Monday Jan 14, 2013

Mobile My Oracle Support ships OnDemand "Schedule RFCs" and Hotspot support for Blackberry

Last weekend, on 12-Feb-2013, we released Mobile My Oracle Support, Version 6.4. This was mainly a maintenance release focusing on bug fixes (40+) and usability/UI issues.

The main new feature in this release is the ability for OnDemand users to schedule RFC s(Requests for Change). If you have an OnDemand CSI in your profile and are an Authorized Approver, you can now approve and schedule RFCs from your mobile device.

Also note the support for BlackBerry’s HotSpot browser.

RFC List

RFC View Detail

RFC Schedule Header

RFC Schedule bottom

Thursday Jul 19, 2012

Does the MOS UI looks crazy? How to fix this right now.

Some customers have experienced an issue with the "Accessibility" option has been set in their settings, which for someone who is not Blind and using a screen reader would drive you crazy to use.  We are working to change this setting to "off" for these customers, but in the meantime you can fix this yourself very quickly.

[[ Watch the Video to Explain the Issue and How to Fix it in 30 seconds ]]

If you page looks like this, you have this setting ON.

And this will make it really difficult to navigate using your mouse.

The page should look like this.

Notice the "More..." menu which you didn't see before.

So you need to navigate to the Settings > Personalization page and turn OFF (uncheck) this box and "Apply Changes".

So to do this you need to use the TAB key on your keyboard.

From the Dashboard, even though you can't see or access the Settings tab you can get to it.

  1. Click tab while your cursor is in the browser window. Continue clicking tab till you tab to the "Tab Bar" - and you will cycle past Dashboard, Service Requests, etc... until the tab bar wraps around to the "Settings" tab.
  2. Press Enter
  3. If you are not on the Personalization page you can choose it from the list on the left.
  4. Now you should be able to use your mouse to uncheck the Accessibility setting and click "Apply Changes"
  5. You are set! Now the UI should work and look much better.

You can post any comments or issues here. Hope this helps! And we will rush to get this fixed.

If you INTENTIONALLY have the Accessibility setting checked, you will need to check this again after we reset this. AND we very much want to hear from you to get your specific feedback about the accessibility of My Oracle Support. Drop us a note on this Blog and we will contact you. Thanks and sorry for this problem.

Tuesday May 22, 2012

Free Whitepaper: Understanding Proactive Support

I was just sent this IDC whitepaper and read it. I thought it was pretty good, so I am passing it along...

It is officially titled, "The Business Value of Proactive Support Services"

It does a good job of covering the type of services one should expect from any company, and does a good job of giving the overview and a few cases studies of how Oracle does it. Seemed like a fair understanding and might be useful to understanding how your team should look at proactive services (with Oracle or with any vendor).

 The whitepaper also has a video and some more resources (one of which requires your Oracle SSO to view)

Saturday Sep 17, 2011

My Oracle Support Mobile is Live!

Regular blog followers will know that we’ve been working on a mobile solution for My Oracle Support – well, it’s here - try! You are the FIRST to know. Shortly we will have it posted. You’ll need to sign in with your regular My Oracle Support "SSO" user name and password, and then you should be good to go.

Had authentication issues? We investigated and got the correct ports open. Please clear your browser and try now!

It is just the basics!

This is the first version of the My Oracle Support mobile solution, so it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles yet. This release allows you to perform the tasks that are the most common for our customers and that we think will provide the most immediate value – namely checking up on the status of your service requests and adding updates.

We’ll be including more functionality over the coming months – and welcome your feedback on the features you’d like to see most. In the meantime, if you get to the mobile site and really want the fill HTML version click the "Full Site" link before you sign in to switch over.

But I need some help...

Try the FAQ first... 

My Oracle Support Mobile is pretty straightforward to use, however if you’re running into difficulties or would simply like to offer feedback, please let us know by emailing or by using the ‘Give Feedback’ link within My Oracle Support Mobile. The more input received, the better!

Learn more about My Oracle Support Mobile by attending the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld conference and by visiting us at OpenWorld.

We hope you enjoy this latest addition to the My Oracle Support platform. We have a LOT more planned for Mobile, so chime in on YOUR needs...

At OpenWorld?

The mobile development team will be at OpenWorld and would love to hear from you directly. We will be conducting usability sessions Monday to Wednesday and you could join us there, if you have some time (room to be posted). If you want to schedule time, we can do that too. Send us an email at

I will be there presenting at a few sessions and I hope to touch on Mobile. As other Mobile folks give me their schedules or booths I will post it here...

Tuesday Feb 09, 2010

Latest PatchSet Redesign: Give us your feedback on Quick Links

We are working on patch recommendation improvements and support for other features concerning patching of EBS/Fusion and the use of Enterprise Manager. We completed the survey, over 450 customers responded. We will look at sharing back some of the key findings with the community. You might have some insight to further our understanding of you, our customers. Thanks so much!

We are incorporating the latest patches pages (aka, "Quick Links") into the new My Oracle Support user interface. The Quick Links pages contain the latest patchsets/packs for E-Business Suite and Oracle Server/Tools products. You can get to this page from your Patches and Updates tab in My Oracle Support, and clicking on the "Latest" links in the "Patching Quick Links" region. (as shown below). We want to make it better, if you think it could be improved.

This is ONLY to discuss the "Latest" Patch PAGES as shown below, NOT for the first region called "Patching Quick Links".




Copy and paste these questions into a comment for this blog entry and use them as a guide to give us feedback. Feel free to forward to others on your team for their input. We are listening!

1) How often do you use the Quick Links page (daily, weekly, monthly, rarely)?

2) Do Quick Links help you do you job? Do you still need to add or refine the search after clicking a Quick Link?

3) Could you briefly describe your last visit and use of these pages? Is there something it should be doing, but it doesn't?

4) How many different products on a Quick Links page do you ever use (i.e., do you ignore most of them and find yourself using the same 3 or 4 all of the time)?

5) Other feedback, or questions.

Please note: We understand that you may have other feedback concerning My Oracle Support, but please focus your comments on THIS post to Quick Links.

Thank you, Ajay and Richard



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