Oracle partners with Ocean Bottle to reduce ocean plastic pollution

April 17, 2024 | 3 minute read
Jennifer Thompson
Communication Specialist, Global Sustainability
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Protecting our oceans is critical to maintaining life on Earth. According to the United Nations, an estimated 5 to 12 million metric tons of plastic pollutes the world’s oceans every year, threatening one of our most fragile and valuable ecosystems.[1]

The ocean is the largest carbon sink on the planet—absorbing 25 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions and storing most of the heat warming our planet. Coastal ecosystems like mangroves can capture and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at a rate four to ten times higher than terrestrial forests found on land.[2] Ocean conservation is vital to protecting biodiversity, food supply, energy resources, and ecosystems that help to maintain Earth’s climate.

Oracle has teamed up with Ocean Co., a network of partners dedicated to ocean conservation, and Ocean Bottle, a reusable bottle brand to fund plastic collection projects around the world that aim to eliminate ocean plastic pollution. Ocean Bottle is a certified B Corp that works with Ocean Co.’s partner organizations like Plastics for Change, Plastic Bank, and Repurpose Global to hire people in communities all over the world to collect plastics from rivers and waterways before they enter the ocean. The company has set a goal to collect seven billion bottles by 2025.

A person wearing a glove collecting plastic bottles from a river

More than 20,000 global collectors exchange plastic for money which enables access to education, healthcare, income, technology, and other social resources, and promotes a circular economy. The plastic is recycled or upcycled—sending zero waste to landfills.

Oracle and Red Bull Racing branded reusable sport bottleFor each reusable, stainless steel Ocean Bottle sold, the company commits to funding the collection of nearly 25lbs of plastic—or about 1,000 plastic bottles.[3] Since 2019, Oracle Red Bull Racing has partnered with Ocean Bottle to fund the collection of more than 150,000 kg of plastic.[4] This year, Oracle Red Bull Racing collaborated with Ocean Bottle to create co-branded promotional water bottles that will continue to fund collection projects worldwide.

Ocean Bottle have provided Oracle with an impact dashboard to track the results of our projects. The impact has been significant—nearly 12 million plastic bottles have been collected at 34 collection sites[5].

Background image of bubbles under water with white text showing data on plastic bottles collected

Oracle’s partnership with Ocean Bottle is making a difference by protecting one of Earth’s most important resources, promoting a circular economy that benefits the lives of the communities of collectors around the world, and helping the fight against climate change. Oracle is committed to projects and partnerships that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and promote global action to protect our planet.

UN SDGs icons for goals 1, 3, 8, 13, and 14

Source: Oracle | Impact Dashboard (

To learn more about Oracle’s partnership with Ocean Bottle, view Oracle’s live impact dashboard.


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Jennifer Thompson

Communication Specialist, Global Sustainability

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