JSON UDF functions version 0.2.2 have been released.

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New version of JSON UDF functions 0.2.2 have been just released. It is last maintenance release of 0.2 series. However it contains two new features:

JSON_VALID now accepts array as a root element of the JSON document (Bug#70567/17583282)

JSON functions can now be installed and uninstalled using a script (Bug#71263/18022788 Easy installation sql script).

This feature is Community contribution. Thank you, Daniel van Eeden!

This release also contains following bug fixes:

71050/17882710 json_extract returning same column twice if key names are not fully distinct. (Fixed for JSON_EXTRACT, JSON_CONTAINS_KEY, JSON_APPEND, JSON_REMOVE, JSON_REPLACE, JSON_SET)

71180/17975709 JSON_CONTAINS_KEY founds not existent key in the array element

71267/18020724 buffer underrun in JParser::parse_pair

71264/18022761 No uninstall information in the README

References in README missing

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Todd Farmer Thursday, January 30, 2014

    Great stuff, Sveta - thanks for your hard work here!

  • Todd Farmer Thursday, January 30, 2014

    Great work, Sveta - thanks for your continued dedication to making JSON data more consumable within MySQL!

  • Yaniv Hakim Sunday, February 23, 2014

    Hi Sveta,

    Thanks for your hard work!

    These JSON Udf's are potentially just gold for MySQL!

    But I have one problem to use them.

    The only function I really need is the JSON merge but currently when merging two json docs it duplicates key's and values that are present on both the docs being merged instead of just updates the value with the new doc... for example: json_merge( {"a":"b"}, {"a":"c"} ) returns: {"a":"b","a":"c"} instead of: {"a":"c"}

    this is causing the returned doc to be non serializable and i think non legal json.

    what i really need is a function that acts like json_set but for two json docs..

    can you please add this?


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