Driving Sustainability with Oracle Cloud Systems

September 23, 2021 | 3 minute read
Carmen Del Campo Vazquez
Marketing Manager, Sustainability Advocate
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In the last months, we have seen a significant mindset shift towards Sustainability.  This is a topic on everyone’s mind. From investors, to consumers and individuals, companies have realized that they need to take sustainability seriously. Most businesses are setting their own sustainability goals, this is a must have, not a nice-to-have anymore.

To meet these sustainability goals, IT plays a key role, addressing sustainability challenges with solutions that can be integrated into a company’s core activities.  Transformation is not only about innovation, change and achieving more, it is also about company culture and being aware of the impact of business practices, taking the right decisions to reduce environmental impact.

We are all aware that Sustainability is a growing factor in customer's decisions for adopting Cloud computing.  Oracle has designed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with clear sustainability goals in mind and is collaborating among many stakeholders—employees, customers, and partners—to identify and address its most material impacts by:
•    providing cloud services on an efficient and low/no carbon infrastructure reducing the carbon liability of our customers (e.g. All European OCI datacenters are 100% powered by renewable energy)
•    committing to reduce the environmental impact in its operations with very aggressive goals on water/waste, and emissions reductions.
•    creating solutions that customer use to manage their sustainability and net zero ambitions.
•    designing hardware to encompass the circular economy diverting over 99% of e-waste from landfills.

Oracle Cloud Systems, is also helping companies to achieve sustainability by looking at their tech infrastructure and determining ways to highly increase efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint in a cost effective manner. Our customers in Europe are now achieving 40-50% reduction rates in CO2 emissions and in power costs thanks to Oracle Cloud Systems.  

With the environment in mind, Oracle has launched several programs that are helping customers and partners to build a more circular economy, increase energy and resource efficiency, and allow higher utilization rates while reducing costs.   
•    The complimentary Carbon Emissions Assessment offers our customers and partners the opportunity to leverage the transition to Oracle Cloud Systems, yielding increased efficiency by consolidating, simplifying, and optimizing IT.  
Once a request for the assessment is submitted, the Cloud Systems team engages to conduct a health check of the customers current systems. The team then creates a report detailing options for reducing the customers’ carbon footprint and benefits of  Oracle Database Appliance (ODA). 

“The carbon assessment has helped open a door using a different angle. The approach of bringing an assessment for free to clients is appealing more so to see their own footprint. With my engagement so far we have gone as far as doing a DB assessment which has lead us to uncover potential for HW refresh for the client.” – Andile Bota, Cloud Systems OD Sales.


Nowadays, successful businesses are not only measured by profit, but also by demonstrating their commitments to building a resilient future and implementing sustainable corporate strategies.  It is no secret that our planet is our home and we need to take care of it.


For more information contact emeacloudsystemssustainabilitygroup_es_grp@oracle.com.



Carmen Del Campo Vazquez

Marketing Manager, Sustainability Advocate

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