Oracle Green Teams Help Improve the World Around Us

January 13, 2023 | 2 minute read
Caroline Firer
Global Sustainability Manager
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Thinking globally and acting locally is put into practice via the Oracle Green Teams.

Oracle Green Teams are employee-led grassroot initiatives that lead volunteer projects to connect and protect the environment. These dedicated Green Teams organize initiatives, oftentimes very creative ones, that create a positive impact on their environment. Green Team members share best practices with other Oracle employees and encourage continuous curiosity when it comes to learning more about the world around us.

As Oracle’s global reach connects teams from all over the world, it is incredible to see Green Teams share their efforts and inspire similar initiatives in a different city or even country across the world! Green teams connect on a quarterly basis through a global call managed by Oracle’s Global Sustainability team where members share their successes, influence other employees, share knowledge, get involved, and create real impact by engaging with their colleagues and local community.

Oracle now has over 45 Green Teams, and the number has continued to grow over the years. Even during work-from-home where Green Team efforts moved virtual, Green Teams continued to host webinars and meetings - fostering community and giving back even from their zoom screens.  

Here are just a few of the activities these inspirational Green Teams are leading:

  • The Romanian team hosted a local Romanian dairy producer, Artesana, to share details of their sustainability efforts and encourage shopping local.
  • Green Teams from around the world focused on cleaning up their digital footprint as part of a Digital Clean-up initiative.
  • An initiative led by the Global Sustainability team engaged over 200 employees from over ten different countries regarding actions to reduce air pollution.
  • The Italian and Frankfurt teams launched local clean-up’s in their regions where they dedicated time to pick up and properly sort trash in their area.
  • Green Team India focused on revitalizing soil as part of the Save Soil Movement.
  • Oracle Costa Rica was certified as "Bandera Azul Ecologica", a local initiative from the Government to incentivize organizations to plan their growth based on environmental sustainability.
  • The Netherlands Green Team held a video education series focusing on sustainable gift giving around the holidays.
  • Green Teams in Australia partnered with a local wildlife shelter to assist with web design and content creation.
  • Employees in Japan registered for the SEGO #CreateWaves Campaign to raise awareness and inspire people to take action against the issues facing the oceans and the planet.
  • Employees at Oracle Headquarters in Austin, Texas picked up trash along Oracle’s main campus as part of National Clean-Up day in partnership with a local foundation.

These are just a few examples of the many activities that the Oracle Green Teams have initiated. At Oracle, we applaud the efforts of the Oracle Green Teams, as well as all of the Oracle employees involved with Oracle Volunteering projects and our Oracle Sustainability Champions. At Oracle, sustainability is everyone’s business, and small changes can lead to big impacts!  


Caroline Firer

Global Sustainability Manager

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