Keeping Sustainability in mind for CloudWorld 2022

November 28, 2022 | 4 minute read
Caroline Firer
Global Sustainability Manager
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“We have built a platform that is that is the most performant, the most sustainable, and also the most cost efficient.” stated Safra Catz, during her CloudWorld keynote – Driving impactful business results.

With over 13,000 attendees, Oracle CloudWorld took place in-person in Las Vegas, Nevada during the beautiful month of October.

The city of Las Vegas has a variety of programs focused on environmental sustainability. One being their Renewable Energy Agreement with the state's investor-owned utility NV Energy, providing every streetlight, city park, community center, fire station, service yard and public building owned by the city with 100 percent renewable energy. This aligns to a similar goal Oracle has set to power all of Oracle's global operations and datacenters with 100% renewable energy by 2025.

A lot has changed since the last CloudWorld in 2019. One of the key changes is the number of ESG/Sustainability sessions offered at CloudWorld – 2022 being the most sessions offered focusing on this key topic ever. These topics are rapidly becoming an urgent priority for customers in all corners of the globe, and CloudWorld recognized this evolution with practical learning sessions that gave attendees deep perspective on how to address the challenges within their organizations, as well as how Oracle can support them. A full list of sessions can be found here.

Sessions ranged from keynote’s discussing how to manage disruption across supply chains to getting results with an effective Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy to a complete ESG solution enabled by Oracle applications.

A key event at CloudWorld was the supply chain industry analyst forum, centered around the theme: Design for Change, Built for You: Automated, Sustainable, Digital Supply Chains. During this event speakers from across lines of business joined such as Oracle’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Jon Chorley, to discuss a variety of topics ranging from connecting human intuition with automated supply chains to building the technology framework for sustainable supply chains. This event, along with a total of 36 analyst engagements with customers and Oracle leaders – several focused exclusively on sustainability topics – were a key part of CloudWorld success. Analysts also attended and benefited from many of the keynotes, learning sessions and panels held during the week.

Partners were key in supporting sustainability efforts such as IBM, who hosted a Green Lounge, an oasis dedicated to tranquility and re-connecting with nature, along with sessions focused on breaking through the barriers to a sustainable supply chain and how to spearhead sustainability solutions in the workforce. Deloitte hosted a session regarding delivering ESG goals with planning, reporting, and analytics and KMPG hosted a session partnering with Johnson Controls focused on decarbonization with Oracle Cloud. PWC hosted a session focused on Oracle applications titled: A Complete ESG Solution Enabled by Oracle Applications. These partners, along with others in Oracle's partner network, were heavily involved in telling the ESG story.

Customers were the main highlight as they took the stage with Oracle CEO, Safra Catz. During one of Safra Catz's keynote customer interviews, she posed a question to Raul Obregon, CTO of Grupo Bimbo, “How does Sustainability factor into your growth?” According to Obregon, sustainability has been a key part of Grupo Bimbo’s strategy over the last decade. This strategy includes deploying electric vehicles, transitioning to powering their operations with renewable sources, and moving forward with a commitment they are referring to as Sustainability by Design.


Safra CW 1


Along with Grupo Bimbo’s partnership with Oracle and focus on sustainability efforts, additional keynote customer, Melissa & Doug, had CIO Mike Macrie and CFO Lee Tsukoff take the stage to sit down with Catz as well.

When discussing how the Oracle partnership has made a difference in the business, Tsukoff relayed how Oracle’s efforts in ESG and Sustainability was a key piece of criteria Melissa & Doug looked for when considering a technology provider.

 “We think about what Oracle is doing in the world of ESG and Sustainability which was another reason why we looked for a provider like that…” says Tsukoff.

In addition to speaking with customers, Safra Catz mentioned, Oracle Cloud, which offers a high-density computing environment powered by renewable sources and aligns with the circular economy to support a clean cloud solution. Currently, Oracle has sixteen regions that are powered with 100% renewable energy, including all European datacenters. Additionally, Oracle’s Hardware Take back and Recycling program recycles and reuses 99.9% of all collected hardware.

While sustainability and ESG was highlighted in both sessions and keynote speakers, hosting a sustainable event was also an area that Oracle took a closer look at.

Oracle partnered with MeetGreen, a sustainable event management agency helping organizations produce events to deliver targeted business results, to run an analysis on the variety of green initiatives that were in place for the event in Las Vegas.

In a recent MeetGreen blog regarding international travel to justify in-person attendance at an event, experts replied stating that if the international attendee can meet in one place with people he/she/they would otherwise have to take many trips to see in person, it is an economic and environmental saving. This includes staying in the destination long enough to also accomplish other business-related activities that otherwise would require multiple trips. 

“Since 2008, MeetGreen has partnered with the Oracle team on its sustainability initiatives for this annual flagship event. As our team prepares our report for CloudWorld 2022, we’re excited to continue to support and catalyze the team’s efforts.” states Garrett Wong, Sustainable Event Specialist at MeetGreen. The partnership with MeetGreen is key to ensuring measures are taken to analyze and reduce the environmental impact of events. 


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Caroline Firer

Global Sustainability Manager

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