Monday Dec 17, 2007

Housekeeping Planet Identity

It's time to do a little housekeeping over at Planet Identity. First, the easy stuff... The feeds for Dmitry Shechtman (feed) and Trusted Network Technologies (feed) have been returning 404 since I-don't-know-when, so I've deleted them from the subscription list. If you know the current whereabouts of Dmitry's or TNT's blogs, then please leave a comment, or email me (if you're reading this in your RSS reader, then just click through to Planet Identity or Superpatterns - my email address is in the sidebar on both.)

Now, the hard stuff. Shelley Powers (feed) and Doc Searls (feed) both write entertaining, lucid, insightful prose, but most of it is not about identity. I've resisted removing folks from the subscription list for some time, but I had some really good feedback at the recent IIW on the usefulness of Planet Identity and how it would benefit from more focus. So, if you want to carry on reading Shelley and Doc, do what I just did - subscribe to them directly - those feed URLs again - Shelley, Doc.

Much as I enjoy playing (more or less) benevolent dictator (mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!), Planet Identity is there for you, the readers. If you have an opinion, either way, on any of these changes, then please leave me a comment. If you'd rather express your opinion to me privately, then, again, my email address is on the sidebar at both Planet Identity and Superpatterns.

With that, I'll bid you a good day and leave you to the ever-widening river of news...

Saturday Jul 28, 2007

Planet Identity Updates

It finally happened - I got a round tuit. The tuit in question was updating Planet Identity to a more recent version of the Planet software - specifically, Sam Ruby's Venus. There will be a bit of short term disruption as things settle down (I had to clear the feed cache), but the upside is that Atom feeds are now properly supported - no more <s and >s in the feed. Hopefully

Tuesday Aug 30, 2005

More Planet Identity News

The blog entries come thick and fast tonight. Again, if you're a regular Planet Identity reader, you might have noticed a little disturbance in the Force shuffle in the blogroll. Since Eric Norlin and Dick Hardt now do their Identity related blogging elsewhere (Eric at Digital ID World and Ping Identity, Dick at Identity 2.0 and Sxip), and with their agreement (not that I need it - bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha - sorry), I've removed their personal weblogs from the Planet.
How do you find the current signal/noise ratio at Planet Identity? About right? Not enough cat-related posts? Too many? Should I be working harder to sort the wheat from the chaff? Comments welcome!

Planet Identity News

If you're a regular user of Planet Identity, you might have noticed that it has been exhibiting less than 'five nines' reliability these past few days. Steve Lau, who kindly hosts Planet Identity on Grommit, migrated Grommit from Linux to Solaris 10. There were a couple of hiccups along the way, but it looks like normal service has been resumed.
UPDATED Corrected migration from 'Linux to Apache' to 'Linux to Solaris 10' - thanks, Geoff!

Saturday Jul 09, 2005

Fixed Encoding Problems on Planet Identity

Regular readers of Planet Identity may have already noticed that I recently fixed an annoying problem with character encoding. The HTML content is UTF-8, but Apache was indicating in the HTTP header that it was ISO-8859-1. This caused non-alphanumeric characters in many posts to appear as multiple 'garbage' characters. Telling Apache that the encoding is UTF-8 (by setting AddDefaultCharset utf-8 in the relevant "VirtualHost" section of the Apache configuration file) fixed the problem - even Tatsuo Kudo's posts appear correctly, in Japanese (although I have to use Google Language Tools to figure them out ).
Thanks to David Edmondson (proprietor of Planet Sun) for the tip, and continued thanks to Stephen Lau for hosting Planet Identity.

Wednesday Jun 08, 2005

Fixed RSS feeds in Planet Identity

Planet Identity's RSS feeds have been broken since I created it last week. The problem was that certain elements containing URIs were not being escaped properly - the parse would break on any '?'s and '&'s. I finally sat down this morning and spent 20 minutes googling for the answer - and it's really simple - you just edit the RSS feed templates and specify that URIs such as the link element and the url attribute of the source element should be HTML escaped and all is well.

Saturday Jun 04, 2005

New look sought for Planet Identity - calling web artists

If you've visited Planet Identity yet then you'll probably have noticed that it's inherited the same look as Planet Sun - not surprising, since I just reused the PS code. Now, I have pretty limited graphical talent - as you can probably see from my almost-standard Sotto theme. This is where you come in - if you have a modicum of artistic flair, and feel like contributing a new look for Planet Identity, I'd like to hear from you. I can't pay you, but I'll give you full credit on the page, and your work will be seen by thousands... ok, hundreds... well, a few people every day.
Incidentally - this is my first post using BlogEd - if you can read this then it's working.

Friday Jun 03, 2005

Planet Identity is live!

I took the plunge: I registered, configured Planet and got it working all in under 48 hours. So, go take a look at Planet Identity. There seems to be an issue with entry times - Andre Durand of Ping has a load of old entries at the top, but I'm hoping that will go away as it beds in. Enjoy - and let me know if there are any other blogs you think I should add - I'm sure I've missed a load.
Huge thanks to Steve Lau for contributing hosting space, and Ludo Poitou for giving me his existing Sun internal Planet Identity as a basis. Without them I'd still be googling for hosting and scratching my head over the Planet docs.



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