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  • February 2, 2021

Siebel CRM Latest Innovation - Modular Deployment Engine

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In our recent Virtual Summit, we learnt about an important update to the Siebel CRM installation and provisioning process.

The next generation Siebel CRM installer (Siebel Modular Deployment Engine - MDE) was announced. The new installer is essentially aimed towards making the Siebel CRM upgrade process a whole lot easier. The new installer will be available for all Siebel CRM customers in the first quarter of 2021.

Why a new Installer?

Holger Herbert highlighted the importance of the Continuous Release Model which was introduced with Siebel CRM 17.x (Innovation Pack 2017). The new Siebel CRM installer fits in with this model rather perfectly, thus helping in unifying and streamlining the upgrade deployment process. The new installer provides cumulative installs, allowing customers to go from any Siebel CRM 8.x codeline version directly to the latest release via a simplified process. The new installer features a cleaner UI, simplified process and improved productivity. One stand-out benefit is the deployment time for server production alone which promises to improve by 89-90%.

Other benefits:

  • The new install and configuration tools also allow for silent installs allowing customers to implement best practices in change management by having repeatability and traceable configuration. 
  • Ancillary products and Oracle database/LDAP client drivers are now installed by Siebel CRM. So you never need to worry about having the wrong drivers installed.
  • Because all files used for a Siebel CRM install are present, there won’t be a need to back up the Siebel CRM binaries again, so backups have also become very efficient, only requiring customized files from the application. 

Lastly, a leaner deployment mechanism will aid any customer choosing to build their own container images. Siebel CRM containers are available on the Oracle marketplace. Providing all the flexibility needed to deploy, no matter what your favorite deployment style. 

How do My Oracle Support Certifications fit into all this?

As customers update their applications more frequently, it becomes important to understand that customers should uptake the latest Siebel CRM version and make sure all third parties and platforms implemented are compatible. Remember, all fixes come on the most current Siebel CRM version and being reasonably up to date will minimize upgrade related risks.

Siebel CRM in the Cloud Marketplace

Siebel CRM can be augmented with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to great effect. In the Virtual Summit session we saw a fantastic pre-recorded demo that took us through the deployment of a single Siebel CRM VM using OCI (make sure to check it out!). With standard pre-installation steps in place, it would take the user around 40 minutes only, to deploy a Siebel CRM environment on a single Virtual Machine in the cloud, by leveraging the Oracle Cloud Marketplace listings for either Siebel CRM 19.x/20.x release.

You can watch this entire webinar replay or download the presentation here. The events page provides easy access to all the other sessions in the Siebel CRM Virtual Summit.

If you would like to further accelerate your plans for Siebel CRM transformation, or want to provide feedback on our latest release, then please take the Siebel CRM Innovation Survey.



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