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Software Patching Is Critical to Your Security

Is Your Security Strategy Truly Secure and Comprehensive?

Why Patching is Critical

According to a recent Omdia report, Sustainable Software Patching is Critical for Solid Security, Reduced Risk and Meeting Compliance Challenges, patching is a key measure for your proactive protection strategy and critical to all good IT security governance. Ensuring regular software patching and maintenance is imperative for every enterprise.

According to the report, “timely application of vendor software patches is the indispensable foundation of avoiding the risk arising from the presence of unmitigated security vulnerabilities.” There are plenty of critical reasons to regularly patch your software, including:

  • To maintain strong software security: a rigorous software security and maintenance program requires ongoing vigilance and upkeep.

  • To meet IT governance and compliance needs: a strong foundation and culture of compliance cannot exist without regular software patching and maintenance services.

How to Incorporate a Software Patching Strategy

The report presents four guidelines that lead to stronger security:

  1. Foster a culture change to ensure patching is considered an essential element of organizational well-being.

  2. Prioritize patches based on business and technical risk.

  3. Commit to execute patching as a key part of your regular security maintenance.

  4. To avoid risk, only patch with your software vendor.

Work with a Trusted Partner

Most importantly, companies must partner with a trusted provider to put procedures in place to keep their software security current and address potential vulnerabilities.

Here are three characteristics that help you identify a trusted partner:

  1. Trusted: provider possesses knowledge and expertise in securing data in an enterprise IT environment and has long term experience handling enterprise-class security and support.

  2. Secure: provider is experienced in securing the entire IT stack and is an expert in providing proactive and real-time support resources.

  3. Comprehensive: provider offers a full, integrated suite of security and support offerings that’s constantly evolving and improving, and is able to help you establish a culture focused on IT security and compliance.

Why Third-Party Support Is Not a Trusted “Alternative”

Customers who work with third-party support miss out on access to security features that are critical to securing Oracle software.

  • Third-party vendors cannot provide security fixes because they cannot alter Oracle's source code, and they are unfamiliar with the technical details of the vulnerabilities that Oracle fixes.

  • Customers of third-party support vendors don’t benefit from Oracle’s ongoing security assurance efforts because all previous fixes and patches are already part of each subsequent Oracle software release.

According to the report, “third-party service providers’ inadequate provenance not only introduces a potential risk, but can also cause increased costs of ownership because of their divergence from the software's standard development path, introducing regression costs at a later stage.”

The bottom line is security software patching is essential to securing enterprise software, including Oracle’s. If you don’t own the code, you can’t access or update it. This leaves your software exposed to attacks and your business open to risk.

“Oracle Support provides levels of capability and security that are far above offerings from third-party, non-Oracle software support vendors.”

Get Strong Security with Oracle

Get mission-critical security updates and protection for your Oracle software, while satisfying IT governance and compliance needs. With Oracle, you get:

  • A regular patching schedule and a strong emphasis on IT security company wide that provides assurance that its systems are less vulnerable and more secure.

  • Reliable security updates to the source.

  • Proactive change management processes.

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