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Maximizing the Value of Oracle Support - Part 1

Chris Warticki
Global Customer Success Management

The following is a 5-part series on Maximizing the Value of Oracle Support.

I have the distinct pleasure of meeting with our customers all over the world.  I enjoy working with our customers, partners and employees.  I thrive on helping them understand the Value of the Oracle Support investment.  Yes, it is an investment.  It's an investment that needs careful understanding in order to establish expectations and create a meaningful customer-vendor relationship.

I am FOR our customers.

The primary message that I would like to begin with is that Premier Support is a SELF-SERVICE Support model.   That means, Oracle Support provides our customers numerous features, functions, tools, diagnostics, portals, communities, ongoing education and resources, in order to service themselves and stand on their own with great success.

I am student of human behavior and a student of our customers.


The image on the left represents the support experience that customers desire.  The image on the right represents the standard way of using support that customers have become accustomed too.  The image on the left represents proactive and preventative support. The image on the right represents break-fix, reactive support.  

No matter where I travel.  No matter the audience.  No matter the experience level of the audience.......everyone, everywhere wants to learn how to get a Service Request solved by Support faster. Everyone wants to learn  how to 'escalate' a Service Request.  Everyone wants to know what to do in case of an emergency.  Understood, that information is important and part of support best practices.

But, no one, anywhere, has ever asked, "teach my team how to prevent the Service Request", or "teach my team to prevent the Sev1", or better yet "teach my team to prevent the crisis".

Oracle Products and Services have evolved.  Oracle Support has evolved.
It's been my personal experience that most, not all, customers aren't utilizing the full features of Oracle Products (<10%).  And, the same holds true for not utilizing the numerous features of Oracle Support.  More on this later.

Above: Represents many assets within the Support inventory for a customer to utilize.  This is a choice, of course.  We can adapt, leverage and experience all the feature richness of what's included within Premier Support (Self-Service).  Or, we can ignore it and experience things the same way that we've done so in the past. The latter, is a painful relationship with Support. 

Part 2 "Present Day Realities"


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