Helping Oracle Customers Make a Difference by Enhancing and Providing Increased Access to Learning Opportunities

August 20, 2020 | 3 minute read
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Education is a key driver in empowering and enlightening future generations. Oracle works with many customers who provide education to their communities, allowing people to grow and develop as individuals. Oracle’s technologies have allowed for schools to create better and more accessible learning environments for their students.

Universidad de la Sabana Provides Students With a Personalized Online Experience
Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, Oracle’s customer Universidad de la Sabana has been able to provide students with a personalized online education experience. In order to give students a more personalized enrollment experience and lower its costs, the university moved all its operations to digital, online processes—including mobile registration for its course offerings, class assignments, academic counseling, and job skills training programs. The university chose a suite of Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications tailored for higher education, running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s pay-for-use model brought significant savings, since the university could ramp up for two big bursts of demand for registrations, and ramp down at other times of the year, allowing for greater efficiency.

With the university’s previous legacy systems infrastructure and applications, students wishing to enroll in a class had to do so manually and in person, which could take 20 minutes or more. Today it takes less than two minutes for students to enroll in courses that match their interests and career objectives.

Sharda University Enhances Its Analytical Capabilities
Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Autonomous Database, and Oracle Analytics, Sharda University has further enhanced its analytical capabilities. The Delhi-based Sharda University opened its machine-learning capabilities in its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to allow students to bring sophisticated data analysis to their own projects. Using Oracle Autonomous Database, Sharda has allowed its students to further analyze their own projects, furthering their research and discoveries through analytics. Sharda underwent this transition to help prepare students to succeed in a world where digital business is the norm. Using these technologies, Sharda is not only imparting education to students, but is also helping strengthen communities and empowering the underprivileged.

“Sharda is not only imparting education to students but also helping them play a role in paying back our society and bringing up the underprivileged.”

  • Divesh Kamboj, Vice President of IT, Sharda University

MouMou Delivers a Seamless Digital Learning Experience to its South Korean Students
Oracle Customer MouMou has recently taken action to improve the educational experience for students in South Korea. Using Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Database 12c, MouMou has delivered fast and reliable digital learning environments. Using these online environments, MouMou has enabled more than 30,000 students to learn English anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the maintenance cost to sustain this new infrastructure has been lowered, allowing for funding to be reallocated elsewhere such as staffing and improved education programs. On top of this, the global network of this infrastructure allows for a global reach, resulting in students across the world having access to MouMou’s educational program. Using Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Database 12c, MouMou has delivered a seamless digital learning experience to students around the world.

Education has always played a large factor in societal growth and achievement. As a result, it is important to improve its tools and accessibility whenever possible. Oracle’s customers in the education sector haven taken initiative to further enhance their environments by improving the learning experience for their students and their well-being.




Evelyn Neumayr

Sustainability Product Strategy

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