Oracle employees discover biodiversity in corporate employee bioblitz

March 12, 2024 | 3 minute read
Caroline Firer
Global Sustainability Manager
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Oracle employees from around the world joined forces for a global bioblitz. “A bioblitz is defined as a communal citizen-science effort to record as many species within a designated location and time period as possible.”[1] This was the first bioblitz of its kind at Oracle and employees made over 2,000 observations in their communities around the world.

This event was open to any Oracle employee and tracked through the iNaturalist application and Oracle Volunteers platform. iNaturalist is an online community that allows users to share observations to discuss, identify, and create research-quality citizen science data for science and conservation.

Observing the world around us is one way to raise awareness of the delicate ecosystems that support life on our planet. The bioblitz reinforces the value of preserving biological diversity, and promoting sustainable land, forest, and water use.

For the 2023 bioblitz, participants captured photos of different plants, animals, and fungi in their area on the iNaturalist platform.

Observations ranged from native monkeys, to blooming flowers, to wild mushrooms, and more. As this was a global challenge, the time of year played a role in the observations that were collected. For example, our Southern Hemisphere colleagues were experiencing summer and logged observations of the flourishing species that thrive and are in bloom typically in the warmer months.


Bioblitz hibiscus
A brightly colored hibiscus flower blooms in southern California.
Photo captured by employee Joy Powers.
Bioblitz sunbird
A member of the Purple Sunbird species in India.
Photo captured by employee Bhaskar Pandeti.















For our colleagues in the Northern Hemisphere, the initiative took place at the beginning of winter where observations were focused on hardier species that thrive in the cold weather.

See examples below:


employee bioblitz 3
A firethorn shrub hangs heavy with berries in the Czech Republic.
Photo by employee Irina Hrubanova.


employee bioblitz reindeer observation
A domestic reindeer pauses for a photo in Italy.
Photo by employee Federico Martinelli.














Participants were encouraged to “like” each other’s posts by adding a star to the observations with multiple high-quality photos via the iNaturalist application. To gamify participation, the employee with the most high-quality observations was deemed the winner of their region. Seven employees in total were recognized as winners of the bioblitz.

In total, Oracle employees logged over 2,000 observations and identified over 900 species with more than 60 participants from around the world.

The event was well received, and employees felt they had a better understanding of biodiversity in their local communities once completing this initiative.

An anonymous participant stated,

“I made my observation during a walk with my daughter. This made it a fun family activity where we got to learn about our local environment.”

The momentum from the bioblitz builds as Oracle employees continue to make a difference in their communities around the world serving as project leaders, participants, and in this case, citizen scientists.  


To learn more about sustainability at Oracle, please visit:



[1] Bioblitz Guide,

Caroline Firer

Global Sustainability Manager

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