CDP Recognizes Oracle as a Supplier Engagement Leader for 7th Consecutive Year

March 27, 2023 | 3 minute read
Maria Forney
Global Sustainability Director
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Purchasing organizations, such as Oracle, can influence environmental changes via their engagement with suppliers. CDP runs a global disclosure system and evaluates organizations’ engagement with suppliers on climate change. We are proud to be recognized by CDP as a Supplier Engagement Leader for the 7th consecutive year. Oracle is among the top 8% assessed for supplier engagement on climate change, based on its 2022 CDP disclosure, and was cited for our contributions to emissions reductions throughout the value chain.

CDP also assigns a Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) to all companies that respond to its climate change questionnaire.  The CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating recognizes how effectively companies are engaging with their suppliers on climate issues. CDP assesses performance on supplier engagement using a company's response to selected questions on governance, targets, scope 3 emissions, and value chain engagement. The companies with the best SER are celebrated as Supplier Engagement Leaders, which this year is comprised of the top 8% of companies who disclosed to the full climate questionnaire. 

Oracle is included among this year’s Supplier Engagement Leaders as we acknowledge sustainable businesses need sustainable supply chains. For this reason, Oracle works diligently with our suppliers to establish sourcing policies and drive collaborative programs to reduce our carbon emissions. As a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Oracle manages and monitors our direct hardware supply chain in accordance with the RBA Code of Conduct.

Each year, Oracle engages with our strategic suppliers to report data on their carbon, water, and waste footprints via the RBA platform, a process that helps us evaluate and manage potential risks in our supply chain. Oracle is also an active member of the RBA Environmental Sustainability working group, helping develop strategies and tools to improve environmental impact measurement, drive resource efficiency, and build industry capacity and performance.

Oracle’s position on CDP's 2022 Supplier Engagement Leaderboard recognizes these and all our efforts to drive down emissions in our supply chain. 

“This year’s report shows that environmental action is not happening at the speed, scale and scope required to limit global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees, with many companies still not acknowledging that their impact on the environment extends far beyond their operations and that of climate change.

“COP 15 couldn’t have been clearer in the call to action on corporate reporting on nature. If a company is not preparing for future regulations on nature in the supply chain, they are open to a wide range of risks and could also be missing out on the opportunities that safeguarding nature will bring. Quite simply, if a company wants to be in business in the future, they need to start embedding nature into the way that they buy and collaborating with suppliers to drive action in the supply chain.

“Therefore, we need to see environmental leadership from companies right now by tackling their impacts on climate change and nature together, working with their suppliers in an integrated way that includes nature as standard, and incentivizing this engagement within their organization.”  

- Sonya Bhonsle, Global Head of Value Chains, CDP 





Maria Forney

Global Sustainability Director

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