Monday Jan 14, 2013

Mobile My Oracle Support ships OnDemand "Schedule RFCs" and Hotspot support for Blackberry

Last weekend, on 12-Feb-2013, we released Mobile My Oracle Support, Version 6.4. This was mainly a maintenance release focusing on bug fixes (40+) and usability/UI issues.

The main new feature in this release is the ability for OnDemand users to schedule RFC s(Requests for Change). If you have an OnDemand CSI in your profile and are an Authorized Approver, you can now approve and schedule RFCs from your mobile device.

Also note the support for BlackBerry’s HotSpot browser.

RFC List

RFC View Detail

RFC Schedule Header

RFC Schedule bottom

Tuesday Nov 27, 2012

Getting the most out of My Oracle Support

Have you often wondered where to go to find the latest information about My Oracle Support? Or are you a new user who simply needs help getting started with using My Oracle Support? The My Oracle Support User Resource Center provides easy access to what’s new, help and training to commonly used features, frequently asked questions, and more. Here you will find:

 Additionally there are many ways to stay informed about My Oracle Support:

  • Follow us on Twitter by subscribing to myoraclesupport
  • Set up “Hot Topic” notifications once you log into My Oracle Support (Settings -> Hot Topics)
  • Check out the “Stay Informed” content on the Get Proactive page for your product

Monday Oct 15, 2012

My Oracle Support 6.3 - Knowledge Highlights

My Oracle Support 6.3 was released over the weekend (13-Oct-2012), and with that we released 30+ enhancements and 60+ bug fixes.

Most important changes

  • Search Suggestions are auto-correcting spelling errors, more suggestions for 'how to' type questions, enhanced usability to see the suggested additional terms.
  • Improved Knowledge Base region on the My Oracle Support dashboard: recent searches from this region now retain the search attributions (e.g. pre-selected products or release).

Search Tip: if the Knowledge Base region doesn't show up as the first region in the right column on the My Oracle Support dashboard, consider personalizing your dashboard to put it first, so that you right there for searching. Specifying the product you are researching an issue for, with optionally version and task as well, makes searches in the majority of the cases more precise. for more information, see my comments in my previous blog on the topic:

  • Better support for searches on ORA-600 & ORA-700: no longer a difference in results between searching on 'ORA-600 [Arg1]' and 'Ora-00600: Internal Error Code, Arguments: [Arg1]'.

Mobile My Oracle Support 6.3 Release is live!

We have released Mobile My Oracle Support 6.3 last Saturday (13-Oct-2012), including 10 enhancements and almost 40 bug fixes.

Mobile My Oracle Support is My Oracle Support's webapplication optimized for mobile devices to manage your Service Requests, your On Demand Requests for Change (RFCs), search over Support's Knowledge Base, Bug database or Sun System Handbook, and to manage your pending user requests (CUA). You can find the application at  or get redirected from when using a mobile device.


  • Several UI optimizations in different screens.

Service Request Area

  • Show the platinum icon for Platinum SRs and the restore status for Platinum Sev 1s.
  • Email send with Share functionality now contains links to Mobile MOS and Full Site.

Knowledge Management Area

  • Ability in Advanced Search to search the Sun System Handbook (cfr. screenshot below)
  • Better rendering of the KB documents to avoid where possible horizontal scrolling.

Don't hesitate to share your feedback and comments or even requests.

Sun System Handbook as Search Source

Wednesday Sep 19, 2012

OpenWorld Approaching... A few opportunities to share your needs with Oracle

At OpenWorld from Monday the 1st to Wed. the 3rd. The My Oracle Support and Enterprise Manager user research team will be in action. 

If you are someone who does patching, edits configurations, or uses either MOS configuration management (the collector) OR Enterprise Manager configuration compare or search, we have a treat for you!  Come give us your feedback on how you do your tasks, what needs you have, and how we can do better in this space. We will be doing this during OOW, but an OOW badge is not required to participate.


If you are someone who downloads large amounts of software (say, the entire EBS stack) and wants to understand how one customize a "recommended" stack of software for yourself, or your customers, let us know!  We have a study looking at how to create, customize and download all of the software needed for an installation. This will be done after OOW via webconference, so customers from anywhere in the world can participate. We want to hear from you, so we can get this right!

E-mail us directly at - or leave a comment with your email, so we can get your feedback into one or both of these two discussions.

Hope you can participate!

Friday Jul 20, 2012

MOS Users Get OFF Internet Explorer 6... Now

My Oracle Support has been messaging since January 2012 that IE 6 will no longer supported. With the release of the new HTML portal, the countdown will begin shortly to remove the Flash interface. Thus, you need to upgrade your browser. 

Supported Browsers

You can use the following browsers to access My Oracle Support:

For our Japanese, Chinese and Korean Customers...

My Oracle Supportには、IE6はサポートされなくなったことが1月以来、メッセージングされています。新しいHTMLポータルのリリースでは、カウントダウンがFlashのインターフェイスを削除するには、まもなく開始されます。したがって、ブラウザをアップグレードする必要があります。


あなたは、My Oracle Supportにアクセスするには、次のブラウザを使用することができます。

Internet Explorer 7と高い - ダウンロードサイト

Mozilla Firefoxの3以上 - ダウンロードサイト

Chrome クロム5以上 - ダウンロードサイト

Safari 4の、より高い - ダウンロードサイト

My Oracle Support的1以来消息IE6不再支持发布HTML门户不久将开始倒计时删除闪存接口因此,您需要升级您的浏览器


您可以使用以下浏览器访问My Oracle Support的

Internet Explorer 7和更高 - 下载网站

Mozilla的Firefox 3和更高 - 下载网站

Chrome 浏览器5更高 - 下载网站

Safari 4和更高 - 下载网站

마이 오라클 서포트는 IE 6가 더 이상 지원되지 않는 것입니다 월부터 메시징되었습니다.새로운 HTML 포털의 출시 카운트 다운 플래시 인터페이스를 제거하려면 시작됩니다. 따라서 브라우저를 업그레이 드해야합니다.

지원되는 브라우저

당신은 나의 오라클 지원에 액세스하려면 다음 브라우저를 사용할 수 있습니다 :

인터넷 익스플로러 7 이상 - 다운로드 사이트

모질라 파이어 폭스 3와 높은 - 다운로드 사이트

크롬 5 이상 - 다운로드 사이트

사파리 4와 높은 - 다운로드 사이트

Thursday Jul 19, 2012

Does the MOS UI looks crazy? How to fix this right now.

Some customers have experienced an issue with the "Accessibility" option has been set in their settings, which for someone who is not Blind and using a screen reader would drive you crazy to use.  We are working to change this setting to "off" for these customers, but in the meantime you can fix this yourself very quickly.

[[ Watch the Video to Explain the Issue and How to Fix it in 30 seconds ]]

If you page looks like this, you have this setting ON.

And this will make it really difficult to navigate using your mouse.

The page should look like this.

Notice the "More..." menu which you didn't see before.

So you need to navigate to the Settings > Personalization page and turn OFF (uncheck) this box and "Apply Changes".

So to do this you need to use the TAB key on your keyboard.

From the Dashboard, even though you can't see or access the Settings tab you can get to it.

  1. Click tab while your cursor is in the browser window. Continue clicking tab till you tab to the "Tab Bar" - and you will cycle past Dashboard, Service Requests, etc... until the tab bar wraps around to the "Settings" tab.
  2. Press Enter
  3. If you are not on the Personalization page you can choose it from the list on the left.
  4. Now you should be able to use your mouse to uncheck the Accessibility setting and click "Apply Changes"
  5. You are set! Now the UI should work and look much better.

You can post any comments or issues here. Hope this helps! And we will rush to get this fixed.

If you INTENTIONALLY have the Accessibility setting checked, you will need to check this again after we reset this. AND we very much want to hear from you to get your specific feedback about the accessibility of My Oracle Support. Drop us a note on this Blog and we will contact you. Thanks and sorry for this problem.

MOS 6.2 (KM) Release

I've been keeping an eye on the feedback on the recent My Oracle Support and Mobile My Oracle Support 6.2;always interesting and as always, the feedback is appreciated.

Some topics that I came across in my area (Knowledge Management and Mobile platform)

  1. A common feedback is that search returns results for many different products
      • Well, Oracle has quite a few products. Making sure that the product context is set correctly is important for search relevancy; it's one of the determining factors.The good news is that there are quite a few different options to do that
          • New Browse Knowledge region on the dashboard: with 6.2 we introduced a new region on the dashboard/landing page. It allows you to pre-filter your search with product,task and release or version. It also gives you quick access to the relevant Information Centers. I can recommend the use of this region and its search: setting the product context, and potentially task and release/version can make a world of difference in searching the knowledge base. The region is on the page by default but sometimes requires some scrolling to see. I would advise people to drag this region up to the 2nd or 1st place in the 2nd column. If the region is not showing for you, have a look at 'Customize Page".

            New Browse Region

            New Browse Region II

            • PowerViews: these are site-wide filters, taking in a list of products, product lines, configs or even Support IDs, configuring these will limit the search results corresponding to the filter criteria. For example; if you are an Oracle DBA mainly focussing on the database and Enterprise Manager, or you are a Sun Hardware person, then this option is for you. You can set this option and never will be bothered by search results from other product areas. And, the PowerView selection sticks across logins, so next time you sign in, the PowerView is still active.


            • Facet Refinements: When you search, e.g. performance, you have the refinements facet appearing on the left hand side, these allow you to refine your search results. You can refine by source, products, version/release (if you are at product level), Task/document type, Updated date.  This is a good option when you don't want to use the PowerView because you typically search the Knowledge Base from time to time for different products. You can define multiple PowerViews and saved them, and quickly switch in between them.
          1. Some reports around seeing results on topics that you don't want to see
              • If refinements or product filtering doesn't help, you always can use the exclusion in Advanced Search "But without these words". You can do the same by using the following syntax. in the search bar e.g. database -performance will return all the documents with the word database but without the word performance.
            1. Opening a knowledge document in a new tab is not working (well)
              • this should work, either when you right click with the mouse on the link to the document and "Open in new window" or when viewing a document, click the little icon "Open document in new window" in the upper right corner of the document view, next to the printer document.
              • If there is a use case that doesn't work for you, provide me the details (step by step, browser, ...)
            2. Spaces in search are replaced with %
              • I'm unfortenately not aware of any use case where this happens, any specifics or use case would be appreciated.

               Let us know if you have any issues...

              Saturday Jul 14, 2012

              Mobile My Oracle Support is all New for July 2012 Release

              You can sign into Mobile My Oracle Support at to find a lot more functionality than before…

              General Improvements

              • Improved look and feel, more optimized for mobile users
              • Several performance improvements
              • Inactivity time-out extended to 30 minutes
              • Revised help documentation (English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese)
              • Personalization (Settings): Time Zone support to view Service Request and On Demand Change Request updates in your local time zone (auto detect or manual setting).
              • Personalization (Settings): Display counts for Service Request and Administration sections (turned on by default)


              • Search over Knowledge Base and Bug database
                • View inline pictures and document attachments
                • View next and previous documents and bugs in search result list
              • Access favorite documents and bugs (synchronized with the main portal)
              • Access recent knowledge searches and most recently viewed documents and bugs (synchronized with the main portal)

              Service Request

              • Improved look and feel for SR search results
              • View and Update ‘Contact Us’ Service Requests

              Note: Creating new service requests is only supported from the main portal.

              User Administration (Only for Support ID Administrators)

              • Approve or Deny pending user requests to use your Support ID.

              On Demand Change Requests (Only for On Demand Customers)

              • List your Ready to Schedule, All Open and Closed Change Requests
              • View the Change Request Overview and details (activities)
              • Update, Cancel your Change Request or change the Change Request’s primary contact
              • Request Approval for your Change Request

              Note: Creating new Change Requests is only supported on the main portal.

              Reference material



              The new home page

              Home Page

              Searching knowledge

              Searching Knowledge

              User Administration Screens

              User Administration Screen

              Settings PageSettings Page

              On Demand Change Requests

              Change Request Detail

              Friday Jun 08, 2012

              Flash Retirement - HTML to be "the one"

              I will update this blog post as we get closer to the retirement of the Flash portal. The countdown has started! Flash is scheduled for retirement on August 10th, hence the counter on the main portal site. So MAKE SURE you have the latest browsers, for example Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported. Read the post about supported browsers, if you need.

              As you might have read the  flash site is to be replaced, all of the main Flash features are now ported. The HTML site is written using Oracle's ADF stack. So we are now pretty much 100% eating our own dog food. 

              Feel free to post any comments or concerns here, we will try to address them in new blog posts.



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