ds-1873518.pdf

·         Documentation: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E38189_01/index.htm


Thursday Oct 25, 2012

Oracle ETPM v2.3.1 Examachine Performance Benchmark Data Sheet

Oracle Tax is pleased to announce the exceptional results of the Oracle ETPM v2.3.1 Examachine performance benchmark.   The benchmark achieved the following results:

 · Processed8M outpayments and 2M payments in  6 hours

· Processed 1M forms in 4 hours

· Near  linear scalability of batch processing

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Thursday Oct 18, 2012

Which tools should be used for data migration between environments?

There are three methods to move configuration between environments.  They are ConfigLab, Bundling and Blueprint.  Learn more abuot each one here.[Read More]

This blog is for our Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management customers, delivery partners, and even our fellow Oracle professionals, and is dedicated to all things Oracle Tax and Revenue Management. We will focus on support and implementation tips, announcements, and FAQs (frequently asked questions) for all of our Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management products. This include Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management (PSRM), Oracle Tax Analytics, and our Oracle PSRM Self Service and integration products.


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