Tuesday May 22, 2012

Free Whitepaper: Understanding Proactive Support

I was just sent this IDC whitepaper and read it. I thought it was pretty good, so I am passing it along...

It is officially titled, "The Business Value of Proactive Support Services"

It does a good job of covering the type of services one should expect from any company, and does a good job of giving the overview and a few cases studies of how Oracle does it. Seemed like a fair understanding and might be useful to understanding how your team should look at proactive services (with Oracle or with any vendor).

 The whitepaper also has a video and some more resources (one of which requires your Oracle SSO to view)


Friday Apr 20, 2012

Iphone Native Bug... Ouch...

Update! - July 11, 2012: This bug should be now resolved by installing the latest Iphone/Ipad app as of July 2012. If you have trouble with the native app, try uninstalling the app first THEN installing it from the Apple store.

Dear Customers,

If you are using the iPhone app to access Support, it should work, but something broke for some customers, and we are investigating it.In the meantime you can still use http://support.oracle.mobi  from your phone browser.

But, if you see this blank page, we still want to know!

Especially if you haven't updated your Oracle app in a while and see this issue!

And another question. Are you a Customer User Administrator? We are looking for you to test some new features in Mobile. Drop us a comment!

Iphone App issue

Monday Mar 12, 2012

Get Proactive!

A public service announcement for my friends in the Proactive team... ;->

Proactive Capability Portfolio

Oracle Corporation

Get Proactive!
Proactive Capability Portfolio

Unleash Oracle Premier Support’s Advanced Proactive Capabilities

Where do you go to solve technical problems? Better yet, where do you find out how to prevent them? Oracle Premier Support’s proactive capability portfolio can help Support customers prevent, resolve, and upgrade.


Join thousands of Oracle customers who are already taking advantage of proactive support.

Are You Ready To Get Proactive?

Bookmark the proactive capabilities portfolio and start exploring Oracle Premier Support's proactive support capabilities. Search "Get Proactive" in My Oracle Support to view the knowledge, tools and communities available through product specific pages. Act now to get started!


Contact Oracle’s "Get Proactive" team today.

Friday Feb 24, 2012

Major Update for Service Request for Mobile

Updates to Mobile My Oracle Support

Welcome to the newest release of MOS Mobile! It is available starting Jan 28th, 2012 at support.oracle.mobi

What is New?

Lots more fixes and features around Service Request (SR). We have tried to fix and improve everything we have heard from customers, so keep the feedback coming!

The FAQ is also updated.  Here is a demo video of the user experience.

In the meantime, rest assured we are working on NEW features as well, all based on customer feedback. Items like administration (approving requests), knowledge (searching for articles, bugs and more), and even On Demand (viewing and managing RFCs). We will get these features to you as soon as we can.

For now, lets review some key changes.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Wrapping, you should now not have an issue with the SR details being too wide for the screen.
  2. Signin, fixed issues with customers who had OnDemand accounts which have an “&” in the name. (We still don't do RFCs... yet)
  3. Better labeling
  4. Improved accessibility and support for screen reader on the iPhone
  5. Android’s “Back” button, now correctly goes back (Sorry about that one!)
  6. Many other “little” bugs

Enhancements for SR

  1. Mark and Unmark SRs as Favorites
  2. Share URLS of SRs
  3. Add an Alternative Contact for an SR (and be able to search for names)
  4. Choose a user (and use search, if needed) when creating an SR search
  5. Support for Hardware SRs; shows service address, view field service notes
  6. Better design for “Show More…” SRs and “Read Full Update” when an SR update is long
  7. Highlight severity 1 and 2 SRs
  8. Better design for how we show SRs requiring your attention or your teams attention
  9. Improved support for large number of Support Identifiers (CSIs) when creating searches
  10. Showing the time of an update (but it is only in Central Time Zone at the moment)

New Features

  1. View attached Articles or file attachments (jpg, pdf, txt, etc…) – but one note, if you view an image, you can’t zoom. We are working to fix that.
  2. View Articles and Bugs referenced in Service Requests (if someone recommends to read “Article 250.1” in the SR you can click the link and read it, share it or print it.
  3. Close SRs
  4. Re-open closed SRs

“Real” Support for the Native iPhone App (coming real soon)

  1. Attach images to SRs (from your phone’s library or take a picture of a screen)
  2. Native headers and support for all four My Oracle Support languages
  3. Toolbar-based navigation
  4. Native menus

Please note the website does NOT remember your name and password, but your phone CAN remember it. It is up to you to set that up. But we have a blog post on how to do remember your password.

Here is what it looks like when you set the feature on an iPhone to remember your password, and the new SR screen showing the new features, and how attachments are now viewable.

SRs have new features for MOS Mobile

And here is how you see "Documents" or "Bugs" as links, so you can view them. You can't zoom the document, just scroll. We are going to add that next. But you can copy the URL, view it, even print if you have set up your phone for that. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

Articles are linkable and viewable in SRs

Tuesday Nov 08, 2011

What is next in MOS Mobile?

MOS Mobile has been out for about a month. We found some bugs and we have them fixed (waiting to release the fixes). We think most folks found out about MOS Mobile from the banner on the sign in page.

In the meantime you have asked for a few features and new services. Great!  We are working on Knowledge and have heard from a bunch of folks about RFCs (for On Demand customers). Sounds good! We are meeting with those teams to get those services available to you. Sorry no dates, but starting meetings this week. 

 And for those who say that we don't support rotation. Can you send me an email with some screen shots? Our app does support rotation to the wide-screen view. Just make sure your rotation button (like on the iPhone) is unlocked and that other websites rotate just fine. If that is the case, email me so I can figure out what the problem is with our app, so we can fix it. A few folks have reported this and then basically said "never mind". so I am hoping it is just the locked orientation button (double click the iPhone button, scroll all the way to the left and and make sure the icon to the left of the play icons does NOT have the lock on it.

Tip of the Day: 

Did you know your iPhone (and other phones) can save the credentials so you don't have to sign in every time? I can't tell you to do this, but if you have a passcode on your phone already you might be allowed to do this. Your call. If you save your credentials, even if you timeout, or haven't been to MOS all week, your credentials will be ready to go. Check it out on your phone!

For iPhone - http://www.ehow.com/how_5300235_turn-iphone-autofill.html

Blackberry and Android also have stored password apps. We are not in that business, so I don't want to suggest any, but feel free to post a comment with a suggestion.

On Android (for my Samsung) - I installed the Oracle app 1.3.5. Swipped the toolbar over to "Support" and was able to sign in AND have the device remember my password. Cool...

Android remembering my password

Continue to give us feedback and ideas for features!


Friday Sep 30, 2011

Mobile Clients for My Oracle Support

Mobile Access to My Oracle Support... Options

Thank you for your interest in mobile!  We appreciate your business, and very much want to provide you access to what you need and when you need it.

See What is New for 2012 in MOS Mobile

 The My Oracle Support provides three options for access.

  1. Point any modern browser (on a phone or not!) to https://support.oracle.mobi
  2. Download a Native App on your platform (Hint: "Support" is on page two of the main screen in Version 2.0. ;-<)
    1. Apple iPhone Version 2.0.11 (the app is called "Oracle") - Visit the Apple Store
    2. Android -(Version 1.3.5 opens Support via link on top toolbar, swipe all the way to the left) View available app in the Android Store
    3. Blackberry and others - investigating. Learn More...
  3. Use your high-resolution tablet to https://support.oracle.mobi - the ipad is not yet supported on the main sites.

Resources you might find useful

Read about our plans for the product, but as of right now the app is focused on viewing and updating customer's technical service requests. More to come later and where we plan to be at OpenWorld 2012. Read on...

Our Frequently Asked Questions serves as the help for mobile.

Screen Shots

Here is the iPhone App... Once in the app you go to "Support" and then you can sign in. We are working on fixing the "double" back arrow model. (FIXED 2.0.11 is in the apple store). In addition the SR number looks like a phone number to the app. (also FIXED!)

MOS running in the Oracle Now application MOS running in a browser

Here is the browser solution. We recommend using the "Back" button in our application, it will work faster and easier than using the Browsers back button at the bottom of the page.

Browser look and feel for mobile Browser look and feel for mobile

Saturday Sep 17, 2011

My Oracle Support Mobile is Live!

Regular blog followers will know that we’ve been working on a mobile solution for My Oracle Support – well, it’s here - try http://support.oracle.mobi! You are the FIRST to know. Shortly we will have it posted. You’ll need to sign in with your regular My Oracle Support "SSO" user name and password, and then you should be good to go.

Had authentication issues? We investigated and got the correct ports open. Please clear your browser and try now!

It is just the basics!

This is the first version of the My Oracle Support mobile solution, so it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles yet. This release allows you to perform the tasks that are the most common for our customers and that we think will provide the most immediate value – namely checking up on the status of your service requests and adding updates.

We’ll be including more functionality over the coming months – and welcome your feedback on the features you’d like to see most. In the meantime, if you get to the mobile site and really want the fill HTML version click the "Full Site" link before you sign in to switch over.

But I need some help...

Try the FAQ first... 

My Oracle Support Mobile is pretty straightforward to use, however if you’re running into difficulties or would simply like to offer feedback, please let us know by emailing emui-feedback_us@oracle.com or by using the ‘Give Feedback’ link within My Oracle Support Mobile. The more input received, the better!

Learn more about My Oracle Support Mobile by attending the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld conference and by visiting us at OpenWorld.

We hope you enjoy this latest addition to the My Oracle Support platform. We have a LOT more planned for Mobile, so chime in on YOUR needs...

At OpenWorld?

The mobile development team will be at OpenWorld and would love to hear from you directly. We will be conducting usability sessions Monday to Wednesday and you could join us there, if you have some time (room to be posted). If you want to schedule time, we can do that too. Send us an email at emui-feedback_us@oracle.com

I will be there presenting at a few sessions and I hope to touch on Mobile. As other Mobile folks give me their schedules or booths I will post it here...

Friday Aug 05, 2011

MOS Mobile. It is not just a dream...

Hi folks, you are the few in the world outside of Oracle who have a chance to see and use MOS Mobile.

All you got to do is a) be a customer of Oracle Support who files or views SRs, and b) want to give us 90 minutes of your time. ;->

In return, we will take your feedback and work to optimize the user experience to be bang-on right!

 We are currently recruiting for people NEAR Oracle HQ (who can come in and take a look at our skunk works), and we have some ability to do this with folks via web conference.

 If you live or work near Redwood Shores, CA (1/2 way between San Francisco and San Jose) let us know.

We have opening starting Monday August 15th. We will contact you to help find out more about who you are and schedule the appropriate test for you.

 We REALLY want your feedback to get this right. Drop us a comment with your email and we will get back to you.

h2>Sign Up Here! Take 3 minutes to give us your contact and basic details in this short survey and we will contact you to schedule time on your calendar to provide us feedback.
SR View in MOS Mobile

A sample screen as seen on an iPhone, but this is actually a browser not native interface, so it would be similar on android, windows or blackberry.

Friday Jul 22, 2011

Introduction to Health Checks posted...

John has created a really nice short video on the improvements to the Health Check user interface in My Oracle Support. It is closed captioned. He covers how to get the most out of the Health Checks and customizing the experience (including how to get email alerts for hot issues or your key systems!). This feature is based on using the collector to upload configuration information to My Oracle Support. There are lots of other advantages to doing that, but for this video we focus on the checks. 

Check it out, and provide us feedback in the Blog. 

Introduction to Health Checks

Image of the Heath UI in My Oracle Support

Thursday Jul 21, 2011

Video Vignettes for My Oracle Support: Featuring user-driven innovations

My Oracle Support: Featuring user-driven innovations - New Videos Posted July 2012!

The HTML Transition is now in Full Swing...  So all of the old videos (that apply to the Flash UI) are now moot, although the concepts are still valid, if you want some background, the UI will be slightly different. Here are new videos for the HTML and Mobile user experiences. Learn what's new and start saving time today.

You can also use the Feedback link inside of My Oracle Support. There are also leader lead classes, and even sessions in other languages. Those posted here are only in English right now. Most are closed captioned for the hearing impaired.


Introduction to the new Certify Search UPDATED (July 2012) for the new content, features and changes... This 6 minute video is of a live demo - no PowerPoint slides! Check the certify blog to know what content is in Certify (not all products are available in Certify) Let us know your comments! This video is closed captioned.

MOS Mobile

We only have one video right now, but a new one is on the way. This one shows the basics of Viewing and Updating Service Requests. But a new one is coming covering all of the great new features of MOS Mobile. Learn about what is new in Mobile, if you like.

MOS Flash (being phased out)

Overview of My Oracle Support (with an emphasis on migration of Sun customers)
This 6 minute video is of a live demo. It provides just the basics for a first time user of My Oracle Support. It has an emphasis on those who are coming from Sun support.

Registering for My Oracle Support (including Sun customers)
This 8 minute video is of a live demo. Although registration doesn't require much explanation, it goes into "Support Identifiers" which is how you gain access to features and services. It has an emphasis on those who are coming from Sun support.

Registration and Account Administration (with an emphasis on migration of Sun customers)
This 15 minute video is of a live demo. Learn how registration works for My Oracle Support with an emphasis on how the administrator at your organization handles setting and approving access for others in your organization. It has a focus on understanding Support Identifiers, getting approval to access, and administration of permissions. We also include getting access with Sun contracts and serial numbers.

Introduction to the new Health Recommendations features (July 21, 2011)

John covers how to get the most out of the Health Recommendations and customizing the experience (including how to get email alerts for hot issues or your key systems!). This feature is based on using the collector to upload configuration information to My Oracle Support. There are lots of other advantages to doing that, but for this video we focus on the use of Health Checks. 

Introduction to the new Certify Search
UPDATED (July 2011) for the new content, features and changes... This 6 minute video is of a live demo - no PowerPoint slides! Check the certify blog to know what content is in Certify. Not everything is there yet! Let us know your comments!
(Version Subtitled in Japanese - 日本語の字幕付きバージョン)

Certifications Searching - Advanced Uses
This 6 minute video is a live demo - no PowerPoint slides! Although there is not much to talk about in advanced training, we think some tips and tricks might be helpful, so here they are.

Upgrade Planner
This 8 minute video of the real software contains no PowerPoint slides. It covers the forthcoming feature to help customers plan an upgrade from one software release to another. Let us know what you think!

Upgrade Planner - Advanced Uses
This 10 minute video of the real software contains no PowerPoint slides. It covers upgrades which would require merge patches, patches which need to be requested and more details on how to access the upgrade planner and some tips and tricks. Let us know what you think!

"Sun" Auto Service Requests

A quick (3 minute) introduction (not demo) of the ASR process for Hardware (Sun) customers. It explains how it works and the basic value of this cool feature. If you want the long and detailed explanation you can try this video.

Most Popular
These videos address frequently asked questions and are among our most watched.

How do I Install configuration manager
Learn the most efficient way to install Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) in your environment to receive the full value from your support experience. Accurate as of Oct 2010.

Why use configuration manager?
Learn which features require users to download, install and use Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM), and whether these use cases are right for you.

Creating a Service Request
Review methods for creating a Service Request, the features of each step, and what to expect if you save drafts or file the Service Request (does not cover Sun "Hardware" service requests, this will be covered in another session).

Dashboard Customization
Key ways to customize your experience by creating a tailored view of your Oracle support data. This video is applicable for customers with and without Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) in use.

Tailor your searches so you see only results relevant to your environment. Power View is especially useful for customers with large numbers of Support Identifiers and collectors.

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Knowledge searching, refining searches, and advanced searches. Useful for all users. Mostly accurate, could use a refresh (Oct, 2010)

Learn about the Inventory report and its many features. This demo is for customers using Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM).



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