Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

Slides and Blog Reaction from Tokyo Liberty Alliance Day 2008

Here are the slides [PDF] from my presentation at the Tokyo Liberty Alliance Day last month. The picture on the right is of the Microsoft speaker, Shigeya Tanabe, talking about Microsoft's recent commitment to SAML 2.0, which he illustrated by a screen cap from my blog entry on the subject.

There was some blog coverage too, (all in Japanese):

I'll be taking tomorrow off to extend the Thanksgiving break a little, so you'll probably not hear from me until next week. To all those in the USA - Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday Nov 10, 2008

Pictures from Liberty Plenary, Tokyo, November 2008

I took a bunch of pictures around Tokyo last week - here's the set at Flickr. Many thanks to Colin Wallis and Fulup Ar Foll for being the official photographers at the Liberty Allstars vs NTT futsal match

Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

links for 2008-02-28

Friday Nov 09, 2007

Slides from Liberty Tokyo and TriLUG

I've been back from Tokyo for a couple of weeks now and just realized that I haven't posted slides from my presentation on OpenSSO, so here they are [PDF]. Many thanks to the Liberty Alliance Japan SIG for organizing this day - about 220 attendees heard the latest Liberty Alliance news, many of them stopping by my booth afterwards to see OpenSSO in action. Special shouts to Takashi and Tatsuo for making me so welcome in Tokyo, as always. Via Tatsuo, here are some pics from our excursion on the last night there - I'm the balding caucasian guy in the blue t-shirt

Moving on... the preso at TriLUG last night - 'Digital Identity from LDAP to SAML and Beyond' - went well - about 60 or so very technical attendees. When I asked how many people in the audience did NOT understand sequence diagrams, only a couple of hands went up, and I breathed a sigh of relief as I explained the basics.

A BIG thankyou to Andy Oliver and the rest of TriLUG for the invitation to speak - it's a pleasure to talk to a well-informed, interested audience who are there by choice, not because it's their job . As promised, here are the slides [PDF]. There should be some video at some point too; I'll update this blog entry when it appears.

UPDATE - ogg and mp3 audio available. Listen to my voice gradually die due to the cold I'm suffering.

UPDATE 2 - thanks to Rich for the photo, and for providing accommodation at Pixelfodder Towers for the whole Patterson clan

UPDATE 3 - thanks to Takayuki for the photos from the Liberty Tokyo event. Here's a nice one of Tatsuo and me.

So - where next? IIW2007b in Mountain View, December 3-5, then Javapolis, in Antwerp, December 10-14. That'll be about it for 2007. Hopefully.

Tuesday Oct 30, 2007

Cosplay in Shiodome

Stumbled across this motley crew at Shiodome station. Cosplay!

Sunday Oct 21, 2007

Celebspotting at Narita

I had just retrieved my suitcase from the baggage carousel at Narita, when I saw a familiar face. I just had to wander up and ask "Excuse me, are you Richard Stallman?" - and it was! He was kind enough to pose for a very inexpertly taken picture (note - the iPhone isn't very good for self-portraits!) and mentioned that he is speaking in Tokyo this week - The Free Software Movement and Its Future on Wednesday October 24th in Akihabara. I may just wander along...

Monday Oct 23, 2006

Liberty Alliance Day - Tokyo - Oct 30 2006

The Liberty Alliance is presenting Liberty Alliance Day 2006 (Google translated link) in Tokyo next Monday (Oct 30 2006). The theme for the day is 'Identity in the Web 2.0 Age'. There is a packed program of speakers, including Roger Sullivan of Oracle, Paul Madsen of NTT, Takashi Shitamichi of Sun, my good self, Conor Cahill and many more. Come along, learn about Liberty's People Service, open source identity projects and the latest work on advanced client technology and enjoy a cocktail reception with the speakers afterwards.

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