If you are from an educational institutions and are looking for industry recognized training that can fast-track your career and increase your finance, you will not want to miss benefit from Sun Academic Initiative (SAI) program.

According to a Certification Magazine Salary Survey, Sun Certification increases earning power:

  • Sun Certified Programmers earn on average 8.3% more than the average programmer
  • Sun Certified Developers earn on average 14.3% more than the average developer
  • Sun Certified System Administrators earn on average 31% more than system administrators certified on other operating systems


So, how many Sun technologies related jobs are in demand? I did simple searches on a Australian leading job seeking website,,on key words, Java or Solaris. On 16th March 2008 the results are 3107 Java developer jobs and 692 Solaris administrator jobs.

As a Sun Academic Initiative (SAI) Program participant, Sun offers students, staff and faculty in the University of Melbourne the following special benefits:

If you find these offers interesting, here is an elaborate instruction for you to get access to SAI resources.

\*\*\* Please note that this instruction was written with the intention of helping students, staff and faculty in the University of Melbourne to take advantage of SAI offers. \*\*\*

I. Register yourself at Sun Learning Connection:

  1. Direct your browser to: . Please note: you must enable pop ups in your browser for this application.
  2. Click on "Register"
  3. Create your own Username and Password
  4. Company Name and Company I.D. are available on request. Please refer to the following figure.
  5. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page and a NEWS (pop up) page will appear where you may select from the icons at the top of the page.

Congratulations and Welcome to the Sun Learning Connection!
When you select COURSES you will be presented with My Courses which lists all of the courses in the Sun Academic Initiative that are available to you at no cost. You may review them by Groups or use the Search function to locate a course.To enroll in a course, simply click on the name of the course and agree to the Click Through License Agreement and your module will begin.

If you are a first time user of an LMS you may want to download the Learner User Guide. When selecting the REFERENCE icon you may select the Learner User Guide which will download the PDF document to your system. Discount certification coupons and other offers may also be viewed by selecting REFERENCE and then SAI Member Offers.

You can retake each module, course or practice exam as often as you like. Upon completion of a course you can download a certificate of completion available through the Sun Learning Connection tool.

Please note, there is a 365 day expiration on each course starting when you enroll in the course. If you exceed the 365 day expiration time, simply click on the "help" button and ask for an extension and it will be granted.

II. Get Voucher number for discount certificate exam

Here's what you need to access the SAI-participant Certification test

  1. Log into the Sun Learning Connection
  2. Click on the "Reference" Tab located at the top menu selections
  3. Click on "SAI Member Offers"
  4. When you Click on "View| Certification test vouchers   Username: sun  Password: equals java" a new window will pop up with a new Login page.
  5. Enter Username: sun
  6. Enter Password: equals java
  7. This will allow you to enter the Certification test voucher tool/site
  8. Enter your name
  9. Select your geo location. For Australia, please select "Asia Pacific (Except Japan)"
  10. Select PROMETRIC to take the exam (VUE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
III. Contact Prometric test center

  1. Register yourself at Prometric
  2. Go to Prometric website
  3. Select  "Client" --> "Sun MicroSystems";
  4. Select "Program" --> "Sun Academic Initiative (212)" and click "Next"
  5. Click "Next"
  6. Select Exam you like to take. For example, "212-055 Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, SE 5.0".
  7. Select a test center you like and click "Schedule Appointment".
  8. Select available exam dates and time
  9. Payment Information page.  You will see a small table like this.

     Click "yes" and enter your voucher number there.

     10. You will see something like this.

     11. Now you have discounted price. Complete your booking and take exam.

     Please feel free to circulate among your friends/classmates. If any questions, please feel free to contact me. 


If you're going to look it at first, you can say that it's really hard to understand. But as I tried to study this one, it slowly comes out to my senses. This is good.

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