This blog discusses Oracle's sustainability-related solutions and some of the sustainability activities at Oracle.

  • August 11, 2020

Helping Oracle Customers Make a Difference by Enhancing Healthcare Initiatives

Everyday customers are using Oracle’s technologies to help strengthen communities and build a better future. Some of the most critical customers Oracle works with are within the healthcare industry. Oracle’s healthcare customers have taken action with Oracle technologies to improve their discoveries, procedures, and operations across the world.

Sensa Analytics Speeds Healthcare Data Insights with Oracle Cloud

Using Oracle Autonomous Database (OAD), Oracle customers have been able to use data visualizations, machine learning, and run queries against billion-row tables to efficiently accomplish their analyses and benefit public health. One example of this is the Oracle customer Sensa Analytics. Using OAD, Sensa Analytics has accelerated their time to market with zero administration needed. Thanks to OAD, Sensa Analytics has increased the efficiency of acquiring and analyzing patient data regarding COVID-19. OAD has also allowed organizations like Sejong Hospital to make more informed decisions for its patients, including children with congenital heart disease.

Outsourcing Group Manages Employee Health Data in Oracle Cloud

Oracle customers have also been able to put both Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Data Visualization to great use. Outsourcing Business Service has been able to use these technologies to provide better service to their staff. Outsourcing Business Service uses these Oracle tools to analyze the work-life balance of its employees, helping identify potential problems before they arise. With Oracle Analytics Cloud and Data Visualization, Outsourcing Business Service has the ability to create an easy to read UI that allows staff members to analyze their health data with little-to-no analytical skills needed. As a result, Outsourcing Business Service has seen a boost to employee health across all 30 of its business divisions, as employees are now able to easily intervene sooner rather than later regarding health issues.

Providence St. Joseph Health Simplifies with Oracle Cloud

Oracle’s resource management applications, such as Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) have allowed its customers to improve healthcare outcomes by optimized planning. Over the past year, Oracle customer Providence St. Joseph Health, one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States, has put these technologies to great use. Thanks to Oracle ERP and HCM, St. Joseph Health is able to deliver richer data insights, improve the end user experience, and provide the health system with access to a steady drumbeat of new capabilities and features.

Oracle Cloud Helps National Pharmacies Put Members First

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), National Pharmacies, has been able to operate efficiently by having the compute power necessary to achieve their daily goals while also putting more resources toward innovation. For example, National Pharmacies has used the power of OCI to scale its testing operations from 1,000 to 100,000 people with ease. Pharmacists can now instantly call up all of a patient’s prescription information, allowing them to focus the conversation on a patient’s needs rather than on medical history details.

Oracle Cloud Helps CARE Streamline Operations

CARE is a leading humanitarian organization, fighting global poverty by driving community-based efforts to improve basic education, helping prevent the spread of HIV, increasing access to clean water and sanitation, providing emergency aid, expanding economic opportunity, and protecting natural resources in more than 90 countries. This global nonprofit uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute and storage services to improve lives in 100 countries.

“In Bihar, India, there are over 110 million people. In 2005, only 39 people a month were accessing public health facilities. Fast-forward to 2018, and that’s now 10,000 people a month.”

  • Charu Goyle, Associate Vice President, CARE USA


The healthcare industry has long been hampered by a lack of technology due to the inability to keep up with the industry’s demand. Oracle is able to provide these technologies in multiple forms, allowing companies to find ways to better manage and optimize their projects across a broad range of categories. Using technologies such as OCI, HCM, ERP, OAD, Data Visualization and Cloud Analytics, Oracle customers have been able to not only achieve their goals, but even surpass them while being more efficient in the process. Oracle technologies have helped its healthcare customers deliver better services, resulting in improved overall patient health and satisfaction.






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