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May 13, 2021 | 2 minute read
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By Kathy Wu, Oracle Consulting communication manager, Sweden

Yesterday morning, I threw away a carrot because it looked so bad and that was the easiest way to get rid of it. I am sure I am not alone in wasting food like this. When was the last time you threw away food and why?

If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest one. Every year, we throw away 1.3 billion tons of edible food.

The hopeful news is that each one of us can help reduce food waste in our homes. According to research, most food waste happens at home—43% in the US and 53% in the EU, for example. A few of the reasons we waste food include misshapen fruits and vegetables, poor planning, storing food incorrectly, and past best-before-dates.

Here are my tips for what you can do to reduce food waste.

  1. Make a grocery list, so you don’t buy unnecessary items.
  2. Go through your food items at home before you shop, so that you don’t overbuy and can take advantage of existing foods.
  3. Compost your food waste.
  4. Plan according to how many people you’re feeding before you start to cook.
  5. Keep leftovers and turn them into another meal, such as ingredients for fried rice, salad, or a stew.
  6. Place vegetables in water to extend their life.
  7. Never waste your coffee grounds; your plants love them.
  8. Discuss food waste at home by teaching children about the journey the food takes to get to one’s table.
  9. Regrow the herbs you bought.
  10. Trust your senses—look, smell, and taste before throwing away food. A best-before-date is a preferable date to consume the food at its best shape. Even past the date, most of the food is still safe to consume.

Food waste extends beyond just the food. It also results in wasted energy and wasted resources such as the water and land used to produce the food.

To learn more about this important topic and what you can do to reduce your food waste, I encourage you to visit the Too Good To Go website

The group’s mission is to reduce food waste, and its employees call themselves food waste warriors.

I invite you to become a food waste warrior and save our food and our planet.  

Evelyn Neumayr

Sustainability Product Strategy

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