Sunday Jul 06, 2014

Abu Dhabi Education Council Delivers Shared Services to Over 300 Locations, While Using 90% Less Energy and Paper

Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) seeks to develop educational institutions in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, implement innovative educational policies, create plans and programs that improve education, and support educational institutions and staff to advance national development in accordance with the highest international standards. ADEC deployed Oracle E-Business Suite as the foundation for a shared services environment that provides more than 300 locations in three regions with identical enterprise applications and services, significantly reducing their IT infrastructure total cost of ownership. They unified their business logic and procedures by using shared Oracle E-Business Suite applications, which are hosted in a demilitarized zone—dramatically improving business performance and data availability and security. All this while consuming 95% less energy than before when delivering HR, procurement, and financial services.

ADEC also streamlined their procure-to-pay processes with Oracle Advanced Procurement, reducing paper usage in its daily HR and procurement operations by more than 90% by almost fully automating services such as payroll reporting, leave requests, and training requests. Using Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition to measure adherence to key performance indicators—such as amount of waste produced and energy consumed—ADEC enables ongoing sustainability that meets international environmental standards. Oracle’s Agile Product Governance and Compliance has also helped ADEC better comply with regulatory directives, such as proactive and retroactive corrective environmental, health, and safety measures. Read here for more information on their story.

Monday May 19, 2014

New YouTube Channel for Oracle’s Sustainability Solutions

Check out our new Oracle’s Sustainability Solutions channel on YouTube! This channel includes 5 categories for videos: Sustainability at Oracle, Oracle’s Sustainability Solutions, Customer Success Stories, Sustainability Drivers, and Product Tours. This new channel is in addition to the following ways of getting more information about our solutions:

Monday Oct 28, 2013

The Grenelle II Act In France: A Milestone Towards Integrated Reporting

By Elena Avesani, Principal Product Strategy Manager, Oracle

In July of 2010, France took a significant step towards mandating integrated sustainability and financial reporting for all large companies with a new law called Grenelle II. Article 225 of Grenelle II requires that many listed companies on the French stock exchanges incorporate information on the social and environmental consequences of their activities into their annual reports, as well as their societal commitments for sustainable development. The decree that implements Article 225 of Grenelle II was passed in April 2012.

Grenelle II is the strongest governmental mandate yet in support of sustainability reporting. The law defines the phase-in process, with large listed companies expected to comply in their 2012 reports and smaller companies expected to comply with their 2014 annual reports. This extra-financial information will have to be embedded in the annual management report, approved by the Board of Directors, verified by a third-party body and given to the annual general meeting. The subjects that must be reported on are grouped into Environmental, Social, and Governance categories.

Oracle solutions can help organizations integrate financial and sustainability reporting and provide a more accurate and auditable approach to collecting, consolidating, and reporting such environmental, social, and economic metrics. Through Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting and Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Sustainability Starter Kit organizations can collect environmental, social and governance data and collect and consolidate corporate sustainability reporting data from multiple systems and business units.

For more information about these solutions please contact

Tuesday Oct 22, 2013

Winners of the Oracle Excellence Award—Eco-Enterprise Innovation

Did you get a chance to attend Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco? With 60,000 attendees and hundreds of sessions to choose from—there was a lot going on. One of my favorite sessions was the Eco-Enterprise Awards and Sustainability Executive Panel Discussion. During this session, Jeff Henley, Oracle Chairman of the Board, announced the winners of the 2013 Oracle Excellence Award—Eco-Enterprise Innovation. It was an enlightening session as we heard several of the winning customers discuss the importance of sustainability to their company and how they’re using various Oracle products to help with their sustainability initiatives. The winning customers include: Centennial Coal, Indaver nv, Korea Enterprise Data, National Guard Health Affairs, Schneider National, SThree, Telstra International Group, Trex Company, University of Salzburg, Walmart, and Yeoncheon County Office. Stay tuned for additional blogs where you’ll learn more about these winning companies’ environmental best practices and why they won this award.

Several partners were also recognized for helping these customers with their sustainability initiatives. Those partners include: CSS International, Daesang Information Technology, i4BI, Infosys, Knowledge Global, Solutions for Retails Brands Limited, and SysGen.

During this same session, Jeff Henley also awarded Robert Kaplan, Director of Sustainability at Walmart, with Oracle’s Chief Sustainability Officer of the Year award. Robert was honored for helping improve Walmart’s supply chain efficiency with their Sustainability Hub. The Sustainability Hub, powered by Oracle Service Cloud, is a central location for Walmart suppliers, associates and business partners to learn, connect, inspire and drive sustainability through collaboration. While at Oracle OpenWorld, I also got a chance to hear Robert Kaplan discuss their Sustainability Hub during an Oracle OpenWorld Live taping.

Saturday Jan 05, 2013

Call for Nominations for Oracle Excellence Awards: Eco-Enterprise Innovation - Due July 15

Is your organization using an Oracle product to lower its environmental footprint while reducing costs? For example, you may use Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management to design more eco-friendly products, Oracle Transportation Management to reduce fleet emissions, Oracle Exadata Database Machine to decrease power and cooling needs while increasing database performance, Oracle Business Intelligence to measure environmental impacts, or one of many other Oracle products. Your company may be eligible for an Oracle Excellence Award:  Eco-Enterprise Innovation. Submit a nomination form located here by July 15 if your organization is using any Oracle product to take an environmental lead as well as to reduce costs and improve its business efficiencies by using green business practices. These awards will be presented during Oracle OpenWorld 2013 (September 22-September 26) in San Francisco.

Either a customer or its partner can submit the nomination form on behalf of the customer. Winners will be selected based on the extent of the environmental impact they have had as well as the business efficiencies they have achieved through their combined use of Oracle products. To be eligible for this award, your company must use at least one of Oracle’s products and the solution should be in production or in active development.

These awards will be presented to the winning customers and their partners during Oracle OpenWorld by a senior Oracle executive and will be honored in a special Oracle OpenWorld conference session. Winning customers will receive a free Oracle OpenWorld registration pass and will have the opportunity to participate in Oracle media opportunities. See last year's winners here.  

Thursday Oct 25, 2012

Product News: Oracle Unveils a Waste Management Solution for the Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle recently announced a new product to help organizations reduce the cost and compliance with international hazmat (short for hazardous materials) and recycling and environmental protection laws. This new waste management solution for Oracle E-Business Suite extends the capabilities of  Oracle Depot Repair, Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Global Trade Management. It automates and monitors waste management processes to help ensure that hazardous materials are tracked and handled in accordance with regulatory requirements. Oracle’s waste management solution for the Oracle E-Business Suite leverages Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Global Trade Management, enabling customers to view in-transit inventory across the extended supply chain, while also providing a single repository for all legal, regulatory and compliance related information. Read here for more information.

Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

Product News: Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management

Many readers have been asking about the products that Oracle provides to help customers with their sustainability initiatives. I will start writing some blogs that will discuss many of these products. For an overview of all of Oracle’s sustainability solutions, see this whitepaper and our website.

I figure that I’ll start with our newest sustainability-related product and that is one for our Utilities customers. Oracle Utilities helps utilities prepare for smart metering and smart grid initiatives that enhance efficiency and provide critical intelligence metrics that can help drive more-informed energy and water usage decisions for consumers and businesses. Oracle recently announced the availability of a new application that helps utilities manage “smart device” assets for improved operational efficiency. This new application is called Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management and it can help utilities manage the change, configuration and inventory of smart grid assets.   

This product was developed to meet the asset management needs of “smart devices” in a utility’s distribution infrastructure, the new software manages devices, such as meters, access points or communication relays and communication components attached to various devices that are too complex for traditional asset management systems. New smart-grid microprocessor-based devices must be managed closely throughout their lifecycle for configuration changes, firmware updates and security and compatibility issues.  Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management handles critical functions, such as managing and tracking updates and patches, as well as supporting governance and regulatory audits and smart grid Network Operations Center (NOC) processes. Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management is built on open standards and is therefore compatible with Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management and other third-party meter data management solutions to provide complete and reliable smart grid operations based on customer choice.

Oracle provides integrated solutions that enable utilities of all sizes and types to achieve optimal operational efficiency and outstanding customer satisfaction. Learn more about all of Oracle’s solutions for Utilities. Oracle provides integrated solutions that enable utilities of all sizes and types to achieve optimal operational efficiency and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Thursday May 24, 2012

Nominations Due July 17 for Oracle’s Eco-Enterprise Innovation Awards

Are you using Oracle products to reduce your environmental footprint while reducing costs? For example, you may use Oracle Self-Service E-Billing for paperless invoicing or Oracle Advanced Compression for reduced disk space and power usage. You may be eligible for Oracle’s Eco-Enterprise Innovation Award, part of the Oracle Excellence awards. Submit a nomination form located here by July 17 if your company is using any of Oracle's products to take an environmental lead as well as to reduce costs and improve your business efficiencies by using green business practices. These awards will be presented during Oracle OpenWorld 2012 (September 30-October 4) in San Francisco.

A customer, their partner, or Oracle representative can submit the nomination form on behalf of the customer. Tell us how you use Oracle products to help protect the environment and improve your operational effficiency. Winners will be selected based on the extent of the environmental impact they have had as well as the business efficiencies they have achieved through their combined use of Oracle products. To be eligible for this award, your company must use at least one of Oracle’s products and the solution should be in production or in active development.

These awards will be presented to the winning customers and their partners during Oracle OpenWorld by Oracle’s Chairman of the Board and will be honored in a special Oracle OpenWorld conference session. Winning customers will receive a free Oracle OpenWorld registration pass and will have the opportunity to participate in Oracle media opportunities and inclusion in Oracle Magazine. See last year's winners here.

Tuesday May 08, 2012

Environmental Reporting Session at Collaborate 2012

I had the opportunity to attend Collaborate 2012 in Las Vegas last weekend. I hadn’t been in a few years and I don’t remember the level of energy and interest in Oracle solutions at the event ever being this high. It also struck me that more attendees are becoming familiar and engaged on the topic of environmental sustainability. This is a critical development in my mind because for organizations to be truly successful in measuring and managing their environmental impacts they really need to make sure their IT leadership is engaged.

I had the pleasure of presenting a session entitled ‘Introducing Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Environmental Accounting & Reporting’ with Angela Miller, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at North County Transit District (NCTD) in San Diego. For environmental sustainability initiatives and programs to be effective they really need to be embedded in organizations – and to be an extension of their IT deployments – rather than being isolated silo activities. This embedded approach is exactly what the Oracle Environmental Accounting & Reporting module provides. It’s an add-on module available for both Oracle E-Business Suite and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

In Angela Miller’s position as both a CTO and CSO, she is in a great position to appreciate both the importance of sustainability initiatives as well as the critical role that IT can play to replace the myriad of manual, inefficient processes that were in place before NCTD purchased Oracle Environmental Accounting & Reporting. Hear for yourself the valuable perspective that Angela brings on the topic in an upcoming video that was recorded while she was in Las Vegas.

By Rich Kroes, Product Strategy Director, Oracle

Thursday Apr 19, 2012

‘Sustainable Corporation 2012’ Conference To Be Held at Oracle on May 2

Oracle is hosting ‘The Sustainable Corporation 2012’ conference on Wednesday May 2 at our headquarters in Redwood Shores, California.  This conference is a signature event of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. It brings together visionary companies in Silicon Valley that recognize they can become more competitive by integrating environmental sustainability across their business as a strategic imperative. Their companies are also becoming more resilient and more likely to win and retain customers. 

Join us on Wednesday May 2 as the Silicon Valley Leadership Group brings together an audience of more than 300 Valley leaders to focus on the strategic sustainability imperative. There will be case studies and panels from dozens of speakers that include: Lauralee Martin, EVP, COO & CFO of Jones Lang LaSalle; Adam Lowry, Co-Founder of Method; Jon Chorley, Chief Sustainability Officer of Oracle; Mark Hawkins, CFO of Autodesk; Seth Miller, Partner at DBL Investors; Natasha Scotnicki, Director, Corporate Program, Ceres; and Jason Wolf, Vice President, North America, Better Place.

Register here:

Friday Feb 24, 2012

Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting and Australia’s Carbon Tax Management

We've been getting a lot of interest around the world in our relatively new product Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting (EA&R). This product enables organizations to track their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other environmental data against reduction targets. EA&R also facilitates environmental reporting for both voluntary and legislated emissions reporting schemes. I plan to provide several postings that will discuss EA&R in regards to various regions and their unique GHG reporting requirements – starting with Australia.

In 2007, The Australian Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (The Department) issued the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (The NGER Act). The Act makes registration, and emissions reporting mandatory for corporations whose energy production, energy use or greenhouse gas emissions meet specific thresholds. In November 2011, Australia then passed a landmark law to impose a price on carbon emissions, provided for by the Clean Energy Act 2011. Companies involved will need to obtain a government-issued carbon unit for every ton of  liable carbon emissions they produce. The initial price will be fixed, but will then be replaced by a flexible price on July 1, 2015, with the price of units being set by the market, with the number of available units capped, and a 'price ceiling' and a 'price floor'. Liabilities can also be managed by certain carbon offsets, although limits apply. You can obtain full details and see how you can use Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting to meet these requirements here

By Elena Avesani

Tuesday Nov 22, 2011

Ovum Note: “Oracle's New Emphasis on Sustainability Changes the Playing Field”

Ovum recently published a note from their participation at Oracle Open World titled "Oracle's New Emphasis on Sustainability Changes the Playing Field". Additional information and a link to the report can be found here on the Sustainability Analyst Relations blog.

Tuesday Oct 18, 2011

Environmental Reporting Webcast: Replay Now Available

Chris Mines from Forrester Research joined us for a really informative webcast last week. Chris outlined some of the key trends he is seeing in the market place from an energy and carbon management perspective. He shared some insights on some of the key drivers, value propositions, and challenges based on the research that Forrester has conducted.

He ended with the following key takeaways:

  • Resource consumption and carbon emissions are the newest corporate assets (and liabilities) that IT systems will track.
  • Enterprise carbon and energy management (ECEM) software will become the corporate system of record for managing sustainability metrics.
  • Corporate finance and operations executives will emerge as the key influencers for ECEM purchasing; enterprise software companies will be the dominant suppliers.

You can listen to the replay in full here or download the presentation material here.

Friday Sep 30, 2011

Live Environmental Reporting Webcast on Tuesday October 11 at 8 a.m. PST

Join us for a free live webcast ‘Integrating Environmental Reporting with Existing Business Processes and Systems’ on Tuesday October 11 at 8 a.m. PST. Chris Mines of Forrester Research will discuss some of the primary drivers leading organizations to look for ways to automate their environmental reporting processes to make them more reliable, efficient, and secure. Chris will share some best practices for implementing environmental reporting solutions and how to justify investing in them. Oracle sustainability experts Jon Chorley and Rich Kroes will also be on hand to discuss the new module Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting for Oracle E-Business Suite and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers.

Register for this webcast here

Tuesday Sep 20, 2011

Sustainability at Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle will again have a strong sustainability focus at its upcoming Oracle OpenWorld conference on October 2-6 in San Francisco. There will be plenty of sustainability sessions where Oracle customers and sustainability experts will discuss how Oracle products help customers reduce their carbon footprint as well as reduce their costs. Did you know that Oracle has been running Oracle OpenWorld as a model sustainable event since 2007?

Learn about all the sustainability-related activities during Oracle OpenWorld. But if you can't make it to everything, make sure you don't miss:

  • Eco-Enterprise Innovation Awards and the Business Case for Sustainability (Session 27126)
    Wednesday Oct. 5, 10:15 a.m. -- Moscone West Room 2003
    In this executive session, Oracle's Chairman of the Board Jeff Henley honors 12 customers with Oracle's Eco-Enterprise Innovation award. These awards are presented to select customers and their partners that are using Oracle products to both take an environmental lead as well as improve their business efficiencies by engaging in green business practices. The awards presentation is followed by a lively discussion with a panel of customers and Oracle executives who will discuss sustainability strategies for business operational efficiency using Oracle products.
  • Introducing Oracle E-Business Suite Environmental Accounting and Reporting (Session 18012)
    Monday Oct. 3, 5:00 p.m. -- Moscone West Room 3011
    Learn about Oracle's new product that enables companies to collect the necessary information for reporting on greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste, and other environmental metrics.
  • Make sure to visit the demogrounds -- especially the demo booth for Oracle Sustainability Solutions for Enabling the Eco-Enterprise in Moscone West, Demo Booth 8160

There are lots more sustainability-focused sessions, including Sustainability Reporting: Integrating with Financial Reporting; Sustainability Sensor Data Management: Trends, Strategy, and What's New; and Why Should Utilities Care About Global Standards for Sustainability Reporting? It should be another great year for sustainability at Oracle OpenWorld.




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