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    March 10, 2009

What does your Dashboard look like?

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This morning, I logged on to My Oracle Support and immediately dragged the “Knowledge Articles” region back to the top because I knew I would be using it often. I moved the“Getting Started” region to somewhere in the bottom since I wasn’t really using it anymore. Then I started wondering: how do other people organize the regions on their Support Dashboard? How more efficient does this make us?

A friend of mine here at Oracle says he keeps Knowledge and Targets (filtered to show only his “Favorite” Targets) on the top of his page since he rarely logs actual SR’s and already knows enough about his systems.

How do you organize/customize your dashboard? How does it make you more efficient? What’s your favorite (or least favorite) customization feature?

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Pat Wednesday, March 11, 2009
    Couple of comments
    * Least Favorite customization feature:
    (1) I am not sure about customization feature, but this is just plain annoying, when I click on Adding a Doc to my (old term) BOOKMARKs, I get a box that pops up indicating that it was added, then click HIDE MESSAGS.
    Ok, I get it. That is why the "star" turns solid (yellow). Get rid of the pop box!
    Customization wish:
    (2) Wish I could customize my opening screen NOT to the DASHBOARD, but create an opening screen for myself that included: SAVED searches on patches forums topics on my oracle support, OTN forums topics (it open to the public..right), etc.
    For example My opening screen:
    box 1: (my opening screen...aka mys)
    Knowledge screen with RECENT docs with my filter ( which does not work, I have an SR open right now for this) and not going to ALERTs box everytime.
    MYS box 2 to Box 4:
    Showing all patch updates for the SEARCHES I have saved.
    for example: i have search saved:
    Oracle Enterprise 10203,
    Oracle Enterprise 10204,
    Oracle Enterprise 1107,
    It would be great if each of my search save had their own box open and display what is the newest (desc order) of patches/patches set, etc..no more Click the TAB patches, then click on your SAVED search..
    Box 5: Bug box
    again, using powerview filter or Bug box filter..
    At least allow the customer to RE-ORDER the TAB section. Again, I don't want the DASHBOARD every time I go into MOS (my oracle support). I might later on, but not every time.
    just some suggestions...
  • Jorge Thursday, March 12, 2009
    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for the great feedback.
    I agree that being able to get to Saved Searches for Patches more quickly would improve efficiency.
    Are you saying that you would like to be able to configure your screen to see Favorite articles (or "Bookmarks") or recent searches as soon as you log in?
    Also, I can understand your being annoyed by the pop-up ;-)
    What other thoughts might some of you have?
  • Jorge Monday, March 16, 2009
    There is also a post in the communities at the following URL that discusses this issue:
    It mentions the ability to use multiple regions of the same type (i.e. you can have 3 "boxes" with Knowledge articles on your page at once)
  • owemoMaree Tuesday, December 15, 2009
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