Oracle Recognizes Employees for Their Environmental Volunteering Efforts

May 28, 2019 | 4 minute read
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Below is the final installment of our series discussion focused on Oracle’s Sustainability Champions. Oracle recognizes outstanding employees whose sustainability efforts help reduce our environmental footprint, as well as improve the environment in the communities where they live and work. In this article, hear about some of the champions recognized for their involvement with various Oracle products and helping customers use these products for their sustainability initiatives. Oracle congratulates each of these employees for their efforts.

Noble Abraham, Sheel Raj Agarwal, Kari Beasley, Mohit Bhatia, Lonny Blumenthal, Ramyasri Chintapanti, Deven Dilberto, Nha Do, Jillian Erhardt, Kristen Emhoff, Juan Fernandez, Matt Frades, John Gostel, Lauren Gritzke, Steve Gunawan, Ken Haig, ML Haynes, Brittany Kloc, Ankit Kothari, Matthew Meyer, David Moore, Elizabeth Morgan, Stacey Neathery, Taj Palecanda, Uma Panneerselvam, Sabyasachi Pattanaik, Anil Saklani, Sreekumar Sivasankaran, Nikki Twiname, Vinod Yanala, Colin Wong, and Marisa Uchin
India is experiencing the fastest growth in energy demand globally as it becomes the most populous country in the world. Under a business-as-usual scenario, India’s residential electricity demand is predicted to increase eight-fold by 2050. Through a grant from the United States Trade and Development Agency, Oracle Utilities, and BRPL, a Delhi-based electric utility deployed India’s first large-scale behavioral energy efficiency (BEE) pilot program for the residential sector late in 2018, enrolling 200,000 residential utility customers.

The BEE program will demonstrate the ability to use software (Oracle Utilities Opower Energy Efficiency Cloud Service) to empower residential consumers to reduce energy waste, improve energy efficiency, and lower peak-hour consumption in India. As of February 2019, the Oracle Utilities Opower behavioral energy efficiency program had saved more than 23 Twh of energy across the globe, which is enough energy to power Tokyo for four months.

If the Oracle Utilities – BRPL Opower behavioral energy efficiency pilot achieves the projected savings seen by similar programs in both developed and rapidly modernizing economies alike, it will set a precedent for potential expansion opportunities across India. It also will ultimately play a part in helping both customers and utilities manage the rising cost and environmental impact of the expected eight-fold increase in residential electricity demand across India. An all-star team, the Sustainability Champions listed above, was assembled to design and deploy this Oracle Utilities Opower behavioral energy efficiency program. 

Mary Hall and Mark Rakhmilevich Redwood City and San Jose, California, US
Since the launch of Oracle Blockchain Platform last year, Mary and Mark have been working on blockchain use cases, including one with Circulor. Circulor developed a tracking platform for conflict minerals, powered by the Oracle Blockchain Platform, to track raw materials and components that use them in the electronics and electric vehicle supply chain from the mine to the processed materials, manufactured components, finished product and then to recycling. This transparency enables manufacturers to prove that they source conflict minerals ethically from approved sources and in a sustainable manner. With this solution, organizations can prove beyond a doubt that every capacitor made with tantalum was manufactured from the materials that originated from the ore that was ethically mined in Rwanda and transported, and processed under approved conditions, without any compromise from other tantalum sources in conflict zones that might use child or slave labor or used to finance an armed conflict. Mary and Mark have put a lot of time and effort into communicating this important case study, via an Oracle case study and a blog post.

Vikas Raina Mumbai, India
Vikas is a cloud solution architect with the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, Oracle’s startup program for entrepreneurs worldwide. He works closely with startups in India to provide Oracle Cloud technology, mentoring, workshops, and business-enablement and support resources.

Vikas has worked extensively with SustLabs, a startup that is an advanced metering infrastructure system and data analytics company that leverages big data on energy and water. By deciphering real-time electricity consumption from the home, SustLabs can analyze smart meter data from heavy appliances. This unlocks a wealth of information regarding energy consumption, generating valuable insights for eco-conscious consumers, utilities, appliance manufacturers, market research companies, and many more. Vikas has worked hand-in-hand with the SustLabs founder to bring to market a solution that helps reduce the stress on the environment via reduced power consumption. Vikas also helps support the Government of India’s ambitious plan to build 100 smart cities across the country.

Vikas carries on this same passion at home, as well. He and his neighbors use a vacant lot to grow vegetables and flowers. The vegetables are then distributed free of cost to people who are struggling to make ends meet, while flowers are given to those who need them for religious reasons. These flowers are later recollected and used as fertilizer for the farmed land. 

They also collect waste water that gets generated out of water purifiers from individual households and carry it to their farm. This improves water consumption as they bury plastic bottles up to the neck with holes in the ground and fill them with water. This results in something similar to drip irrigation technology (at a very small level), helps reuse water that otherwise would have gone to waste, as well as inspires children and others to find ways and means to improve the way we are living.




Evelyn Neumayr

Sustainability Product Strategy

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