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Relationally Challenged (CX - CRM - EQ/RQ/CRQ)

Chris Warticki
Global Customer Success Management

Everything seems to be about the "Experience". Lately, I've been listening to a lot of 'stuff'. A lot of business stuff.  A lot of customer stuff. A lot of operations stuff. A lot of experience stuff.  A lot of satisfaction and dissatisfaction stuff.  In my attempts to absorb it all, here is my 2 cents of unsolicited, opinion given little-to-no information whatsoever (but in this case, it's regarding a lot of stuff).

  • Let's take the basics - CRM.  Customer....Relationship....Management.  Seems simple right?  Why is everyone making it so complicated? Customer....Relationship....Management.
  • EQ - Emotional Intelligence Quotient.  Sounds like there's too much math involved. I'll skip this and anything else in need of a quotient.
  • Now, the big thing lately is all about the CX - Customer Experience.  Sounds jazzy. I'm all about a great customer experience, just like the next person.

Can we just keep it simple?  Really, what's with all the management? Why all the math?  Just what experience is everyone chasing?

How about we just dumb it down, strip it to the core, keep it simple and LISTEN?!  No more focus groups, no more surveys, and no need to gather more data. We have plenty of that. Why not just provide the customer what they are asking for and not for what they aren't asking for?  I know what you'll say, "it's because they don't know what they need until we tell them what they need" , right?  Wrong.

We're all relationally-challenged.  Yes, that's right.  It may sound politically correct, but we're all needy and require the deep down desire to be heard, understood and responded too. 

Where's this all coming from?  I don't know.  Perhaps, I'm just ranting, blogging, blah blah blah.  All of this to say the following:  If you're focusing your attention on customer relationships that have already decided you're not giving them enough attention and they're walking away, you've lost.  What's the math these days on costs of relationship recovery?  Focus on Relationship-Retention and you'll avoid divorce court. I'm not saying to forget the ones walking away. Go after them and let it be a lesson to never forget about them.

What have you done for your customer lately in order to build relationship?  Nothing else. All motives aside.  Nothing needed in return. Just pure, simple relationship building.  Reach out and LISTEN. Then, listen some more.

Chris Warticki works for the Global Customer Management team for Oracle Support.  He is passionate about customer service, cares FOR the customer and enjoys working with them each and every day.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Charles Schultz Tuesday, August 7, 2012

    Chris, thanks for this. The amazing thing is that we see this concept of being relationally challenged across all aspect of our lives, whether it be work, in our neighborhoods, at the pool, or even, egads!, at church. The word "listen" seems so simple, but in practice we go out of our way to bungle it. :)

    So I very much appreciate you taking the time to reiterate the need to go and seek out others. To go and even seek out those who disagree, because more likely than not, those who disagree are the ones who will tell you what you can do to improve.

    As an action step, I would suggest something I have been asking of Oracle Support for many years - tell us what you have heard! :) Richard Miller did a 3-part piece on the Support blog a while back where he started down that path; I am not aware of any other attempts along that line.

    To end on a good note (because I believe in the power of positive thinking, usually *grin*), Support has gotten better. MOS (the interface) has been more .... user-friendly. And it looks to be getting better. There are a number of outreach initiatives (ie, The Voice of the Customer) that hold a lot of promise. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. As Paulo Freire says, "we make the road by walking".

  • guest Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    Being in the recruitment industry, I couldn't agree more with your observations Chris. We have lost the fundamental piece of business which is ( RELATIONSHIPS ). Every aspect of business should be built around that main piece.

    The bottom line will fall into place when this is done.

    Cheers !

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