Thursday Jul 16, 2009

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Tuesday Jun 09, 2009

Back after JavaOne 2009

Wow - is it really over a month since my last blog entry? I guess that's what happens when you get your head down into a project - in this case, building a demo for CommunityOne West and JavaOne 2009 to show off the latest OpenSSO features.

The demo brought together a number of existing Java technologies - the Java Persistence API (JPA), the Jersey implementation of JAX-RS (aka JSR 311) on both the client and server, and JavaFX - with some new aspects of OpenSSO - fine-grained authorization (aka entitlements), OAuth protocol support, and a JDBC data store. Briefly, the demo centered on a cellphone account management system delivered as a JavaFX rich Internet application (RIA) client and a (more or less) RESTful web service back-end, communication between them secured by OAuth.

I'll be uploading source code for the demo client and server apps to the OpenSSO project in the next few days, as well as documenting how to bring up the demo environment. Watch this space for updates!

Wednesday Oct 22, 2008

Fast and Free SSO: A Survey of Open-Source Solutions to Single Sign-On

Chatting in the OpenSSO IRC channel today about OpenSSO versus a range of other open source single sign-on projects, I was passed a link to Fast and Free SSO: A Survey of Open-Source Solutions to Single Sign-On [PDF] - a presentation from JavaOne 2007. Amazing - I had no idea! I was at JavaOne 2007 and somehow missed this. While it's obviously a little out of date, Craig Dickson and Naveen Nallannagari of Behr (the paint people) do a great job of surveying the open source SSO landscape. Well worth a look if you're in the market for open source SSO - go read the paper, then visit OpenSSO for all your open source single-sign on needs

Friday May 23, 2008

Slides Online for OpenSSO CommunityOne Presentation

The CommunityOne folks have posted all the 2008 slides online - you can find them via the session catalog (don't forget the username/password for downloading the PDFs - contentbuilder/doc789) or just get the OpenSSO slides directly.

Wednesday May 07, 2008

OpenSSO at JavaOne

Marina is covering JavaOne 2008 for the Sun Developer Network - she's written a review of our Monday OpenSSO session, which also appears in the today's 'JavaOne Today' newspaper. Lucas Jellema at AMIS Technology also wrote a nice review, even including a screenshot of OpenSSO.

If you're at JavaOne, come along to the Sun stand in the pavilion - we're on pod 181, just under the poster of an old geezer with a red pickup. I'll be here today (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday) from 11am to 2pm, but feel free to stop by any time the pavilion is open for a demo and a chat.

Monday May 07, 2007

Identity and Web Services: A Marriage Made in Heaven?

Don Bowen, Wizard of IdM

Although I don't have a technical session this year, I will be up at JavaOne tomorrow, presenting "Identity and Web Services: A Marriage Made in Heaven?" with my good friend, the Wizard of IdM, Don Bowen, at 1:05pm in the Pavilion Theater. We'll spend about 20 minutes exploring the different ways that identity and web services impact each other. If you've heard Don on the Sun IdM podcasts, you know this'll be fun

UPDATE - here are the slides [PDF].

Wednesday May 10, 2006

JavaOne 2006 San Francisco - TS-6673 - Federated Web Services With Mobile Devices

Rajeev Angal and I will be presenting 'Federated Web Services With Mobile Devices' next week at JavaOne 2006 in San Francisco. Here's the blurb from the session catalog at the JavaOne website:

Session ID: TS-6673

Session Title: Federated Web Services With Mobile Devices

Session Abstract: JSR 172, the Java™ Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) Web Services Specification, is a key Java ME specification that defines APIs enabling mobile devices to invoke web services.

Mobile devices are becoming an ever more popular means of transacting business; at the same time carriers and service providers are looking to differentiate themselves from their competition and cater to the ever increasing demand to provide more services to their consumers. This session describes a means of securely providing access to web resources and web services using open standards such as OASIS SAML V2.0 and Liberty ID-WSF from a Java ME enabled mobile device.

Wireless carriers act as Identity Providers (IdPs) in business alliances known as 'Circles of Trust' (CoTs), authenticating customers and providing them secure access to a range of Service Providers (SPs). This federated model gives customers a seamless experience that is much more than the sum of its parts. For example, a wireless carrier could form a CoT with itself as IdP and SPs providing services such as email, calendar, mapping, weather, hotel reservations, travel information and ringtones. A customer authenticates at the wireless carrier - the carrier then provides secure single sign-on to each SP via signed assertions of the customer's identity.

As we move from simple single sign-on to identity web services, this federated environment forms the basis for providing a portfolio of services to the customer. For instance, the wireless carrier could host a location service enabling SPs to provide value-added services such as weather and hotel reservations based on the customer's current location.

The Liberty ID-WSF and OASIS SAML V2.0 standards provide the necessary security characteristics such as privacy, confidentiality, user consent and non-repudiation to make such interactions work in a federated environment. This session will show developers how a Java ME enabled mobile device can use JSR 172 to leverage ID-WSF and SAML V2.0 in accessing federated services and providing real value to customers.

Session Topic: JAVA ME

Session Type: Advanced How-Tos

Speaker/s & Speaker/s Company: Rajeev Angal, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Pat Patterson, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Date: Friday May 19 2006

Time: 2:30pm

Location: Moscone Center Esplanade 301

Join Rajeev and I next Friday and discover how to implement your own mobile federated web services. Or federated mobile web services. Anyway - see you next Friday.




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