Oracle employees take action for a sustainable future

September 18, 2023 | 2 minute read
Jennifer Thompson
Communication Specialist, Global Sustainability
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At Oracle, sustainability is everyone’s business. We empower employees to drive positive change through engagement, innovation, leadership, education, and volunteering to promote long-term solutions to sustainability challenges. We are making an impact on our communities, helping customers solve sustainability challenges, and leaving the world a better place for future generations. Our employees volunteer their time and talent to lead sustainability efforts in a variety of ways.

Global Sustainability Ambassadors
Oracle’s Sustainability Ambassadors are employees who support customer engagements by sharing our commitment to sustainability and how Oracle solutions help solve sustainability challenges. Our Sustainability Ambassadors value customer satisfaction and collect feedback on Oracle products, services, and function as an extension of the Global Sustainability team, sharing our Oracle Sustainability story with a variety of audiences.

Green Teams
There are over 45 Oracle Green Teams globally who lead volunteer projects, host educational meetings, and engage with local communities to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. The initiatives tackle environmental topics such as soil preservation in India, ocean conservation and awareness in Japan, and responsible consumption in the Netherlands. Green teams also participate in global projects where they can work towards a common goal and engage with employees from around the world. Green teams provide an opportunity for employees to give back to their community, meet new colleagues, and assume leadership positions.

Even small daily changes can lead to big results. Through our new Missions initiative, employees can take action to help the planet by tracking daily, easy-to-complete activities. Missions focuses on specific themes such as improving home efficiency to reducing emissions with smart commuting and more. Since the program’s launch in 2021, over 1,000 employees have completed more than 11,000 activities to help protect the planet.

Sustainability Champions
Oracle’s Sustainability Champions are employees who are directly leading efforts to reduce our environmental impacts and raise awareness among colleagues about making sustainable decisions. In previous years, Sustainability Champions led initiatives both within Oracle such as sourcing sustainable and socially responsible promotional products globally while adhering to branding guidelines and outside of Oracle such as leading trash clean ups and establishing community gardens.

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Oracle Volunteers
Globally, Oracle Volunteers participate in localized efforts to protect our planet by cleaning up beaches, restoring ecosystems, planting trees, recycling electronics, and organizing community cleanups. Each year Oracle’s Social Impact team focuses on leading environmental projects during the months surrounding Earth Day.

Education and Training
We want to empower our employees to innovate to support our customers by creating new technology and transforming ideas into action. Through learning and development opportunities, we offer employees the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Read more about the sustainability projects and initiatives that inspired us in our Social Impact Report.

We want to hear from you!
September is Sustainability Idea-thon month! Tell us how your organization is driving sustainability impacts through employee engagement.

Jennifer Thompson

Communication Specialist, Global Sustainability

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