Tuesday Nov 12, 2013

PSRM Frequently Asked Questions

Over time we have encountered common questions from customers and partners.  The document below answers some of the frequently asked questions related to sales and licensing, implementation and also general PSRM questions. 

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Wednesday Oct 30, 2013

Oracle PSRM v2.4 documentation is now available on oracle.com!

We are very excited that Oracle PSRM v2.4 will be released for General Availability very soon!  In advance of the release, the documentation for Oracle PSRM v2.4 has been posted to the OTN (Oracle Technology Network) on oracle.com.  You can find it here:  http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/documentation/pubsectrevmgmt-154608.html

You can also find it from the OTN documentation home page:  http://www.oracle.com/documentation , and scrolling down to find Public Sector Revenue Management.  Please note, if you previously bookmarked the Oracle Tax documentation page, the url has changed to the new url above.  

Oracle ETPM is renamed Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management (PSRM)

We are excited to announce to that with the upcoming release of v2.4, we are renaming ETPM to Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management (Oracle PSRM).  This is a pure name change, and all terms and conditions for existing customer licensing remain unchanged.  We feel that this updated naming is a better reflection of our current customer base, which includes tax revenue for many Departments of Revenue, as well as agencies that at manage non-tax revenue, such as regulatory fees, loans, and social benefits.   

Please note, as part of this name change, related products in the Oracle ETPM family, such as Oracle Tax Analytics, and Oracle ETPM Self Service, will be renamed at their next major product release to align to the Oracle PSRM theme.   

Thursday Oct 24, 2013

Better Audit Case Selection through Balance Sheet Forensics using Oracle Tax Analytics

This Oracle White Paper discusses how Tax Authorities can find opportunities to reduce cost and increase revenue by improving audit case selection.



Thursday Sep 26, 2013

Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management v2.3.1 now supports FireFox ESR17

We are pleased to announce that Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management v2.3.1 now supports FireFox ESR17. 

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Thursday Sep 19, 2013

Sizing Process

This article includes a presentation describing the sizing process as well as the questionnaire used during the sizing process. [Read More]

Thursday Sep 05, 2013

Recorded i.Seminar for Oracle ETPM Self Service

To learn how to improve a service to citizens while reducing the cost with Oracle ETPM Self Service and to see 20 minutes demonstration of the product navigate to this link:  https://oracletalk.webex.com/oracletalk/ldr.php?RCID=4df2190fc72ddad047ad60201a3e6445

. It gives a nice overview of Self Service features and functions.

Friday Jul 26, 2013

Accessibility Update: The Oracle ETPM v2.3.1 VPAT is now available on oracle.com

Oracle Tax is committed to building accessible applications.  Oracle uses a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) to document the accessibility status of each product.  The VPAT was created by a partnership of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to create a simple document that could be used by US Federal contracting and procurement officials to evaluate a product with respect to the provisions contained in Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Oracle ETPM v2.3.1 VPAT is now available on oracle.com: 


Friday May 17, 2013

Support for Oracle ETPM v2.3.1 on OEL 5.8

We are pleased to announce that Oracle Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management v2.3.1 now supports Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.8 for the Application Server tier.  This requires the use of Microfocus Server, COBOL Wrap Pack 8.  Please refere to Bug 16486336 in My Oracle Support for more information. 

Wednesday May 08, 2013

Recorded Demo of Oracle Tax Analytics V2.0

The following is a 25 minute recorded demo of Oracle Tax Analytics v2.0.  For those that are interested is seeing what OTA looks like and learning more, this is a quick and convenient way to see the product.  You can stream the demo recording here:  


The Oracle Tax Analytics 2.0 Data Sheet is available at http://www.oracle.com/us/industries/public-sector/oracle-tax-analytics-ds-414292.pdf

Thursday May 02, 2013

Using Documaker to Generate Correspondence from ETPM

This document describes the major configuration activities required to set up letters using Oracle ETPM and Oracle Documaker.  There are many ways to integrate ETPM and Documaker.  This document focuses on providing an example, with a focus on helping the reader understand what configuration needs to be set up in ETPM for each letter.   The document is intended primarily for readers with an ETPM configuration skill set and focuses on ETPM configuration.  Documaker is a separately licensed product, and requires a different skill set for implementation.  Generally speaking, for demo or implementation purposes, an ETPM skilled resource will implement the ETPM configuration, while a Documaker skilled resource will implement Documaker configuration.  In this document, we do not discuss details of the Documaker configuration.”   [Read More]

Monday Apr 22, 2013

SDK documentation is now accessible from oracle.com

The SDK documentation is now available on oracle.com.   You can find them here:  http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/documentation/pubsectrevmgmt-154608.html, or by going to http://www.oracle.com/documentation, and selecting Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management.   Read on for more information...

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Archiving Roadmap

The Oracle archiving option available with Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management was created to help customers speed response time, reduce hardware costs, and to retain historical records for viewing and reporting.  In order to have a consistent product across the entire Oracle application stack, the current solution will be retired, in favor of a new option that will make better use of native, high performance DB features. Oracle DB provides an "archive" option within a set of features that are called "Information Lifecycle Management", or ILM.

This article provides a short overview of our future direction.   

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Oracle ETPM Partitioning Recommendation

Database partitioning is an important strategy for minimizing data contention between threads in a multi-threaded batch process, which improves batch system performance and scalabiity.  

The following is a short summary of partitioning strategy and recommendations with Oracle ETPM.  A special thank you to Graeme Robinson and Ilya Klebaner for developing this content!!!

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Tuesday Mar 26, 2013

ETPM SS Demo Recording

A demo recording for ETPM Self Service v1.0 is now available.

These session includes an introduction to a product and an overview of  ETPM Self Service main features, such as on-line payments, service requests, web interviews.

To stream the recording:   


For additional questions please contact viktoriya.feldman@oracle.com


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