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  • May 14, 2019

Oracle Recognizes Employees for Their Environmental Volunteering Efforts

In a continuation of our discussion of Oracle’s Sustainability Champions, we recognize outstanding employees whose sustainability efforts help reduce our environmental footprint, as well as improve the environment in the communities where they live and work. In this article, hear about some of the champions recognized for their environmental volunteering efforts.

Tobe Attah (Burlington, Massachusetts)
Tobe's journey in advancing sustainability efforts far precedes his time at Oracle. He is an Advisory Council member for the Young Global Leadership Foundation (YGLF), a nonprofit registered with the Oracle Volunteering portal. The YGLF guides aspiring young adult leaders to achieve their global goals in alignment with the United Nations (UN) and the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals: Agenda 2030. In 2018, the UN granted the UN ECOSOC Special Consultative Status to YGLF, distinguishing only six organizations across 980 candidates around the world.

Tobe began working with the YGLF after forming a strategic alliance with his platform Doodle the News, a multimedia hub that encourages younger audiences to learn and teach each other about the world using the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Tobe has loved every second of running media literacy workshops, constantly challenging himself to encourage others to get more involved with sustainability outreach.

“Being a part of the Class Of program, Tobe acknowledges it can be difficult to gain traction around philanthropic efforts in a young sales organization. Tobe would love to get the YGLF directly involved with Oracle this year. With its expertise and resources, the YGLF can help Oracle facilitate streamlined paths for employees to advance sustainability. For example, Tobe already works closely with several K-12 schools in the Greater Boston Area, mentoring students to help with college readiness, projects, and capstones. Tobe can help bridge the gap between Oracle and the over 400 school districts in Massachusetts yearning for greater representation from corporate partners. Tobe and YGLF can then effectively implement programs that allow different Oracle lines of business to elect leaders for sustainable impact projects involving the community. Tobe envisions both organizations working strategically with local schools to help younger students see the value of sustainability and STEM education. Tobe also got engaged with the Oracle Green Team and he has already helped create a logo for them.

Loredana Balan (Bucharest, Romania)
Loredana has been a strong advocate for protecting the environment for many years, both within and outside Oracle. She has been a champion in delivering key messages and posters to employees regarding the importance of doing more to protect the environment in which we all live. She is enthusiastic and passionate about environmental discussions and has been involved in many environmental volunteer projects for the past five years.

Her first Oracle Volunteering project was for Planting Day at Cernica Forest, which was also the very first environmental volunteering project for Oracle Romania. This year she is organizing a glass collection activity in which Oracle employees are encouraged to bring bottles, as well as other glass items they no longer use, to be collected and then recycled by a dedicated nongovernmental organization. Last year she participated in an Oracle Volunteering project to plant trees in a very polluted area near a refinery.

Gayathri Nagarajan, Ashok Sanke, Jasjit Singh, Manjunath Singh, Rajeevi Rao, and Neelam Tiwari (Bengalaru, India)
The "Green Warrior Team" has been working for years on reducing environmental footprints and spreading awareness and efforts on solving environmental problems in the community. The team has led and participated in various volunteer projects aimed at addressing environmental challenges and their resolution.

Activities conducted include the planting of trees, encouraging the use of reusable and recyclable products, avoiding single-use plastics, educating rural and urban communities (including students) to use healthy sustainable resources to reduce waste, promoting and using organic products, saving water, and cleaning public places, parks, schools and orphanages.

The team has also been involved in promoting and conducting workshops on how to grow a terrace garden and live life in an organic/sustainable way with zero waste, including workshops with farmers. They have also been instrumental in promoting the reduction of carbon footprints by arranging cyclethons and expeditions in Bangalore to promote cycling as a healthy travel mode and to reduce air pollution. 

In collaboration with others, the Green Warrior Team has planted more than 30,000 trees over the last two years using the Miyawaki forest technique. These Oracle Volunteering projects had many participants, ranging from 250 to 600 people. The Green Warrior Team truly believes in sustainable living and has dreams of spreading its wings to an even wider reach for a healthy and green earth.


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