Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

Online Chat Available for Existing Service Requests

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An online chat session can often answer a question or clarify a situation quickly.

My Oracle Support now offers a new chat feature that enables Oracle Support engineers to contact you instantly online to discuss an open Service Request—to ask a question, share detailed commands and troubleshooting information, or confirm that your issue is resolved.


You always control your availability for an online chat. When you are involved in critical projects or meetings, set your status to “Not Available” and the engineer will contact you using your preferred method. Keeping yourself in the “Available” status lets your Support engineer know when you are online and available for a chat about your Service Request.

If you receive a chat request from a Support engineer, you can decide to accept the chat, request a different time for the chat, or decline the chat.

Find out more
—watch a short video demonstration and read additional details.

Monday Apr 07, 2014

New Features Available in My Oracle Support

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We upgraded My Oracle Support over the weekend of April 4, 2014. This upgrade brings changes to help you work more effectively with Oracle Support.

The new features include:

  • Oracle Support Chat for Existing SRs—new chat feature enabling Oracle Support engineers to contact you instantly on line to discuss an open Service Request (SR). You control the access; mark yourself available to allow a chat session. View this brief video to learn more.
  • Knowledge Tab—more intuitive user interface makes it easier to see search results from different sources, expand search results, or view product hierarchy and further refine searches by product. In addition, if you have Japanese, Korean, or Chinese set as your preferred language, you can quickly toggle between that language and English documents. Learn more.
  • Patches and Updates Tab—new link added to provide quick access to quarterly Critical Patch Update (CPU) information and Security Alerts.
  • Certifications—enhanced to allow for more complex certification structures.
  • Customer User Administration (CUA)—ability to send an email to the CUA (with a message), requesting approval for the Support Identifier. A CUA can now set a termination date for registered users, which triggers an automated email notification to the user regarding the termination before expiration.
  • Support Identifier Groups—usability and UI improvements. Can automatically copy technical contacts when assets are moved (reduces rework or process mistakes). A message added to Mass Upload function better explains what is happening to the user(s). View this brief video to learn more.
  • Cloud Support Portal—ability to view escalation status, comprehensive help content added to assist users with feature and functionality questions, and new alert to complete additional questions that may expedite issue resolution.
For additional details, view the Release Notes and also see the User Resource Center's Discover New Features tab for the latest My Oracle Support Training available for new features.

Monday Jan 14, 2013

Mobile My Oracle Support ships OnDemand "Schedule RFCs" and Hotspot support for Blackberry

Last weekend, on 12-Feb-2013, we released Mobile My Oracle Support, Version 6.4. This was mainly a maintenance release focusing on bug fixes (40+) and usability/UI issues.

The main new feature in this release is the ability for OnDemand users to schedule RFC s(Requests for Change). If you have an OnDemand CSI in your profile and are an Authorized Approver, you can now approve and schedule RFCs from your mobile device.

Also note the support for BlackBerry’s HotSpot browser.

RFC List

RFC View Detail

RFC Schedule Header

RFC Schedule bottom

Tuesday Nov 27, 2012

Getting the most out of My Oracle Support

Have you often wondered where to go to find the latest information about My Oracle Support? Or are you a new user who simply needs help getting started with using My Oracle Support? The My Oracle Support User Resource Center provides easy access to what’s new, help and training to commonly used features, frequently asked questions, and more. Here you will find:

 Additionally there are many ways to stay informed about My Oracle Support:

  • Follow us on Twitter by subscribing to myoraclesupport
  • Set up “Hot Topic” notifications once you log into My Oracle Support (Settings -> Hot Topics)
  • Check out the “Stay Informed” content on the Get Proactive page for your product

Monday Oct 15, 2012

Mobile My Oracle Support 6.3 Release is live!

We have released Mobile My Oracle Support 6.3 last Saturday (13-Oct-2012), including 10 enhancements and almost 40 bug fixes.

Mobile My Oracle Support is My Oracle Support's webapplication optimized for mobile devices to manage your Service Requests, your On Demand Requests for Change (RFCs), search over Support's Knowledge Base, Bug database or Sun System Handbook, and to manage your pending user requests (CUA). You can find the application at  or get redirected from when using a mobile device.


  • Several UI optimizations in different screens.

Service Request Area

  • Show the platinum icon for Platinum SRs and the restore status for Platinum Sev 1s.
  • Email send with Share functionality now contains links to Mobile MOS and Full Site.

Knowledge Management Area

  • Ability in Advanced Search to search the Sun System Handbook (cfr. screenshot below)
  • Better rendering of the KB documents to avoid where possible horizontal scrolling.

Don't hesitate to share your feedback and comments or even requests.

Sun System Handbook as Search Source

Saturday Jul 14, 2012

Mobile My Oracle Support is all New for July 2012 Release

You can sign into Mobile My Oracle Support at to find a lot more functionality than before…

General Improvements

  • Improved look and feel, more optimized for mobile users
  • Several performance improvements
  • Inactivity time-out extended to 30 minutes
  • Revised help documentation (English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese)
  • Personalization (Settings): Time Zone support to view Service Request and On Demand Change Request updates in your local time zone (auto detect or manual setting).
  • Personalization (Settings): Display counts for Service Request and Administration sections (turned on by default)


  • Search over Knowledge Base and Bug database
    • View inline pictures and document attachments
    • View next and previous documents and bugs in search result list
  • Access favorite documents and bugs (synchronized with the main portal)
  • Access recent knowledge searches and most recently viewed documents and bugs (synchronized with the main portal)

Service Request

  • Improved look and feel for SR search results
  • View and Update ‘Contact Us’ Service Requests

Note: Creating new service requests is only supported from the main portal.

User Administration (Only for Support ID Administrators)

  • Approve or Deny pending user requests to use your Support ID.

On Demand Change Requests (Only for On Demand Customers)

  • List your Ready to Schedule, All Open and Closed Change Requests
  • View the Change Request Overview and details (activities)
  • Update, Cancel your Change Request or change the Change Request’s primary contact
  • Request Approval for your Change Request

Note: Creating new Change Requests is only supported on the main portal.

Reference material



The new home page

Home Page

Searching knowledge

Searching Knowledge

User Administration Screens

User Administration Screen

Settings PageSettings Page

On Demand Change Requests

Change Request Detail

Tuesday Sep 01, 2009

Welcome to My Oracle Support - Tell us how it is going!

On August 30, a few hundred thousand CRM OnDemand, Siebel, Hyperion, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards customers and partners migrated to My Oracle Support. Welcome aboard!

I hope you have had the chance to access the My Oracle Support Welcome Center (Document # 873313.1) from the Getting Started region. This is your single resource for information, training and reference materials that will help you get started using My Oracle Support.

The My Oracle Support product management team values your feedback.

Your general feedback and suggestions for improvement are taken very seriously and help us make My Oracle Support better for you. Click the Contact Us link on the top right corner of the Dashboard page to tell us about your usage of the personalized dashboard; knowledge, service request, and configuration management; and the results you are seeing.

All feedback is welcome...please tell us about your experience using My Oracle Support!

Friday Jun 12, 2009

Congrats Grads of ‘09!

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