This blog discusses Oracle's sustainability-related solutions and some of the sustainability activities at Oracle.

  • August 4, 2020

Helping Oracle Customers Make a Difference by Giving Back to Those In Need

Communities flourish when a myriad of stakeholders invest their time, resources, and passion in them. As a result, it is important to give back whenever we can in order to build and sustain strong communities that are supportive of one another and allow for societal advancement and well-being. Oracle’s technologies are being used by numerous purpose-driven customers to help give back to their communities in order to accomplish this.

Save the Children, India Recruits Relief Workers to Help Manage Natural Disasters

Save The Children, India has made extended efforts to support communities in India using Oracle technology such as Human Capital Management (HCM) and ERP. Using HCM, Save The Children recruits relief workers to help manage natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, and cyclones. The humanitarian agency relies on HCM to attract and cultivate workers who live out of a backpack, spend long months away from home, and work in extremely challenging, even dangerous conditions. In addition, Save The Children, India uses Oracle ERP to track financial data in real time, allowing India to accurately report exactly where donations are going. Leveraging the benefits of Oracle’s planning tools and applications, Save The Children is able to efficiently operate in conditions where it matters most.

“I've seen a visible spark that is created in a child when they realize that change is possible, opening a world of opportunity for them and their communities.”

  • Bidisha Pillai, CEO, Save the Children, India

Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired Creates More Jobs for the Blind Community

Oracle customer Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired (IBVI) has taken action to improve the livelihoods of those with visual impairment within their communities. IBVI’s objective is to create a wider range of job opportunities that can be fulfilled by the blind community. Originally, most of the available jobs to this community were exclusively related to manufacturing and assembly. Since implementing the new Oracle Cloud Applications system, which allows for compatibility with accessibility tools such as text-to-speech, IBVI has been able to create new independent roles (no sighted assistance required) in customer service, human resources, and financial management. Sandra Teague-Martin, for example, had worked in a real estate office for years until losing most of her vision to glaucoma. She joined IBVI doing assembly work and then was promoted to an office role, where she now uses Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud to enter and track orders with ease. As a result of Oracle’s technologies, IBVI was able to present extensive job opportunities to those in need within their communities.

“It’s incredible what humans can do when faced with a challenge.”

  • Deborah Ambro-Crandell, Head of Customer Success, IBVI

Turning Point Improves the Lives of Its Community Members Suffering from Illness and Addiction

Oracle’s technologies are also used to treat community members who suffer from illness and/or addiction in their lives. Turning Point, a leading social enterprise in the United Kingdom, has helped 100,000 people battle drug addiction, work with their learning disabilities and mental illnesses, and transition back into society after incarceration. Using Oracle CX, Turning Point builds online summaries for clients that contain their medical conditions, treatment records, and prescription and street drug use, so that medical personnel can immediately diagnose a problem, whether the client is visiting its clinic or living on the streets. Turning Point staffers can access these records from an internet-enabled emergency van they use to respond to police calls for their help. Providing swifter access to treatment, Oracle Intelligent Advisor matches patients with appropriate resources and the right programs for substance abuse treatment.

Forth Smart Connects Rural Economies Using Oracle Cloud

Forth Smart has created banking kiosks throughout rural Thailand to help connect its community. These kiosks started as a way to let people use cash and coins to top off prepaid mobile phones and transfer funds, but they now offer a greatly expanded number of services and e-banking functions. Forth Smart uses Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics to improve operations and test new offers in its fleet of kiosks, bringing electronic banking to Thailand’s rural areas.

“Before our kiosks were available, people would have to travel from their villages to transfer money to relatives in times of need.”

  • Pawarit (Taa) Ruengsuksilp, Business Development Analyst, Forth Smart


Using Oracle technologies, purpose-driven companies are able to give back to communities more so than ever before. Due to recent technological advancement, Oracle’s customers are able to accomplish their tasks even more efficiently and, in turn, the communities they support are reaping those benefits more quickly. As a result, communities all over the world are experiencing greater job availability, better mental health, decreased emergency response times, and more.







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