Friday Sep 18, 2015

How to View Field Service Task Information

If you have a Service Request (SR) that requires hardware replacement or a visit from a hardware support engineer, your SR will have "Field Service Tasks" associated with it. These tasks can be viewed in My Oracle Support as outlined below.

NOTE: If you have Services or MICROS products that require part replacement, you will need to switch to the My Oracle Support Portal to view the field tasks in the SR. (reference A).

1. In My Oracle Support, locate the SR region on the Dashboard or click the Service Request tab and locate your Service Request (reference B).

2. Open the desired Service Request, then click on the Field Service Tasks link (reference C) on the right hand side of the screen under the Summary section. A list of associated Tasks will display (reference D).

3. Click on the desired Task Number for details about that Task. The Task information is displayed and can be sorted using the Sort By drop down menu (reference E).

For additional tips on Service Request management view the My Oracle Support 'How-to' Series (Doc ID 1544005.2).

Friday Feb 24, 2012

Major Update for Service Request for Mobile

Updates to Mobile My Oracle Support

Welcome to the newest release of MOS Mobile! It is available starting Jan 28th, 2012 at

What is New?

Lots more fixes and features around Service Request (SR). We have tried to fix and improve everything we have heard from customers, so keep the feedback coming!

The FAQ is also updated.  Here is a demo video of the user experience.

In the meantime, rest assured we are working on NEW features as well, all based on customer feedback. Items like administration (approving requests), knowledge (searching for articles, bugs and more), and even On Demand (viewing and managing RFCs). We will get these features to you as soon as we can.

For now, lets review some key changes.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Wrapping, you should now not have an issue with the SR details being too wide for the screen.
  2. Signin, fixed issues with customers who had OnDemand accounts which have an “&” in the name. (We still don't do RFCs... yet)
  3. Better labeling
  4. Improved accessibility and support for screen reader on the iPhone
  5. Android’s “Back” button, now correctly goes back (Sorry about that one!)
  6. Many other “little” bugs

Enhancements for SR

  1. Mark and Unmark SRs as Favorites
  2. Share URLS of SRs
  3. Add an Alternative Contact for an SR (and be able to search for names)
  4. Choose a user (and use search, if needed) when creating an SR search
  5. Support for Hardware SRs; shows service address, view field service notes
  6. Better design for “Show More…” SRs and “Read Full Update” when an SR update is long
  7. Highlight severity 1 and 2 SRs
  8. Better design for how we show SRs requiring your attention or your teams attention
  9. Improved support for large number of Support Identifiers (CSIs) when creating searches
  10. Showing the time of an update (but it is only in Central Time Zone at the moment)

New Features

  1. View attached Articles or file attachments (jpg, pdf, txt, etc…) – but one note, if you view an image, you can’t zoom. We are working to fix that.
  2. View Articles and Bugs referenced in Service Requests (if someone recommends to read “Article 250.1” in the SR you can click the link and read it, share it or print it.
  3. Close SRs
  4. Re-open closed SRs

“Real” Support for the Native iPhone App (coming real soon)

  1. Attach images to SRs (from your phone’s library or take a picture of a screen)
  2. Native headers and support for all four My Oracle Support languages
  3. Toolbar-based navigation
  4. Native menus

Please note the website does NOT remember your name and password, but your phone CAN remember it. It is up to you to set that up. But we have a blog post on how to do remember your password.

Here is what it looks like when you set the feature on an iPhone to remember your password, and the new SR screen showing the new features, and how attachments are now viewable.

SRs have new features for MOS Mobile

And here is how you see "Documents" or "Bugs" as links, so you can view them. You can't zoom the document, just scroll. We are going to add that next. But you can copy the URL, view it, even print if you have set up your phone for that. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

Articles are linkable and viewable in SRs

Friday May 22, 2009

What’s in YOUR Service Request?

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Monday Jul 28, 2008

Help us improve SCM

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