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I've been keeping an eye on the feedback on the recent My Oracle Support and Mobile My Oracle Support 6.2;always interesting and as always, the feedback is appreciated.

Some topics that I came across in my area (Knowledge Management and Mobile platform)

  1. A common feedback is that search returns results for many different products
      • Well, Oracle has quite a few products. Making sure that the product context is set correctly is important for search relevancy; it's one of the determining factors.The good news is that there are quite a few different options to do that
          • New Browse Knowledge region on the dashboard: with 6.2 we introduced a new region on the dashboard/landing page. It allows you to pre-filter your search with product,task and release or version. It also gives you quick access to the relevant Information Centers. I can recommend the use of this region and its search: setting the product context, and potentially task and release/version can make a world of difference in searching the knowledge base. The region is on the page by default but sometimes requires some scrolling to see. I would advise people to drag this region up to the 2nd or 1st place in the 2nd column. If the region is not showing for you, have a look at 'Customize Page".

            New Browse Region

            New Browse Region II

            • PowerViews: these are site-wide filters, taking in a list of products, product lines, configs or even Support IDs, configuring these will limit the search results corresponding to the filter criteria. For example; if you are an Oracle DBA mainly focussing on the database and Enterprise Manager, or you are a Sun Hardware person, then this option is for you. You can set this option and never will be bothered by search results from other product areas. And, the PowerView selection sticks across logins, so next time you sign in, the PowerView is still active.


            • Facet Refinements: When you search, e.g. performance, you have the refinements facet appearing on the left hand side, these allow you to refine your search results. You can refine by source, products, version/release (if you are at product level), Task/document type, Updated date.  This is a good option when you don't want to use the PowerView because you typically search the Knowledge Base from time to time for different products. You can define multiple PowerViews and saved them, and quickly switch in between them.
          1. Some reports around seeing results on topics that you don't want to see
              • If refinements or product filtering doesn't help, you always can use the exclusion in Advanced Search "But without these words". You can do the same by using the following syntax. in the search bar e.g. database -performance will return all the documents with the word database but without the word performance.
            1. Opening a knowledge document in a new tab is not working (well)
              • this should work, either when you right click with the mouse on the link to the document and "Open in new window" or when viewing a document, click the little icon "Open document in new window" in the upper right corner of the document view, next to the printer document.
              • If there is a use case that doesn't work for you, provide me the details (step by step, browser, ...)
            2. Spaces in search are replaced with %
              • I'm unfortenately not aware of any use case where this happens, any specifics or use case would be appreciated.

               Let us know if you have any issues...

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