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My Oracle Support 6.3 - Knowledge Highlights

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My Oracle Support 6.3 was released over the weekend (13-Oct-2012), and with that we released 30+ enhancements and 60+ bug fixes.

Most important changes

  • Search Suggestions are auto-correcting spelling errors, more suggestions for 'how to' type questions, enhanced usability to see the suggested additional terms.
  • Improved Knowledge Base region on the My Oracle Support dashboard: recent searches from this region now retain the search attributions (e.g. pre-selected products or release).

Search Tip: if the Knowledge Base region doesn't show up as the first region in the right column on the My Oracle Support dashboard, consider personalizing your dashboard to put it first, so that you right there for searching. Specifying the product you are researching an issue for, with optionally version and task as well, makes searches in the majority of the cases more precise. for more information, see my comments in my previous blog on the topic: https://blogs.oracle.com/supportportal/entry/mos_6_2_release

  • Better support for searches on ORA-600 & ORA-700: no longer a difference in results between searching on 'ORA-600 [Arg1]' and 'Ora-00600: Internal Error Code, Arguments: [Arg1]'.

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