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    January 21, 2011

Finding Sun Patches in My Oracle Support

I know there are other sources for this, but I wanted to make a really simple post on how to find Firmware, OS Patches, etc...

See the Sun Blog Post for more details.

But here it is with images.

My example is "I need all of the firmware patches for my 4170 and 4170M's. And I want only the most recent releases".

In real time this takes about 30 seconds.

1. Go to Patches & Updates Tab.

Patches Tab.jpg

2. In Patch Search go to Product or Family (and if you removed this region from your screen use "Customize this Page..." to drag and drop it back on screen.
advanced tab.jpg

3. Type in PARTIAL text (like just 4170 to filter the list for everything that contains "4170")
type in 4170.jpg

4. Optionally, type a comma and do type ahead for a second product. Then choose the releases you want for each product.

5. Run the Search (for patches like this there is no reason to filter by Platform, so don't do anything. It is not like there is a 4170 patch for Windows, so don't bother) and see the results . Notice I am NOT clicking the Patch Name Link. I "shift-clicked" to select all of the patches. If you need to drill down into the patch fine, but you can read readme's (one at a time) or download all right from the results

6. Click the Download Button to show the files to download. You should use a download manager. Click each link to download (and yes we want to fix this so you can just click once, but that is another discussion).
download window.jpg

7. Optional: Use the WGET Options link to get a WGET script to run from your Solaris box directly.

8. Optional: See your search is in "Recent" searches, you can run it again later or save it. Notice you can also copy the URL (share the search) to show someone else the same results from this search.
remembered and can be saved.jpg

9. Tip 1: It remembers your last searches.... Once you enter products and releases the drop list remembers them for next time.
recently remembered.jpg

10. Tip 2: A nice filter is the "Updated" filter. So you can edit a search for products where the patches have been updated in the last 30 days (for example).
edit search.jpg

Hope this helps!

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