FAQ | Mobile My Oracle Support

1. How is Mobile My Oracle Support different from the main My Oracle Support portal?

Mobile My Oracle Support is the My Oracle Support web-based application optimized for mobile devices.  It has the following functionality (which is a subset of that available from the main portal):

Other areas will be considered for future releases.

2. What about Create Service Requests (SR)? Configurations? Other features?

Some tasks make a lot of sense via a phone such as checking an SR or change request status, looking up knowledge documents, approving or denying account requests, etc., while some others such as creating an SR, creating a change request, etc., are too complicated for a phone and therefore, have not been implemented.  We are, however, always looking to hear from you on what your needs are and use this information to prioritize what we do next. Please send us feedback on what is important to you at

3. What about e-mail notifications?

This cannot be setup in the Mobile application and is already supported in the main My Oracle Support portal. Go to Settings > Hot Topics and configure the email notification system to alert you of updates to SRs.

4. What browsers are supported?

"Modern" mobile browsers such as Apple iPhone, Windows 5 and 6, Blackberry 4.6+ and Android should all work fine. See the section on Mobile Browser Support on the Trinidad website for details. Please let us know if you find anything that should work but doesn't.

5. I am having a problem signing into Mobile My Oracle Support. I enter valid credentials, but the sign in page is cleared and redisplayed.

The browser must be setup to accept cookies.

6. Why can't the website save my user name and password? It times out too fast.

We don't save the username / password since Mobile My Oracle Support now uses the Single Sign-On (SSO) and comes with automatic sign in when the session times out.  The timeout occurs after 30 minutes and the welcome page is displayed. Just click on the Sign In button and you are automatically signed in.

Note: The SSO sign in times out after four hours. After that time, you are prompted with the SSO sign in screen.

7. Why don't I see Notifications and Change Requests sections?

The Notification section is only displayed if the user has the required privileges to see Pending User Requests, or if the user has the required privileges and there are outstanding user requests.

Change Requests are only displayed for On Demand customers who have the required Request For Change (RFC) privileges.

8. Why don't the numbers show up when I come to the screen?

A Display Counts setting is now available for Notification and Service Request Sections. The setting is on by default.  The counts for Change Requests are displayed once the section is accessed.

Note: Sign in performance is affected when you have display set to on.

9. My sign in is very slow. Why is that?

If the setting for displaying counts for all service request sections and notifications is set to ON, the counts must be calculated before the landing page is displayed. If the initial display is too slow, consider changing the Display Count setting to Off.

10. Is Mobile My Oracle Support Accessible?

Yes, we have tested Mobile My Oracle Support on the Iphone 4 with the Iphone accessibility features, including Zoom, VoiceOver, and White on Black. If you have issues with these features, please email us at and we will work to improve the design.

11. What do I do if I encounter technical problems with Mobile My Oracle Support?

Typically, use the Give Feedback link.  However, if you can't get into Mobile My Oracle Support, try signing in to the main My Oracle Support portal and file a non-technical Service Request or send an email to  If you are unable to sign in from the main portal, phone Oracle Support. Mobile My Oracle Support is dependent on the main site being available.

If you're on an iPhone and the problem is relating to something you see, attach a screen shot.  Click the power and main round button on the phone at the same time to take a screen shot. Then go into your Camera's photo library and email the photo to our with your issue. For Android or Blackberry, there is no easy way to do this. Take a photo of the screen with a web-camera or another phone.

12. Is training available?

Training videos will be available soon.

13. Can I search in Mobile My Oracle Support?

Searching is available for both Knowledge and Service requests. Searching Change Requests is planned for a later release. The search input field is found at the top of the landing page.

Tabs for each area that can be searched are displayed when the cursor is placed in the search text area;  the area selected for the search is identified with a check mark. To change areas, simply click on the tab for that area.

14. How do I search in Mobile My Oracle Support?

Simply enter text in the search field, select the tab for the area to be searched, and click the search button. By default, knowledge searches are text searches of the knowledge base and SR searches are either text searches of the SR summary field or numeric searches for SRs.

15. Is there a way to narrow my search?

Additional search options are available for both Knowledge and Service Requests. Placing the cursor in the search text field causes tabs for the areas to search and a More Search Options button to be displayed. Clicking the More Search Options button will display the additional options for related to  the selected search area (tab containing the check mark).

A search can continue to be refined by editing the search criteria using the edit link/edit button on the search results page. The edit link enables the user to modify the search options that had been used in the search.

16. How can I get into the Advanced Search from the landing page?

Click in the Search box, check SRs if you want to search SRs, and then click on 'More Search Options'. 

17. Can I search the My Oracle Support Communities from Mobile My Oracle Support?

This option is not currently available.  The only sources that are currently searched include the knowledge base, the bug database, and the knowledge base archive. This is, however, being planned for a future release.

18. On the Advanced Search page, I didn't see my product returned from when I searched the available product list.

Only 20 products are returned.  Refine your search to be more specific in order to find your product.

19. Can I save my searches for future use?

Simple knowledge searches are automatically saved and can be viewed in the Recent Searches section found under Knowledge on the main page. Advanced Knowledge searches cannot be saved at this time

Service Request searches can be saved by clicking the save button on the results page from the search. All saved SR searches are listed in the Saved SR Searches section on the main page in the order they were created.

20. What about Product filters? I have too many SRs to search.

It is on the list. You can search by SR number of any part of the SR title. This should narrow the search. You can also create a custom filter for just a specific support identifier, this might help. We will get a product filter as soon as possible for the SR Custom Search function.

21. I don't see any Open SRs in my list.  Why is that?

Likely you have no open SRs for the Support Identifiers in your profile. This list should match the list you see in the MOS main portal SR region (with no filters turned on).

22. What is listed in SR Favorites?

Open technical SRs that you've set as favorites are listed here. This list does not include closed SRs or those that are non-technical (Contact Us SRs).

23. I have a BlackBerry and am experiencing problems reaching Mobile My Oracle Support

We've received several reports of BlackBerry devices not being redirected from to If the blackberry does not redirect to the Mobile My Oracle Support URL, the hotspot browser may not be setup correctly. To correct this problem, perform the following steps from your BlackBerry:

1. In the hotspot browser, go to Browser Options.
2. From the Browser Options, select Browser Configuration.
3. In Browser Configuration, change Browser Identification to BlackBerry.
4. Save the change.


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