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  • March 19, 2008

Customizing your region columns

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One of the features that we've added in this newest release is the ability to pick and choose which

columns are shown in several of your dashboard regions. 

You may notice a downward-facing triangle icon on the right side of the region header for the SR, Configurations, and Projects region types.  That icon opens a menu that lets you perform actions on that region (like copy the contents of

the region to the clipboard).  Through that menu, you can see a list of all the columns that are supported for that region, and can pick and choose which among them you want displayed.  So, for instance, if you want to make sure to see how long it's been since a configuration had data collected, but you aren't as concerned about immediately seeing the number of critical issues, you can use the column selector to show just the columns you're interested in.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Arun Gupta Friday, March 21, 2008
    SCM is all nice and dandy but what is the use of releasing SCM if 64 bit Windows versions are not available? Our Oracle support contacts have been trying to get us to use SCM for last one year. I have convinced the management that it is no security risk and they ready to consider the product. The stage is set but the main actor is missing.
    It is high time Oracle looked at their release priorities. The database world is moving to 64-bit. There is no point in releasing the 32-bit version and then waiting several months before 64-bit versions are released, that too when it is Oracle's policy not to specify any timeframe when to expect the release.
    Oracle should realize that waiting makes customers lose interest or other pressing schedules make adapting a new product take the back seat.
    Releasing a new product and then keeping customers in the dark about when it will be available on their platform=bad strategy.
    Please convey my remarks to your higher management.
  • Joshua Solomin Friday, March 21, 2008
    Thanks for your input. We do in fact support Windows x64 as a platform for the collector; if you go to download patch 5567658 from MetaLink, you'll find a Microsoft Windows 64-bit version available.
    I see that we don't have it listed in the drop-down on the Collectors tab in SCM; that's an oversight on our part that we'll get corrected in our next code push. Thanks for pointing it out!
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