Helping Oracle Customers Make a Difference by Enhancing and Accelerating Scientific Research

August 26, 2020 | 4 minute read
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Every day, new ground-breaking discoveries are being made through the power of the world’s latest technologies. Throughout its history, Oracle has worked with research companies by providing them with technologies that allow them to achieve and surpass their goals. As a result of these technologies, scientific research institutions have been able to push the boundaries of their work and deliver advancements at an unprecedented pace.

Woolcock Researchers Tap Oracle Cloud to Treat Insomnia
Oracle’s research partner Woolcock Institute of Medical Research has put technologies such as Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (OADW) and OCI to great use. Using OADW and OCI, Woolcock has made several advancements regarding the research and treatment behind insomnia. Typically, it takes Woolcock’s researchers weeks, or sometimes even months, to process research data. However, now, with that data integrated in OADW, researchers can visualize it in different ways, come up with new ideas, and then literally click buttons to manage the machine learning and explore different models, yielding answers almost immediately. With OCI/OADW and the power of machine learning, Woolcock researchers are able to integrate, process, and analyze billions of data points on the brain signals of individual insomnia patients. As a result, research regarding insomnia has evolved substantially, helping those who endure the sleep disorder receive greater care and treatment at much faster rates.

Oracle Cloud Helps CERN Explore Our Universe
In addition to medical research, Oracle has partnered with CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, to provide the database power necessary to operate the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. CERN has proven that Oracle Cloud can integrate within the Worldwide Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid with up to 10,000 cores on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. On top of this, CERN is also working with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to improve the operational efficiency of the control IoT. As researchers look beyond the Standard Model of physics, exploring dark matter and dark energy, CERN is investigating Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to help scale its operations to the unprecedented levels its research will require, expanding discovery day by day.

The World Bee Project Uses Oracle Cloud to Study Bee Behavior
Pollinator populations are on the decline, threatening our global food supply and biodiversity. The World Bee Project uses Oracle Cloud to study bee behavior through sound acoustics to help uncover health threats and help save them. They are learning how habitat loss, single crop farming, and pesticides affect the bee population. The World Bee Project generates masses of important data using AI, data visualizations, and analytics to identify patterns, trends, and correlations. This data is then shared with scientists, governments, NGOs, and farmers to help save these critical pollinators.

ELEM Biotech Creates a Virtual You on Oracle Cloud
ELEM Biotech has used Oracle technologies, such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), to power its research regarding the production of digital human clones. It sounds strange, however the research opportunities that arise from digital human construction are vast. With digital human cloning, the “virtual human” can be used to analyze virtual populations in clinical trials, reducing the need to use people and animals. Additionally, researchers can quickly fine-tune simulations to best match a specific patient’s conditions to save more lives faster. For example, researchers can test a pacemaker on a virtual heart that has all the physiological and anatomical characteristics that are relevant to an actual patient, or the cardiac safety of any drug, such as those administered in COVID-19 treatment. While the benefits seem expansive, the computing power to undergo these ventures is very demanding. In order to achieve their ambitious goals, Oracle has provided ELEM with the necessary computing power through OCI. As a result, ELEM has been able to develop and optimize virtual simulations for personalized patient care, allowing for extensive human care and research.

Movember Funds Cancer Research with Oracle Cloud
Many technologies have helped research companies progress their campaigns and research over time. An example is the nonprofit Movember who invites participants to grow a mustache and other challenges throughout the month of November. Movember runs personalized global marketing campaigns using Oracle CX Marketing, generating millions in donations for men’s cancer. In its first campaign using Oracle CX Marketing, Movember saw a 40% increase in participants who re-committed to growing mustaches, and the number of donations received from email rose 48%. In the 2018 campaign, Movember raised more than AU$100 million globally. Additionally, using Oracle CX Marketing to create just one intelligent campaign template for an email campaign saves hundreds of work hours.

Within society, scientific research has allowed us to pursue and discover unknowns that move us forward across limitless fields of study. However, the level of technology required to undergo some of these ventures closely scales with the difficulty of the task at hand. As a result, technology must continue to advance if we aim to continue the pursuit of discovery. With Oracle technologies, research institutions have the power they need to accomplish their tasks and make groundbreaking discoveries efficiently and seamlessly.







Evelyn Neumayr

Sustainability Product Strategy

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