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Are All Diagnostics Created Equal? (Part II)

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In a previous blog entry we wondered aloud whether there were specific components or product areas that had problems or issues that were found to be more difficult to diagnose. One main point of discussion that arose from those comments were related to the difficulty of assessing issues in EBS when patching was involved.

However, the point was also brought up that everyone is good at what they do…a DB person will find DB issues easier to diagnose, and EBS person EBS issues, and so on.

But we dare ask again…what DB issues are DBA’s struggling with the most? What’s the hardest thing for a middleware guy or gal to diagnose? What do HRMS or Financials gurus struggle in implementing? Are diagnostics for each of these areas roughly the same….or does performance stand out in one whereas full-blown errors and stoppages stand out in another? Let us know!

Oh yeah, almost forgot, Happy Friday!

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  • dilandinga Sunday, October 4, 2009
    8QgG9c I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!
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