Oracle Endorses the Principles for Sustainable Events

February 8, 2019 | 2 minute read
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  Oracle has a long history of striving to make its events as sustainable as possible and has become widely recognized as a global leader in this regard. For Oracle OpenWorld we follow a process based on the ISO 20121: 2012 Event Sustainability Management Systems standard that entails reviewing opportunities from previous event cycles, comprehensively engaging Oracle partners, and executing our sustainability plans onsite. We also work with all our event vendors to ensure they are adhering to sustainable event best practices in the areas of dematerialization, sourcing, and supply chain management. More information on how we manage sustainability initiatives at Oracle OpenWorld is available in this report.

Oracle has also developed an internal Oracle Event Sustainability Best Practices Checklist that covers event logistics such as contracts, hotels, catering, and transportation so that all Oracle employees can ensure they are implementing the sustainable best practices. 

Oracle has now joined several other representatives from global event, tourism and sustainability management bodies in becoming signatories of four key principles designed to guide and motivate event organizers worldwide to embrace and implement sustainable practices. These principles were developed by a multi-stakeholder group convened by the Events Industry Council (EIC). Oracle agrees with our industry colleagues that the focus of sustainable events includes shared responsibility for implementation and communication, identification of the basic environmental practices and key social considerations, and pathways to support local economies to grow.

The Principles for Sustainable Events encourage organizations and practitioners to adopt practices that foster collaboration with a simple and powerful message: by working together, planners and suppliers can support a healthy natural environment, resilient communities and culture, and thriving economies. By signing on to these landmark global sustainability principles convened by EIC, Oracle again makes clear its commitment to organizing sustainable events.


Evelyn Neumayr

Sustainability Product Strategy

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