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8 Habits of Highly Effective Oracle Support Users

Chris Warticki
Global Customer Success Management
First – The #1 investment is the product itself, therefore study the product

#2 – Remain In-the-Know from Oracle Support and Oracle Corporation

#3 – Customizations, Personalizations and Notifications in  My Oracle Support

#4 – FIND it, the FIRST time, FAST!

Use the Knowledge Base in My Oracle Support
Know what Support knows with 100% certainty whether you need to open a Service Request or not.

MOS Catalog of Information Centers

#5 – Leverage ALL the available Diagnostics tools and Scripts

Get Proactive! [ID 432.1]  Proactive Support Portfolio - Categorical List of all Tools, Diagnostics, Scripts and Best Practices (by Product Family)

Information Center: Oracle Database Resource Portfolio

ORAchk Take Action

  • ORAchk replaces the popular RACcheck tool, extending the coverage based on prioritization of top issues reported by users, to proactively scan for known problems including Database area. ORAchk scans and provides a high level report showing your system health risks with the ability to drill down into specific problems and understand their resolutions.

TFA RAC and DB Support Tools Bundle Take Action | Learn
  • The Support Tools bundle is a downloadable package containing the tools deemed critical for every RAC and Single Instance Database environment.

ORA-600 / ORA-7445 Lookup Tool ACT

  • Analyze ORA-600 or ORA-7445 errors to receive information about known issues, potential workarounds or solutions, fixed BUGS and more.

Guided Resolution tool for ORA-600 ACT
  • Troubleshoot an ORA-600 issue based on an available Trace file containing the error.

ORA-4030 Troubleshooting Tool ACT
  • Use the ORA-4030 Troubleshooting tool to analyze problems and provide resolution recommendations.

Guided Resolution tool for ORA-4031 ACT
  • Let the Guided Resolution tool for ORA-4031 guide you through the issue analysis and present resolution recommendations.

  • Perform a SQL Tuning analysis using the SQLTXPLAIN tool, also known as SQLT.

OS Watcher Black Box ACT

  • OS Watcher Black Box (OSWbb) tool is designed to gather Operating System side statistics to compare with the findings from the database. The built-in analyzer OS Watcher Black Box Analyzer (OSWbba) analyzes the data OSWbb collects and provides a graphical interface of the information on system slowdowns, hangs and other OS performance problems.
Procwatcher: Script to Monitor and Examine Oracle DB and Clusterware ProcessesACT
  • Procwatcher is a tool to examine and monitor Oracle database and/or clusterware processes at an interval. The tool will collect stack traces of these processes using Oracle tools like oradebug short_stack and/or OS debuggers like pstack, gdb, dbx, or ladebug and collect SQL data if specified.

Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) ACT | DISCOVER
  • Cluster Health Monitor provides system metrics and data for troubleshooting many different types of problems such as node reboot and hang, instance eviction and hang, severe performance degradation, and any other problems that need the system metrics and data.

  • The oratop utility allows for near real-time monitoring of RAC and Single Instance Databases.

Lite Onboard Transaction Monitor (LTOM)ACT
  • The Lite Onboard Monitor (LTOM) is a real-time proactive diagnostic platform that provides real-time automatic problem detection and data collection. LTOM is tightly integrated with the host operating system and provides an integrated solution for detecting and collecting trace files for performance issues while the database/system performance problem is occurring.

E-Business Suite Product Information Centers Take Action

  • Explore an easier way to traverse the vast and often complex library of content on a particular topic.

Index of E-Business Product Specific Preventative AnalyzersTake Action | Learn

  • Analyzers are Query/Read only tools delivered by E-Business Suite Support. The result set is an easy to read html output that provides recommendations, solutions and early warnings of items that should be reviewed and corrected.

  • Sysadmin’s/DBA’s please review the E-Business Suite Analyzer Bundle Menu Tool - Take Action

How to Find E-Business Suite & E-Business Suite Technology Stack Patches Take Action

  • Assists E-Business Suite customers with finding all Patches necessary to maintain a healthy system. This includes Recommended patches, Technology Stack patches, Performance patches, etc...

Patch Wizard Utility Take Action | Learn

  • Keep your system up to date with the latest Development recommendations for security, performance, stability, legislative updates and the overall E-Business experience.

Period Close AdvisorTake Action | Learn
  • Period Close solution provides customers the tools and best practices to achieve a successful period close. It utilizes E-Business Suite Product Diagnostics to identify and correct potential roadblocks.

Index of Product Task Advisors for for E-Business Suite Take Action

  • The E-Business Product Task Advisors incorporate information from various sources, and provide step by step instructions to guide you through a business flow.

Oracle Dynamic ToolboxTake Action

  • One-stop shop for all your diagnostic needs. Within this Toolbox, you will find the following information for all product areas: Diagnostic tools and scripts, Service Request Data Collection Plans (SRDCs), generic tools, and user guides. Links are updated automatically whenever a tool or resource is created or updated.

E-Business Suite Invalid Object UtilityTake Action
  • The E-Business Suite Invalid Object Utility displays all invalid objects and meta-data in a single HTML Report. There is a quick view summary of all invalid objects, their types and schemas. You can cross-reference your current list of invalids with known objects from the Upgrade Guide of Droppable Objects. And, you can cross reference DBA_OBJECTS.TIMESTAMP and AD Patching tables to show objects creation date/modified date in relation to the last 100 days of patches applied. This feature provides insight on which patches might have caused the invalid object.

Index of E-Business Product Specific Log ParsersTake Action
  • The parsers are meant to simplify locating and reading E-Business Suite log files. The result of using these tools is an easy to read text or html output that provides a reduced, simplified format about errors, warnings and other messages that should be reviewed and corrected.

PeopleSoft Product Information Centers ACT

  • Explore an easier way to traverse the vast and often complex library of content on a particular topic.

Index of Troubleshooting Assistants for PeopleSoft Enterprise ACT

  • Troubleshooting Assistants are resources created to help you find a resolution to an issue by guiding you from the problem, through the possible scenarios, and to the proposed solution(s).

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Assistance ACT
  • Utilize available tools to help troubleshoot problems or issues and also to proactively help resolve situations in your environment.

Make quick work of analyzing *.tracesql files with TraceMagicACT | DISCOVER

  • TraceMagic is a utility that gives PeopleSoft system administrators, programmers and support engineers the ability to quickly isolate performance bottlenecks in SQL Statements and/or PeopleCode functions. It accomplishes this by turning the text-based, time-ordered tracesql file into a sortable-grid display, allowing the user to quickly locate system performance issues.

Oracle's PeopleSoft Information PortalACT

  • PeopleSoft information portal provides you with a single entry point to locate the documentation, training, and other useful information you need to help with your implementation process and improve your daily experience with our products.

Prevent and Resolve Performance IssuesACT

  • This Advisor provides guidance for customers who desire to prevent and resolve performance issues. In using this Advisor, Customers should expect to diagnose the issue and find a resolution, or gather the information needed to log and SR and work the issue with Oracle Support.

JDE - Indexes of Information Centers and Troubleshooting Assistants

  • Explore these document types that help you find the information you need faster. These indexes are collections of the available Information Centers and Troubleshooting Assistants for JD Edwards.

    • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Information Center Index  —   ACT

    • JD Edwards World Information Center Index  —  ACT

    • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Troubleshooting Assistants Index  —  ACT

Performance Workbench  —   ACT

  • Assists with the collection of EnterpriseOne debug log data in order to analyze performance, understand complex application process flows, and troubleshoot memory leaks.

JD Edwards Resource Library for Training and Guides  —   ACT

  • Stay ahead of the curve with the JD Edwards Resource Library (LearnJDE.com) which provides links to training opportunities, documentation guides, white papers, upgrade information and more.

JD Edwards Proactive Learning Sessions  —   ACT

  • Schedule free Proactive training sessions on JD Edwards capabilities. Explore the new session format with short labs that participants can complete after the material is presented to get quickly up-and-running.

Net Change Tools

  • Dynamic online search tools for release net change. Product Features is for new application features. Technical Catalog includes structural changes, plus has the often-requested data models for both World and EnterpriseOne.  Product Features – ACT  Technical Catalog – ACT

Solaris Product Information Centers Take Action | Learn

  • Explore an easier way to traverse the vast and often complex library of content on a particular topic.

Oracle Sun System AnalysisTake Action | Learn

Auto Service Request for Solaris 11Take Action

  • Allow Solaris to detect faults as they arise by using Solaris 11 new fault management feature that detects specific fault events and creates a Service Request on your behalf.

Oracle Solaris Crash Analysis Tool Take Action
  • Increase productivity and get solutions by using Oracle Solaris Crash Analysis Tool to analyze your crash and provide solutions 7x24.

Gathering Solaris Performance Data (GUDS)Take Action
  • GUDS is a ksh script designed to collect the data needed to analyze performance issues.

Oracle Explorer Data CollectorTake Action
  • The explorer data collector page provides best practices on how to collect the files needed to troubleshoot System issues.

#6 – Engage with Oracle Support
Fill-out Service Request Templates completely
Use all Diagnostics & Data Collectors (See Above Proactive Support Portfolio)
Upload ALL reports if logging a Service Request
Leverage Oracle Collaborative Support (web conferencing)
Better Yet – Record your issue and upload it (why wait for a scheduled web conference?)
Request Management Attention as necessary

#7 – Expand your Circles of Influence

#8 – Understand Oracle Support Policies, (Business Practices) and Processes


- Chris Warticki
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