Tuesday Sep 16, 2014

Behind the Screen with Oracle Support

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Get beyond the support interface screen to meet the experts from Oracle Support at the Oracle Support Stars Bar. Have a tough question about supporting or upgrading your Oracle products? Looking for best practices for problem prevention, rapid resolution, and product upgrades? Stop by the Stars Bar and speak directly with an expert who can help.

While you’re there, check out one of our 10-minute briefing sessions on the hottest support topics. Here are just a few of the high-impact briefings you can see at this year’s Stars Bar:

  • Proactive Support Best Practices
  • Oracle Platinum Services
  • My Oracle Support Tips & Tricks
  • And many more!

The Support Stars Bar is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the Moscone West Exhibition Hall (Booths 3461 and 3908). More details here.

Visit the Services and Support Oracle OpenWorld Website to discover how you can take advantage of all Oracle OpenWorld has to offer. See you there!

See you there!

Friday Aug 15, 2014

All Access Pass to Oracle Support

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Looking for tips, recommendations and resources to help you keep your Oracle applications and systems running at peak performance? Want to find out how to get more out of your Oracle Premier Support coverage?

More than 500 experts from across Services and Support will be on hand at Oracle OpenWorld to answer your questions and share best practices for adopting and optimizing Oracle technology.

  • Find out what Oracle experts know about the best tools, tips and resources for supporting and upgrading Oracle technology. Attend one of our “Best Practices” sessions.
  • Stop by the Oracle Support Stars Bar to talk with support experts. Open daily @ Moscone West, Exhibition hall 3161.
  • See Oracle support tools in action at one of our demos.

View the schedule of all of our Oracle Premier Support activities at Oracle OpenWorld for more information.

See you there!

Thursday Aug 14, 2014

My Oracle Support Accreditation Series: New Products Added

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Have you reviewed the latest offerings for My Oracle Support Accreditation Series? We added several new product tracks such as PeopleSoft, Business Analytics, and Siebel designed to increase your expertise with My Oracle Support.

There are now 10 product paths that focus on building skills around best practices, recommendations, and tool enablement—taking your expertise to the next level.

Continue to expand your existing knowledge with best practices, product-based use cases, and recommendations from subject-matter experts. Your accreditation delivers the information you need—focusing on core functions and building skills, specifically to help you better support your Oracle products by leveraging My Oracle Support and its related capabilities that are important for your Oracle product path solutions, tools, and knowledge.

Learn more about My Oracle Support Accreditation and explore the new product-specific paths

Tuesday Aug 12, 2014

New Features Available in Latest ORAchk Release

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ORAchk can proactively scan for known problems within these areas:

  • Oracle Database
  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Sun Systems

New features available in ORAchk version 2.2.5

  • Runs checks for multiple databases in parallel
  • Schedules multiple automated runs via ORAchk daemon
  • Uses configurable $HOME directory location for ORAchk temporary files
  • Ignores skipped checks when calculating System health score
  • Checks the health of pluggable databases using OS authentication
  • Reports top 10 time consuming checks to optimize runtime in the future
  • Improves report readability for clusterwide checks
  • Includes over 50 new Health Checks for the Oracle Stack
  • Provides a single dashboard to view collections across your enterprise
  • Includes pre and post upgrade checks for standalone database, option to run only these checks
  • Expands product areas in E-Business Suite and in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

If you have particular checks or product areas you would like to see ORAchk cover, please post suggestions in the ORAchk subspace in My Oracle Support Community.

Read more about ORAchk and its features.

Friday Aug 01, 2014

Linking of Bugs, Notes and SRs now available in SRs

We have extended the linking capability within the body of an SR. Because of security concerns and issues with dealing with embedded HTML, we don't let SRs contain HTML directly.

But we now allow a variety of formats to LINK from Bugs, Documents and other SRs within the body of an SR.

Screen shot of links that work in SR updates

So now you can a) direct link to these items when a support engineer gives you a bug or doc to follow, or you can update the SR using one of these formats. Hopefully they are not too tough to follow.

Knowledge Documents Formats
note 1351022.2
doc id 1351022.2
document id 1351022.2

Bug Formats
bug 1351022.2

Service Request Formats
SR 3-8777412995
SR Number 3-8777412995
Service Request 3-8777412995

Hope this helps!

Wednesday Jul 23, 2014

My Oracle Support Community Enhancement Brings New Features

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Be sure to visit our My Oracle Support Community Information Center to see what is new. Choose from the tabs to watch the How to Video Series. You can also enroll for a live webcast on Wednesday, August 6 at 9am PST.

One change, you can now read blogs in My Oracle Support Community. The new Support Blogs space provides access to Support related blogs. The My Oracle Support Blog provides posts on the portal and tools that span all product areas.

Support Blogs also allow you to stay in touch with the latest product-specific news, tools, and troubleshooting tips in a growing list of product blogs maintained by Support engineers. Check back frequently to read new posts and discover new blogs.

My Oracle Support Upgrade

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Over the weekend, we upgraded My Oracle Support. This upgrade brings changes to help you work more effectively with Oracle Support.

Among the areas you will notice enhancements are:

  • The My Oracle Support customer experience
  • My Oracle Support Community
  • Customer User Administration
  • Knowledge Management
For details about the latest features visit the My Oracle Support User Resource Center.



Wednesday May 07, 2014

Get the Essentials in 45 minutes

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Organize The Get Proactive Essentials Webcast Series shows you the features, functionality, and best practices for using My Oracle Support.

Each release of My Oracle Support has new features and may also bring changes to existing tools and processes.

Make sure you know how the new release can help you. The live webcasts provide time for your questions, give you tips & tricks for working effectively with Support, and show you how to take advantage of Support’s proactive tools. 

You’ll find sessions in several languages, at times convenient for a global audience. See topics and details on upcoming Get Proactive Essentials Webcasts and sign up today.

Remember: it only takes is 45 minutes to get the Essentials!

Thursday May 01, 2014

Support Identifier Groups Give You Control

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Organize Many customers want to control, manage, and organize their Contacts, Support Identifiers (SIs), and Assets to align with their business model. Support Identifier Groups offer the power and ability to expand or reduce the number of SI Groups. You now control the creation and maintenance of these customized SI Groups through the Customer User Administrator (CUA) role.

SI Groups give you greater flexibility in managing your Assets and Activities within My Oracle Support. Customizing the Support Identifier Groups empowers you to assign groupings that align with your business. Examples of groupings you might consider are:

  • Locations
    • Data centers
    • Support centers
    • Regions
  • Type
    • Hardware assets
    • Software licenses
    • Both
  • Users
    • Business division
    • Projects
    • Access / control
    • Skills and responsibilities
  • Your own logical grouping
You can find more details and a video on Support Identifier Groups in the knowledge base. Watch this short video to get started.

Update: Attend a live Get Proactive Essentials session, Using Support Identifier Groups, on Tuesday May 13. Get more details and enroll.

Note: This functionality is optional. If you are happy with how hardware assets and software licenses are grouped today, you can continue using your existing SIs with no changes.

Thursday Apr 24, 2014

My Oracle Support: Are You Accredited?

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Accreditation Have you actively used My Oracle Support for 6-9 months? Then take your expertise to the next level—become accredited!

By completing the accreditation learning series, you can increase your proficiency with My Oracle Support’s core functions and build skills to help you leverage Oracle solutions, tools, and knowledge that enable productivity.

Additional accreditation learning paths for Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle Fusion Middleware focus on product-specific best practices, recommendations, and tool enablement—up leveling your capabilities with these Oracle products.

Visit the My Oracle Support Accreditation Index and get started with the Level 1 My Oracle Support Accreditation path and the Level 2 product-specific learning paths today.

If you don’t see the Oracle products you use, check back. We will be adding Level 2 paths for additional Oracle Product Families.



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