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  • February 6, 2012

Power Plants and the Value of Oracle

Chris Warticki
Global Customer Success Management

What do Power Plants have to do with the value of Oracle?  Let's wind the clock back to the turn of the 20th century during the start of the industrial revolution. 

You see, there wasn't any formal, national, power-grid infrastructure back then.  When some manufacturer, textile mill or assembly factory was being built, guess what they also needed to build?  Yes - a power plant.  And so those businesses whose purpose was to build product X or create service Y, found themselves in the business of generating power.  They employed dozens of engineers, technicians and maintenance teams all to literally keep the lights on.

This fact struck me personally, after a dinner conversation with my friend Ron and right afterwards I went to visit one of our awesome customers here in Florida - Florida Power & Light.  I was looking at their company history and I was speaking with one of their longtime employees. You see, before they were FP&L, they were an, "..unlikely patchwork of enterprises (that) included small electric generating
plants, ice plants, water, gas, fish, telephone, sawmill and street car
companies, a steam laundry, an ice factory..." 
Why buy into into that patchwork? Well, it made sense. They each had to generate their own power - especially those refrigeration businesses.

So, what's this have to do with our customers?  Their businesses are building product X and creating service Y.  The next time they are buying some 3rd party server farm or hiring a bunch of 3rd party implementers or investing in some other technology infrastructure, they are essentially building Power Plants.

Leave the software and hardware value to the experts and professionals at Oracle.  Oracle IS the example of how using our software features and functions along with leveraging the technology produces solid ROI.  That ROI transcends employees, customers and investors.  More on that story later.

Until then, have a great day and excellent week.
- Chris Warticki, Global Customer Management
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