These Oracle Customers Are The Change Agents Our Planet Needs

April 12, 2022 | 5 minute read
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Sometimes what makes you incredibly proud of your company is the incredible work done by customers using its solutions.


At Oracle, we’ve committed ourselves to sustainability along many fronts, from our pledge to power all operations—including our data centers—entirely with renewable energy by 2025, to being Net Zero by 2050 in our entire value chain, to reusing or recycling well over 99 percent of the hardware we retire, to our enduring support for many non-profit organizations that work to protect our natural world.


But what we can achieve ourselves is relatively small compared to what can be achieved by empowering customers who are equally dedicated to creating a more sustainable future.


Every day, customers are using Oracle products to set and realize their own ambitious sustainability goals, all while driving business efficiencies that boost their bottom lines.


That is exemplified by the winners of our 2021 Change Agents Sustainability Awards. It’s through this global program every year that we honor customers—companies large and small, educational institutions, non-profits and government agencies—who have demonstrated excellence in environmental leadership, cost reduction, and business efficiencies using Oracle Cloud technologies.


Oracle has recognized five organizations with the 2021 Earthfirst Award for Operational Excellence in Sustainability for incorporating sustainability into their operational strategies. Recipients in that category distinguished themselves by leveraging Oracle Cloud applications to the benefit of their businesses and the environment.


Japan's Ministry of the Environment (MoE) partnered with Oracle Japan/Jyukankya Research institute and five local major utilities (Hokkaido Gas, Tohoku Electric, Hokuriku Electric, Kansai Electric, Okinawa electriv) in Japan to use Oracle Opower Energy Efficiency Cloud Service to provide some 300,000 households personalized guidance for reducing their energy consumption and associated carbon dioxide emissions. The four-year effort, called the MoE Nudge Project, took advantage of Oracle Cloud AI and big data/analytics capabilities to help those households, on average, save 2 percent off their energy usage, preventing the emission of 47,000 tons of CO2.


Oceanworks, an innovative startup based in Boston, created a global marketplace for recycled plastics. Working through the Oracle for Startups program, Oceanworks turned to Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace, a prebuilt SaaS application that traces the collection and processing of recycled plastics to ensure lot level authenticity. Customers who procure their plastic through the Oceanworks marketplace count on this level of transparency.


Jaquar Group championed a Go Green philosophy as a tenet in the design of its products. As part of its global expansion, India’s largest manufacturer of bathroom and lighting products built warehouses across the country adhering to a zero-waste manufacturing approach that also incorporates recycled water and solar power. A custom warehouse management system, powered by Oracle Supply Chain management solutions, as well as a high-performance web portal built on Oracle Platform Services, enabled Jaquar Group to efficiently run those zero-waste facilities. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited, a key partner in this successful transformation, nominated Jaquar Group for the award.


Woolworths South Africa puts sustainability at the center of its business practices. Looking to advance what the company calls its Good Business Journey, a commitment that spills into every product, the multi-national retailer deployed Oracle Retail Brand Compliance Management Cloud Service (ORBC) to capture all food sustainability-related product data and report on those metrics.


Chipotle, a restaurant chain, turned to Oracle to modernize and digitally enable accounting and financial management functions to drive efficiencies. By adopting Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud EPM, and Oracle Cloud SCM applications, Chipotle gained clearer views across financial systems, leading to improved demand forecasting and inventory control. With those benefits, Chipotle is growing the business without compromising on its mission of serving real food sourced from sustainable farms. PWC, a key partner in this successful transformation, nominated Chipotle for the award.


Oracle also recognized customers with the 2021 Gaia Awards for Innovation in Sustainability for their efforts to spur new forms of environmental progress. These organizations showcased how to keep environmental stewardship in mind by making innovative business decisions using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and advanced technologies such as AI, big data and Internet of Things.


Anteja is a consulting firm focused on developing transparent and sustainable value chains. The Slovenia-headquartered company helps combat climate change, social inequalities and environmental risks with technology that is used to reward agribusinesses and small farmers, especially those in developing countries, who engage in sustainable business practices. Anteja has solved these types of challenges on behalf of private agribusinesses and multilateral agencies like the World Bank and International Finance Corporation. When the company was ready for its cloud transformation, it sought a cloud infrastructure provider that shared its commitment to renewable energy and engagement in a circular economy. Anteja now hosts its supply chain visibility applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Circulor, a partner in the Oracle for Startups program, has built cutting-edge technology to help make global supply chains more sustainable, with a specific focus on those that provide the constituents of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Based in London, the startup ensures those products are produced more ethically and sustainably so manufacturers can responsibly cut carbon emissions. Circulor built its innovative product on Oracle technology, taking advantage of cutting-edge technology like Oracle Blockchain Platform.


And finally, Tracifier, another Oracle for Startups partners, has built its platform to develop sustainability practices and reduce food waste around the world using a blockchain core powered by Oracle Blockchain Platform which enables the secure and private storage and sharing of business data. Tracifier, based in Hamburg, Germany, applies blockchain and big data intelligence to combine documents and supply chain information from vetted datasets. That product enables real-time insights to verify sustainability and ethics claims linked to a product, empowering agribusinesses globally to become more sustainable.


All of us at Oracle are so encouraged by the results that the 2021 Change Agents Sustainability Award winners have exhibited. These organizations, along with so many others, are pioneering methods of applying cloud technologies to benefit our planet, not only because it’s good for the environment but also because it’s good for business. We are more committed than ever to supplying such innovators with the advanced tools and close partnership they need to continue blazing a trail to a more sustainable future.

Rich Kroes

Global Vice President Sustainability 

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