Introducing the 2024 Oracle Sustainability Champions

May 7, 2024 | 7 minute read
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Oracle is delighted to recognize the 2024 Oracle Sustainability Champions—employees around the world who are directly contributing to a more sustainable future. Each year, the Oracle Global Sustainability Team honors inspiring employees whose efforts help reduce our environmental footprint and improve the quality of life in the communities where they live and work. Learn how this year’s champions are making an impact.

Arun Vijendran has demonstrated exceptional commitment to sustainability both within and outside the workplace. Arun's initiatives include plastic and waste reduction, bio enzyme preparation, embracing a minimalist lifestyle, paper upcycling, resource conservation, soap recycling, alternative transportation, natural mosquito repellent usage, eco-friendly organization practices, seed planting initiative, and live plant decor. Well done, Arun!

Crishell Sanchez
Crishell Sanchez 

Crishell Sanchez has emerged as a key leader of the Green Team in Guadalajara, Mexico, orchestrating multiple environmental projects on the Guadalajara MDC Campus. Crishell’s achievements include organizing several campaigns focused on waste handling education, ocean conservation, as well as collecting and recycling paper, cigarette stubs, batteries, cell phones, and plastic. Her efforts have not only enhanced local environmental health but also supported medical treatments for children. Recognized for her dedication and impact, Crishell has been invited to lead additional Green Teams across Mexico, affirming her status as a Sustainability Champion.

Pawan Singh's leadership and contributions to environmental sustainability are evident in his initiatives both at Oracle and within his community. At Oracle, Pawan has focused on comprehensive waste reduction and energy conservation, fostering a culture of sustainability within the workplace. Outside of work, Pawan has been actively engaged in environmental education and community clean-up drives, demonstrating a commitment to creating a sustainable future through collective action. Pawan’s success leveraging his skills, knowledge, and influence are making a meaningful impact.

Joe Burke
Joe Burke 

Joe Burke has successfully organized many volunteering events, such as tree planting and swan rescue, and actively promotes the Oracle Forest initiative. Joe’s leadership extends to maintaining the motivation and focus of the management team and consultants on green strategies. In addition, Joe plays a crucial role in tree nomination (Oracle Forest initiative) for achievements and supports Oracle's social values through effective communication and engagement in sustainability agendas.

Attila Narin has demonstrated exceptional dedication to sustainability within the NACI-E region by spearheading training initiatives and establishing various workstreams focused on environmental preservation. His leadership in assembling a committed team and directing sustainability efforts highlights his role as a pivotal figure in promoting environmental awareness and action within his organization.

Aswini Thota has adopted and advocated for sustainable living practices in Bangalore, India, emphasizing the reduction of plastic use, energy consumption, and waste. Aswini has transformed her living spaces to support these practices, incorporating the use of renewable energy, organic gardening, and sustainable materials. Aswini's lifestyle changes and commitment to environmental stewardship serve as an inspiration to others, demonstrating the impact of individual actions on broader environmental and community health.   

No Mow May

Mary Beth Raven spearheaded Oracle's participation in the 2024 Veganuary event, effectively mobilizing company-wide engagement through the setup of a tracking system on the international Veganuary Corporate Challenge site. Her efforts were central in promoting mindful eating and sustainable food choices among colleagues, significantly contributing to environmental awareness within the company. In her local community, Mary Beth leads a No Mow May movement focused on foregoing (or cutting back) lawn mowing to create habitat and increase the abundance and diversity of wildlife such as bees and other pollinators. Mary Beth’s dedication to encouraging sustainable lifestyles is set to continue as the 2025 Veganuary campaign is already underway.

Fiona Waters has made significant strides in integrating sustainability into Oracle’s operations across the Asia-Pacific region. As well as being a Social Impact ANZ Community Leader and Green Team ANZ Leader, Fiona has established and leads the JAPAC Sustainability Community of Practice. Her leadership is pivotal in orchestrating various sustainability-focused initiatives, including organizing Brown Bag and Industry Connection webinars, which help raise awareness and promote sustainability practices across Oracle industries. Fiona's efforts in planning, guiding and participating in both social impact projects and green team activities foster a culture of sustainability within the company. 

Elke Tutein
Elke Tutein

In her home village of Heroldsberg, Germany, Elke Tutein has been a pivotal community leader in environmental activism for over six years. Her initiatives include organizing annual cleanups with local administrative support, engaging in public awareness campaigns about cigarette butt pollution, and collaborating with local schools on environmental projects. Elke has also been instrumental in promoting sustainable energy solutions in the community, organizing markets for second-hand goods, and enhancing local engagement with renewable energy transitions.

Rebecca Sigrist has been instrumental in advocating for sustainability within Oracle, specifically through her leadership in re-establishing and expanding the Green Team ANZ, which now includes active leaders and regular environmental initiatives across Australia and New Zealand. Her contributions span various sustainability efforts such as leading environmental cleanups, organizing webinars for Earth Day, volunteering for nonprofits aiding victims of domestic violence and homelessness, as well as organizing significant events like the Musgrave Park Family Fun Day, a major National Aborigines and Islander Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) event. Rebecca also engages in sustainability research with universities and is a vital member of the JAPAC Community of Practice, furthering sustainability education and practices within Oracle and its partners.

Alan Hossack excels in promoting sustainability within Oracle and the broader community, marked by his significant contributions as a Green Team ANZ Leader. Alan has played a crucial role in leading environmental cleanups, spearheading communication strategies, and organizing significant events like the Musgrave Park Family Fun Day, a major National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee event. Alan's involvement extends to webinars, designing educational materials, and volunteering in initiatives that aid families fleeing domestic violence. His efforts in sustainability education and advocacy are vital to fostering environmental awareness and action within Oracle and the community.

CK Asinas
CK Asinas

CK Asinas, based in the Philippines, has been an active advocate for sustainability through his roles in the NetSuite Social Impact team and beyond. CK co-founded the SUSTAINARUMBLE podcast, which has become a significant platform for discussing sustainability issues in the Philippines, reaching top podcast charts and inspiring new environmental projects. CK’s leadership extends to his involvement in the Stakeholders Chamber for the Sustainable Development Goals under the national economic agency in the Philippines, where CK leads efforts with non-state actor members to support the government in driving environmental change in line with the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). CK also works with other environmental NGOs to influence the integration of sustainable practices across various sectors, mainly focusing on renewable energy transition for businesses.

Mahesh K.M., Manjunath Singh, Veena Urukonda, Nideesh Kalathil, Kiran Hiranniah, Prasant Pradhan, and Rahul BM have been pivotal in the creation and maintenance of 15 butterfly parks across various educational and community spaces in Bangalore, aiming to enhance local biodiversity and educate the public. The project directly addresses the decline in butterfly populations due to environmental challenges by establishing nurturing habitats that support these crucial pollinators and their ecosystems. The team’s efforts involve meticulous planning and community engagement, ensuring these parks serve as educational and conservation resources while fostering community involvement in environmental stewardship.

Tamara Tate has greatly contributed to sustainability in Oracle’s event management, particularly through her role in transitioning Oracle OpenWorld to the CloudWorld event format. Her focus on sustainability has included integrating sustainable operating procedures into every aspect of event planning, from vendor selection to material usage, notably achieving zero beef products in meals and eliminating single-use water bottles at major events. Tamara’s work has not only reduced environmental impact but also set new standards in sustainable event planning, elevating Oracle’s position as a leader in corporate event sustainability.

Ben Vodila
Ben Vodila

Ben Vodila has made a profound impact on wetland conservation through his leadership in founding and developing the Western Reserve Chapter of Ducks Unlimited. Under his guidance, the chapter has rapidly grown, setting state fundraising records and significantly contributing to wetland restoration across North America. Through innovative fundraising efforts, Ben's initiative has facilitated the restoration of approximately 1,200 acres of wetlands, earning the chapter multiple accolades for its achievements and efficiency, highlighting his effective and impactful leadership in environmental conservation.

Please join me in congratulating this year’s Oracle Sustainability Champions.



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