This blog discusses Oracle's sustainability-related solutions and some of the sustainability activities at Oracle.

  • February 15, 2021

Oracle customers make the world a better place

In addition to achieving commercial goals, Oracle’s customers use its technology to build a better future throughout the world. Oracle is proud to support customers that make service, science, and sustainability a part of their core mission. Oracle is also committed to social responsibility and pleased to support like-minded organizations.

“Oracle technology plays an important role in helping many of our customers improve the world around us,” says Jon Chorley, Oracle chief sustainability officer and group vice president, supply chain management product strategy. “We appreciate the inspiring work they do and feel honored to assist in their humanitarian efforts.”

The following highlights a few customers that use Oracle enterprise software and IT solutions to contribute to the public good. You can find more examples on the Oracle customers website  and in this business brief.

Many Oracle customers are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and addressing the severe problem of climate change.


  • Startup retraced used Oracle Blockchain and Oracle Autonomous Database to develop a supply chain transparency application to help apparel, footwear, jewelry, and other fashion brands show customers that their products are ethically and sustainably sourced.
  • AgroScout’s machine learning algorithms use Oracle Cloud to analyze drone-captured images of farm fields. By knowing which pests and diseases to treat, growers can save money, improve yields, and feed more people.
  • Solar energy technology provider d.light is improving more than 100 million lives in 70 countries, thanks, in part, to insights gleaned from Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics.
  • Booster Fuels is changing the way energy is delivered, using Internet of Things technology running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • National Grid ESO, running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, uses machine learning to improve the analysis of renewable energy sources by 40%, reducing query time from hours to minutes.

Oracle technology plays an increasing role in improving education to benefit thousands of students around the world.

Scientific research
Scientists use the high-performance computing power of Oracle’s cloud infrastructure as well as its database and enterprise software solutions to push the limits of human understanding, opening up new avenues of exploration and research.


  • Oracle’s research partner Woolcock Institute of Medical Research has been using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to make important advancements regarding the research and treatment behind insomnia.
  • The nonprofit Movember runs personalized global marketing campaigns using Oracle CX Marketing, generating millions in donations for men’s cancer research.
  • ELEM Biotech creates models of the human body using the compute power of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to build virtual populations representing diverse pathologies.
  • Pollinator populations are on the decline, threatening our global food supply and biodiversity. The World Bee Project uses Oracle Cloud to study bee behavior through sound acoustics to help uncover health threats and help save bee populations.

Oracle Cloud helps healthcare payers, providers, and researchers serve patients by to driving innovation, reducing costs, and improving outcomes.

  • Oracle built Health Management Cloud, which is being used for COVID-19 clinical trials in the United States. Ghana is using this same cloud system to distribute its yellow fever vaccine.
  • Sensa Analytics has been using Oracle Autonomous Database to increase the efficiency of acquiring and analyzing patient data regarding COVID-19.
  • Oracle Autonomous Database has also allowed healthcare organizations, such as Sejong Hospital, to make more informed decisions for its patients, including children with congenital heart disease.

At Oracle, we believe that technology can have an important role in community development, and many of our customers exemplify this.

  • Save the Children, India has made extended efforts to support communities in India using Oracle Cloud Applications, such as Human Capital Management (HCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning. Using HCM, Save the Children recruits relief workers to help manage natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, and cyclones.
  • When Memphis, Tennessee citizens asked for improved protective services, the mayor’s team chose Oracle Cloud HCM to recruit experienced emergency workers. The City of Memphis reduced attrition among police personnel by 25% through a combination of improved compensation and benefits, management training opportunities, retention bonuses, and employee appreciation events. 
  • The global nonprofit CARE uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute and storage services to improve lives in 100 countries.
  • To achieve its mission, Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired moved off homegrown software solutions to Oracle Cloud Applications, helping it open new career paths for its workforce.

Good corporate citizenship means being intentional and thoughtful about the value Oracle generates as a company—not only for our shareholders, but also for our people, planet, and future generations. It means applying the same level of commitment, rigor, and sincerity to changing lives as we do to building cutting-edge technology for our customers.


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