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What is Trusted Support? CXOTALK with Oracle VP Brennan Baybeck

Why Every Business Needs Trusted Support

You must understand what trusted support is and why it matters to your business. Listen to Brennan Baybeck, Oracle VP Global IT Risk Management, as he talks to industry analyst and CXOTalk host, Michael Krigsman, about the value of trusted support and why it’s a crucial component in good IT governance structure of an organization.

The increasing security threats and vulnerabilities faced by organizations every day have created a need for companies to think about security at every level of their organization. This includes the ability to keep systems maintained, updated, configured, and patched.


Security is in the Source Code

Oracle Support fuels your business innovation and gives you important support and security updates for your Oracle products. Only Oracle can provide key security enhancements to the software itself and more comprehensive protection against new hacking threats. Third-party support providers don’t have access to Oracle’s software code, where critical updates, including patches, are made. Instead, third-party providers offer incomplete approaches as a poor alternative to robust security.

When it comes down to it, companies should look at all available options and invest in support partnerships that not only provide the tools and support they need, but also protect their software and IT investment.

“Having a trusted support partner that owns the source code is very important because they’re the ones that understand all of the intricacies of their products and give you the tools, automation, and technology to patch those effectively,” says Baybeck.

Organizations looking to develop a successful long-term governance strategy cannot sacrifice security. They should be working with a trusted partner that provides true security patching, proactive maintenance, and comprehensive support.  

“Remember, don’t think you can do everything on your own,” Baybeck says.

Watch the CXOTalk to learn more about why trusted support is crucial for all enterprise software—whether on premises or in the cloud.



Brennan Baybeck

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Global IT Risk Management










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