Monday Dec 03, 2012

New Supply Chain, S&OP, & TPM Analyst Reports from Gartner, IDC Now Available

Check out these analyst reports Oracle has recently made available for customers and partners on

Gartner:  MarketScope for Stage 3 Sales and Operations Planning  -  Gartner lead supply chain planning analyst, Tim Payne, discusses the evolving definition of S&OP, the Gartner S&OP maturity model, and recommendations for selecting S&OP technology solutions.

Gartner: Vendor Panorama for Trade Promotion Management in Consumer Goods  -  Consumer goods analyst, Dale Hagemeyer, presents an overview of the TPM market, followed by an analysis of vendor offerings.

IDC:  Perspective: Oracle OpenWorld 2012 — Supply Chain as a Focus  -  Supply chain analyst, Simon Ellis, discusses supply chain highlights from the October OpenWorld conference. Value Chain Planning highlights include the VCP product roadmap and demand sensing presentations by Electronic Arts (Demantra) and Sony (Demand Signal Repository).

For a complete set of analyst reports, visit here.

Tuesday Nov 06, 2012

Oracle Value Chain Summit - February, 2013 Hold The Date!

The Oracle Value Chain Summit brings together all of the Oracle Supply Chain products, including Product Lifecycle Management, Manufacturing, Enterprise Asset Management, Logistics,Value Chain Planning and Procurement Summit to create a comprehensive conference that includes over 200 sessions covering the entire value chain footprint.

The marquee value chain event of the year, the Oracle Value Chain Summit will bring customers, partners
and industry experts together to exchange views and demonstrate the latest tools that create more connected
and efficient value chains. The Summit will focus on today’s key supply chain management challenges and feature hands-on workshops and solution demonstrations.

Join us at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero in San Francisco, February 4th through 6th. Follow this link for more information and to register for the event. Don't delay! This event is sure to sell out. 

Tuesday Jul 24, 2012

Gartner Analyst to talk about Integreted Business Planning

Join Oracle on August 21st at 9AM PST / 12PM EST for an exclusive webcast on Integrated Business Planning featuring Tim Payne, Research Director, Gartner and Randall Wood, Vice President of Leggett Business System Office, Leggett & Platt.

Featured speaker, Tim Payne, will present Gartner’s view of how Sales and Operations planning is moving to Integrated Business Planning (IBP). He will the seven building blocks for IBP and best practices for firms at all stages of the journey. He will also discuss required governance changes as S&OP matures from Supply Chain to Business Planning, and Supply Chain Performance Management matures to Business Performance Management.

In the second half of the webcast, Randall Wood will explain how Leggett & Platt managed steady growth and continual financial improvement, by implementing a strategy of improving and linking financial and operations planning systems. Mr. Wood will discuss how Leggett & Platt has been able to manage global economic uncertainty and volatility, agilely responding to events, and capitalize on strategic opportunities.


Wednesday Apr 25, 2012

ICU Medical to outline S&OP Success Factors

ICU Medical a supplier of medical devices used in vascular therapy, oncology and critical care applications, will be featured on a public Webcast, May 1st at 10 a.m. PDT where they will discuss how they substantially improved forecast cycle time, efficiency, and accuracy.

Kathleen Apalatea, Senior Forecasting-S&OP Analyst will discuss building their S&OP platform, which included Oracle Demantra Demand Management, Oracle Demantra Sales and Operations Planning, Oracle Advanced Planning Command Center, and Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning.

To attend this webinar, register using this link: Performance Driven Supply Chains in the Life Sciences Industry with Sales and Operations Planning.

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

Cabot Microelectronics to Outline Success with Integrated Business Planning

Business today runs at the speed of information. Unfortunately, the information used in most companies' Finance and Operations functions are not particularly speedy ,nor are they aligned.  Finance often uses a monthly closing, and Operations is continually reacting to supply chain inputs. Is there any wonder why financial goal are often missed?

Modern firms have invested in financial planning systems, and sales and operations systems, but few know if their financial plan is achievable in the real world of operations, and when changes are made in supply chain execution, even fewer know the financial impact of that change. Integrated Business Planning brings all of these departments into alignment. It focuses on developing and measuring common metrics that drive business success – allowing companies to proactively drive towards their financial goals rather than be reactive.

Attend a live webcast Wednesday, April 19th, at 11 a.m. PDT / 2 p.m. EDT to hear Laura Ortega, Business Systems Analyst – Finance & Procurement and Anita Schmall, Manager, Global Business Applications, of Cabot Microelectronics discuss how they brought their financial and operational planning together, achieving better operational resultsng.

Register for this event using this link..

Wednesday Jan 25, 2012

Land O’Lakes uses Oracle’s Demantra software to anticipate market demand and increase margins

Every year, twelve billion pounds of milk turn into 12 billion dollars at Land O'Lakes, the 90-year old butter producer from Minnesota. In 2010 Land O'Lakes deployed Oracle Demantra demand management and saw their forecast accuracy rise from 40% to 70%, with big reductions in inventory and improvements in sales. You can read about this transformation in the Oracle Profit Magazine article: "Land O’Lakes uses Oracle’s Demantra software to anticipate market demand and increase margins."

Demand planning isn't the only Oracle tool in use at Land O'Lakes, they also use Trade Promotion Management. On February 22, 2012 Jeanine Viani, Director of Supply Chain and Dustin Braun, Manager of Supply Chain Strategy and Applications from Land O’ Lakes will discuss Demantra Demand Managment and Trade Promotions Management on a webcast. Use this link to register and attend the presentation.

Monday Aug 30, 2010

Webcast: Genzyme Customer Success Story

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Tuesday Aug 03, 2010

Rapid Planning Webcast

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Tuesday Jun 29, 2010

Welch's Foods Success Story

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Thursday Apr 08, 2010

Value Chain Planning in Las Vegas

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Wednesday Jan 20, 2010

Value Chain Planning Improves ROI for CPG Companies

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Oracle Value Chain Planning enables best in class processes including demand sensing, shaping for profitability, fast event-driven scenario simulation, supply chain risk management, sales and operations and integrated business planning, comprehensive trade management, integrated order orchestration and promising, and multi-enterprise planning and collaboration.


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